Too Good To Be True..

A Justin Bieber Fanfic.
Imagine being best friends with an upcoming worldwide superstar, working in her crew and watch her steal your true love right in front you.. Will you be able to take the pressure, and will your dream ever come true? Will friendship or love win this time?


2. Two..

"Will my dream ever come true?" I asked myself, letting my head drop. I sighed. I walked out, into my bedroom, walking straight to the closet. I sighed. I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans, a big cream colored sweater, with the the motto 'Believe' spelled across the chest. I jumped in my ballerinas heading towards the bathroom again. I looked in the mirror studying my face once more. I sighed. I pushed my annoying feelings to the side and grabed my toothbrush. After brushing my teeth I moved on, going to makeup. Putting mascara, concealer and eyebrow liner on. "Done.." I slowly said. I fight a battle to get my body out of the bathroom, and into my bedroom, again. I sat down on the bed but jumped right up again. I got a text, I laughed at my own reaction. I giggled a little, grabbing my phone from my nightstand. I looked down at the screen to see a text from Olivia, my best friend.


From Olivia:

"We need to talk, RIGHT NOW!"

To Olivia:

"Eh, ok? What's wrong?"

From Olivia:

"I've be at your house in five. Get ready!!"


I squeezed my eyebrow together, totally confused? What was all that about? Get ready to what? I'm so confused.

Five minutes after, Olivia stormed through my door, holding her arms up in the air, running in a shape of a circle. She slightly whined. I walked towards her, slightly grabing her arm, making her stop moving. I dragged her to the couch, right next to her. "Sit!" I commanded. We both sat down, there were an awkward silence. "So.." I start off. "What was that really important thing, that you wanna walk about?" I continued. "You are never gonna believe me!" She whined. "Well.. You are my best friend, so why shouldn't I?" I said, laughing at her situation. "Fine. But I'm gonna say 'I told you'!" She said shaking her head. She leaned forward, her head only inches from mine. "Uh.. Uh.. What are you doing?" I asked, smirking. "Turn your head dumb ass!" she said frustrated. I did as she told me to, now facing the TV. She leaned forward again. I could now feel her breath on my ear. She whispered something in my ear, my eyes widened. "NO FUCKING WAY!" I yelled, jumped off of the couch. "I told you!" She laughed. "Wow that's so amazing!" I said a little unhappy. "I know, right?! I'm SO happy!" She said jumping off of the couch, like me just moments ago. My eyes start watering. "Uhm.. I got.. Uhm.. Homework! Yes homework!" I said, faking a smile. "Oh? Guess I just see you later then?" She answered, walking out the door. I gave her a wave and stormed into my room. I fell to my knees, feeling the tears rolling down my cheeks. "Why?" I asked. "Why do this happens to me? Why me?" I asked, throwing myself to the floor. It hurts so much. I'm so far from my dream, and now this? I guess I should be happy for her, but I just can't? My best friend.. What about me? What about Denmark?

I cried the hole night, just cried till I fell asleep.





So what do you think Olivia told Maddie?

And why are she so upset?


Find out in the next chapter! :D

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