Cast Away (Harry Fan Fic)

Lacey Hall was misunderstood. She was invisible to mankind. Nothing has gotten better; maybe it got even worse. Being thrown around like a towel each day is a true struggle.
And even worse, a well known band, One Direction, is going to attend her boarding school. Will they help this misfit or bark at her like the rest? Will she break out of her shell finally and stand up for herself?


2. L, K, E& 3R


Sadly, the school day has started. This was going to be the worst year yet. I stepped into my first hour class to see everyone who is now in my English. Im not very satisfied with my results, anyhow. I saw people of many cliques. The Twins, April and May, sit in the back. They always stick together; they have their anti-social duo but still have more friends than me.

The Missy's, who are the popular girls. Blair, Ellie, and Amber. They started the hissing at me and that's why I hate everyone. The jocks, the nerds, the shy ones, the emos, every piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly in a high school. Unfortunately, sometimes there is that one piece that has been torn in two and cant fit anywhere. It's been burned and kicked around like dirt.

"Hey fat ass! Sorry, the shipment of the large chairs couldn't come in, the truck was too small." Amber said as her group and the jocks laughed wickedly. I just took the creaky seat in the back corner and sunk down in my chair.

Days like these, everyday, I felt alone. The untouched think they know how I feel but they don't. They cannot relate and I don't even want them to. People who have been bullied and mistreated know how it feels.

And right then, Harry and Zayn strutted in the classroom. Girls took pictures, boys fist bumped one another. I just zipped open my back pack and grabbed my notebook. I tried to continue my sketch. It was of a girl against her wall looking out of the window. The window contained of heaven on Earth. You could tell the girl was sad and wanted to escape. Her tears spoke louder than her words.

"Hey, that's a cool drawing." Harry said to me. He sat next to me and smiled at me. Zayn sat beside him. "Thanks. I wouldn't talk to me if I were you." I said swiftly and he brushed the thought off his shoulder.

"Styles! Malik! Why the hell are you talking to that loser? Come on, you belong with us!" Amber's words struck in my head like thunder. My head shook and I dazed away. Harry looked at me and back at the populars. Him and Zayn grabbed their bags to sit in the front. I sighed and slanted back down in my seat as Lesley came to sit next to me.

"Hey Lacey, its fine. Don't worry. Ill be a seat over." She tapped my desk and sat next to me. I knew Lesley was a good person and we'd be immediate friends, like we are. We clicked like that.

"Thank you. But don't you want to sit with the others?" I asked in curiosity of why she chose me. "Nope! I might be friends with the boys but it doesn't make me popular. Kind of, I guess but you aren't fake like the girls they like to be with." She said plain out and put down her book bag.

The day went less brutal with Lesley at my side. The morning half, at the least. Lunch was starting in the cafeteria and I sat by myself. Until Lesley and some of her friends came to sit with me.

"Hey Lesley. Who are your friends?" I asked politely. They all took a seat.

"Lacey, this is Emily Wells," One girl smiled at me. Her hair was a short blonde bob and her eyes were a beautiful brown."Katie Webster," The other girl with long black hair smiled to me. Her blue eyes were stunning. "and Robbie R Remmington or 3R." A cute guy smiled. His hair was blonde and gelled upwards in the front. His blue eyes made me tingle.

"Nice to meet all of you." I smiled and continued to eat my mashed potatoes. We continued to chat until The Missy's came to our table.

"Loser, I mean Lacey, made friends? What a joke! Once a whore, always a whore!" She snickered and left. "Im still a virgin..." I said in the awkward silence which started up again.

"Then why did she call you those names?" 3R said and I shrugged. "How should I know?"

"Are you coming to Niall's party tonight?" Emily changed the subject. "You should go!" Katie said convincing me to go.

"I guess ill make an appearance." We all cheered. They all hugged me and lunch time ended. The rest of the day was still a struggle but I obviously lived to tell the tale.



|short I know but ill make it up|


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