Cast Away (Harry Fan Fic)

Lacey Hall was misunderstood. She was invisible to mankind. Nothing has gotten better; maybe it got even worse. Being thrown around like a towel each day is a true struggle.
And even worse, a well known band, One Direction, is going to attend her boarding school. Will they help this misfit or bark at her like the rest? Will she break out of her shell finally and stand up for herself?


15. Official




"Instagram isn't going to change my life. This isn't changing my decision." I crossed my arms and continued cleaning. I bent down to scrub the desks again and all of a sudden, arms wrapped around me on my bare skin, causing a shiver to rush down my spine.



"Does this change your decision?" Harry picked me up and turned me to face him. I smelt his minty fresh breath. My eyes were leveled with his. I felt myself staring at his pink, plump lips once again. 



"I don't know what 'this' is, Styles." I giggled and he kissed me again, and again, and again. He kissed me until our lips hurt. Harry set me back on the ground and I parted my lips, about to give him his answer.



"Yes. Going through all that trouble is worth being with you." His emerald eyes shined into mine and he beamed with joy. 



"We gotta make it official." He held out his phone. I laughed and we made it instagram official. That's where celebrities make everything official. Well that and twitter.



"4/6/14" I mocked him. He posted a picture of us again and I can't believe I agreed to this. Moments after, my dm was full of hate.



"Hey Harry-uh people already want to plot my murder." 



"Those are the obsessed fans. The dedicated directioners 'ship' us or whatever it is." That's so true.. I remember when everyone hated Haylor.



"So am I famous yet?" I purse my lips, turned my body like I'm posing for cameras that surround me.



"You will be by the end of the week." I gulped. He was dead serious. Immediately, I get a call from Lesley. I excuse myself and leave the room for a minute.



"Are you crazy? I warned you Lacey!" I rolled my eyes.



"I know you did. I was there. I just have never fallen so hard for someone like that. I haven't exactly had a real boyfriend for a while, L." I hear her grunt with anger.



"He's going to hurt you, no doubt. I'm saying this as your friend and your room mate." I slightly started to believe her, but ignored it and hung up. 








Today school would be different. I got stares and high fives on the way to first hour. I was abruptly stopped by my boyfriend. Wow, that sounds foreign to me.



"Girlfriend." Harry jokes and kisses me slowly. "Boyfriend." I saw Max from the corner of my eye.



"C'mon, let's go to english," Harry interlocked our fingers. My heart pumped fast but he didn't notice. We stepped into a room full of whispers and pointing. We both took a seat in the very back. Still hand in hand, Amber and Ellie approached us.



"I thought April fools was 6 days ago. Why are you dating her?" Amber snickered.



"Oh Amber, even if it was April Fools, I still wouldn't stoop that low for a joke like you." Harry's come back brought lots of attention, causing laughter to rise. The jocks said things like "ooh need ice for that burn?" 



"That's not what you said last week, Harry." She strutted away with Ellie at her side. What did she mean by that?



"Don't listen to her, Lace. She's jealous and you know it." I half smiled, but I knew she was jealous. I wasn't offended. I was just assuming the worst about what he said last week according to Amber. What if Lesley was right?




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