Cast Away (Harry Fan Fic)

Lacey Hall was misunderstood. She was invisible to mankind. Nothing has gotten better; maybe it got even worse. Being thrown around like a towel each day is a true struggle.
And even worse, a well known band, One Direction, is going to attend her boarding school. Will they help this misfit or bark at her like the rest? Will she break out of her shell finally and stand up for herself?


1. New People


I felt worthless. Each and everyday, begging myself to stay alive. I felt trampled on by insults I was starting to believe. I never thought I'd be next in the bullying game, but the truth is that I was standing in the clear. Drowning in regrets and as they casted, piercing my skin deeply and reeled me into a world I never wanted to be in. One I didn't belong in. But that was my life from now on to the day I die, which I wish came sooner.~


"I love you, Mum!" I said in my mobile. I heard her smile through the phone.

"I love you more, Lacey! Your father and I wish you the best first day back at boarding school. Have fun in London." We said our farewells and broke off.

I saw the huge, brick sign in front of the kingdom. Baxter Creek Boarding School, or my hell. They should place a warning sign online saying "You will be judged as soon as you take a step through the door."

I parked my silver Ford Focus by my building. For the next 2 semesters, I will be staying in Lightly Hall. Its where all Year 12 girls (like me) will live. I opened my trunk and grabbed my bags. I waited for a carrier to arrive, they roam around the school on the first day. I continued to take out my things.

"Hello gorgeous. My name is Harry and im here to carry your bags." I heard behind me. I turn around to see Harry Styles from One Direction. Shouldn't this be great? The boys were a 'must avoid'. Im a nobody and he's definitely a somebody. 

"Great, uh... Can you help me bring them to room 11 in Lightly Hall?" I fake smiled as he nodded. He wrapped my backpack around him and one of my suitcases. He tried to start a small conversation.

"What's your name?" He smirked and pushed the door to the building open. I rolled my eyes. "Lacey, and let's hurry to the room." I said bluntly. We strolled silently as people eyed us. I grabbed my keys from my pocket and opened my door.

"Hurry? Why?" He asked dropping my bags to the ground. "Im not popular like you'll be." I admitted as I placed my bags on the ground.

"So?" He annoyed me with his stupidity. "If I were you, I'd avoid misfits like me." My face heated up like an oven as stood there staring with his green eyes. He stood mute but I couldn't read him. "Can you-uh, leave?" I said awkwardly as he swiftly moved to the door. He held the knob and his fingers played against it. He stopped and looks back to me.

"Bye Lacey." He half smiled and shut the door. Looks like I wont see him much, thank God. I unpacked and waited tediously for my roommate. Thank god its only one. That's all we have room for. Only 2 beds and 2 closets with one bathroom and laundry.


"Hi." The door swung open and I heard a sweet voice. I look at my made bed proudly and turn around to see an unfamiliar face, which is uncommon here.

"Hi, Im Lacey Hall." I smiled and she waved to me as she carried in her bags.

"Im Lesley Ravensdale." She smiled perkily. She was beautiful. Striking dyed red hair and her mint eyes were perfect. I stood as a boring brunette with grave grey eyes. "Are you new?" I asked as I hung my clothes in my closet.

"Yes. My friend and his band came so I decided to come along. I couldn't live without him." She laughed as she zipped open her bag.

"One Direction?" I widened my eyes. "Yeah." She started to make her bed. Avoiding Harry might not be easy. "Tonight we're having a get together at Niall's and I was wondering if you would want to come." She said. If I stayed, nothing would change. If I went, I'd be humiliated  by the populars.

"Ill pass. Those kind of people don't like me very much." I sat on my bed willingly. "Those kind of people.. Like the popular ones? You look like them, though." I thought to myself, but I was fat and hideous.

"Pretty much. How do I appear like them?" I looked in the mirror across from me. "You're thin and pretty. Like the girl my friend Harry described earlier." She smiled and I began to freeze. "What'd he say?" I asked eagerly.

"That he carried this girl's bags and she didn't like him. Saying she didn't fit in and that she was gorgeous. Like you." She laughed which caused me to giggle. "No way?" I blushed and she nodded excitingly. I felt warm inside.

"Yep, but watch out with Harry. He's a player. Trust me, I've had friends apart of his little game."Avoid them anyway.

"Im trying to stay away from him anyway. Everything would get worse." I sighed and we were silent. We carried on with setting up our room.

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