Cast Away (Harry Fan Fic)

Lacey Hall was misunderstood. She was invisible to mankind. Nothing has gotten better; maybe it got even worse. Being thrown around like a towel each day is a true struggle.
And even worse, a well known band, One Direction, is going to attend her boarding school. Will they help this misfit or bark at her like the rest? Will she break out of her shell finally and stand up for herself?


10. writer's block :/ co-author(s)??

i cant seem to unstick myself from my writer's block. 

im thinking of co-authoring...?

the thing is, is that idk how that works... at all

like do we email or something or do we just write chapters and carry on to see how it ends up?

is it planned..?

idk but if anyone is interested, COMMENT

please try it out (: first timers for the both of us lol

awkward phrase

ill read a little from at least one of your stories

whoever writes the best, gets to be writing with me! (:

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