Cast Away (Harry Fan Fic)

Lacey Hall was misunderstood. She was invisible to mankind. Nothing has gotten better; maybe it got even worse. Being thrown around like a towel each day is a true struggle.
And even worse, a well known band, One Direction, is going to attend her boarding school. Will they help this misfit or bark at her like the rest? Will she break out of her shell finally and stand up for herself?


16. Larry

Lacey's pov



The bell had rang and class finally started. It was just notes for today. I decided to draw something instead, since I enjoy it. I just played around and drew a girl putting her hair up into a pony tail. It wasn't anything special. 



"That's another cool one you got there," Zayn whispered over to me. I hadn't realized that he was even there, I guess I focused too much in my paper.



"Thanks, Zayn." I smiled politely and he never broke eye contact.



"You're dating my boy, Harry. So you could call me Malik. I usually go by that with my friends." I nodded and replied with a quiet "okay" but he already considered me as him friend, and I like that.



"Don't flirt with my girlfriend, Malik. Or you'll be flirting with death pretty soon." Giggles erupt from the class room. 




The rest of the day went by swiftly. The regular everyday talks, and 3R dropping his lunch trap, causing milk to splatter on some ratchet girl who fussed at him. He almost peed. Anyway, the funny business ended in 7th period. 



I found a different seat for today, so I wouldn't sit by Max. I don't trust him anymore, and I know Harry would be furious. So today I actually take a seat by Harry, I'm the middle of the room instead. The back was full, anyway. As I took out my binder, I feel pressure on my desk. I sit up abruptly to see a smirking Max.



"Well well well, nice to see the new and improved Larry." Harry groaned at that joke, since back when What Makes You Beautiful was playing everywhere, Larry was him and Louis. 



"Nice to see that your eye hasn't improved." Harry said, causing me to help him taunt Max.



"Very funny." He was bluffing..



"I mean, it kind of was. You should go sit down before I record this conversation and tell your mum." His eyes rolled and he left me alone, just like that.

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