Too Good To Be True..

A Justin Bieber Fanfic.
Imagine being best friends with an upcoming worldwide superstar, working in her crew and watch her steal your true love right in front you.. Will you be able to take the pressure, and will your dream ever come true? Will friendship or love win this time?


3. Three..

"ARRRRRH!!" I yelled, sitting straight up. I sighed. Guess what? Another nightmare. I seriously hate those bastards. But this time it wasn't the one I normally got. It was about yesterday, what Olivia said to me. I pulled my legs into me, hugging them while letting me head rest on my knees. Her words were on repeat, burning through my mind. "I got signed. I'm moving to LA tomorrow!" I felt alone, broken, hurt. I felt like nothing was gonna be alright again. My best friend gone.. I know seeing her living her dream would kill me. Was this the end? Best friends since kindergarten now gone? The end of our memories? I'm so confused. I let a couple tears roll down my cheeks. Just thinking about the end of our friendship, killed me. I need to talk to her. I need to say goodbye!

I grabbed my phone, finding her contact and after called her. I heard three bibs, and after hearing her beautiful voice. "Hey what's up Maddie?" She said, with happiness in her voice. Was she not sad at all? "Hey.. I was just wondering about, what you said yesterday.. Are you really leaving?" I said, letting a tear go. She sighed. "Yes Maddie. I'm sorry.." She mumbled. I couldn't believe my best friend was leaving me? "B-But what about me? What about Denmark? You're just gonna leave everything?" I whispered. "I'm so sorry Maddie, but this is the end. I love you to the moon and back. But this is my dream, this my chance. Take care, please don't forget me! I'm sorry it hurts too much, to say goodbye.." She cried, and hung up.

I looked at my phone, tears rolling down my cheeks. That was the last time I would hear her beautiful voice.. "No! She can't leave! She just can't!" I said, pulled myself off of the floor running out of my room. Pulling my jacket on, grabbing my car keys and heading to my car. I flong the door open, got in and turned it on. Heading towards the airport, while shaking my head, the tears ran free. My vision went blurry. I got to the airport, locking my car and ran inside. Turning my head from left to right, trying to find the sign saying 'To LA from Denmark'. I finally found it, running to the gate. You ran through security, ignoring they're yells. I saw the plane. I felt my arm hurting, turning around to see a big security man, holding he's hand tight around my arm. "Were do you think your going?" He sharply asked. I tried to get out off his grip, no luck. "I please.." I cried. "You don't understand! My best friend is on that plane and if I don't stop it, she'll be gone forever! Please.." I cried, looking him straight in his eyes. He looked out the window. "I'm sorry sweetheart it's to late.." He said, letting me go. No? what? I looked out the window. I saw the plane already up in the air. I felt to the floor, tears streaming down my face. "NOOO! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE me.." I yelled, whispering the last word.


That was the last time I saw my best friend, my soulmate, my everything..

Gone forever..




Heeeeey! I'm glad you like my fanfic! Don't worry it's not done, yet!

Just so it's gonna be more realistic, I'll put pictures of Maddie, Olivia and Justin!

Olivia as Selena Gomez - 

Maddie as Lily Collins - 

Justin as Himself/Justin Bieber - 

So what do you think will happened now?

Will Olivia forget about Maddie?

Will they ever see each other again?


- Found out in next chapter!

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