YouTubers Around the World *ON HOLD*

I think the title says it all.

Felicity's dream is to meet all her favorite YouTubers around the world. After a couple years of saving money she decides to hit it off and take off on a plane around the world. Will Felicity make it around the world? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.

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7. I Outsmart pranks

   ~Felicity's Pov~
"Aaahhhh! Jesse, I'm going to get you back!" I shoot up from the couch looking around. Jesse runs down the stairs with a camera in his hand towards the kitchen.

"You're cleaning this up!" Jesse shouts at Jeana laughing.

"No I'm not!" She pouts. She looks my way smirking.

"What?" Jesse looks my way too as his eyes widen and mouth drops open. He walks towards me with his camera still on putting it at my face.

"Oh my god! Jeana, did you-"

"Welcome to our home!" She smiles at me keeping her giggles in.

"Wait...oh no you didn't Jeana!" I run towards their bathroom looking at the mirror to see she had drawn on my face with marker or something. I look down at the faucet about to turn it on until I see something familiar. The old tape on the faucet prank. I've always see this on their videos when people went over.

"You've been pranked!" I turn towards the door to see Jeana laughing.

"Hey, can you at least help me take this off?"

"Okay, since I did this to you." She grabs a small towel from the cabinet grabbing a soap bar. I move back as she turns on the faucet spraying herself all over.

"You've been pranked!" I point at her laughing. Jesse comes in with the camera laughing at Jeana.

"How'd you find our tape?"

"I didn't do the prank. Jesse probably did it knowing that I was going to end up using the faucet sooner or later." I high-five Jesse over Jeana's head.

"She must be a big fan enough to know our pranks we do to people that stay over." Jesse raises his eyebrows.

"Well, at least you don't have to clean this up." I chuckle as she crosses her arms pouting.

"Ahahah! Felicity is hilarious! Do you do any pranks?" Jesse looks my way.

"I've done ones you've done in the past that I did on my friends, but I don't really prank. I just watch."

"We should collab with Ed tomorrow in the city." Jesse rubs his chin.

"Yeah! We should!" Jeana nods, agreeing with Jesse.

"What kind of prank are we going to do?"

"Hmm...maybe we could do it in the park."

"Yeah let's start planning!" I jump up and down.


 I take my camera out pressing the record button. "Hey everyone! I forgot to vlog half of the day yesterday, but look who I'm with now!" I turn the camera towards Jesse and Jeana as we walk down the streets.

"Yo what's up Felicity fans!" Jesse salutes them.

"Hey guys!" Jeana smiles and waves.

 I turn the camera back to me. "So today we are walking around Philly to plan a new prank on their channel, which will be in the description down below."

"Yo what up Dope Fresh Nation!" I turn around to see Jesse vlogging too now. "Today, we are in Philly with a new friend of ours we just met yesterday at the airport. Some of you may know her, and some may not. This is Felicity." Jesse turns his camera towards me.

"What's up Dope Fresh Nation!" I wave turning my camera towards Jesse.

"Well I'll talk to you guys later." I turn my camera off facing Jesse again.

"I'll take it from here Jesse." Jeana takes the camera from him beginning to talk, "so our friend Felicity is traveling around the world to meet Youtubers. You guys need to check her out!"

"What's your channel name?" Jesse asks.

"My channel is!" (Doesn't exist. Well I don't think it does XD let's hope not)

"Okay you heard her! After you watch this video, head on over there and check out her vlogs!" Jeana points at me.

"We'll see you peeps later!" Jesse turns the camera off putting it in his pocket.

We have a big day ahead of us...

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