Cast Away (Harry Fan Fic)

Lacey Hall was misunderstood. She was invisible to mankind. Nothing has gotten better; maybe it got even worse. Being thrown around like a towel each day is a true struggle.
And even worse, a well known band, One Direction, is going to attend her boarding school. Will they help this misfit or bark at her like the rest? Will she break out of her shell finally and stand up for herself?


12. Betrayal At It's Finest



Hey guys! its Haileyy (:

I'm on my moms computer -Which she's finally off of- so I'm updating as much as i can.

I wrote a lot in my notebook so i just need to type it in.

I hope you like the chapter !



 Lacey's POV


And to my surprise - Max might be the good guy.

Not only has Harry humiliated me, but now I look like a trashy slut.

I'm not saying Max is a saint and didn't deserve the beating, but look at him.

I felt his sincere vibe and after all of these years, somebody heard my cry for help.


"The thing about Harry is that he doesn't realize what he had just thrown away. He took advantage of you like the scum he is. I know what I did was wrong, but all I've felt was sorrow ever since. I feel like I owe you big time and I know I do." Max whispered in my little ear. I patted his black eye.

My arms unwrapped from behind his back, and there stood my friends. I saw them exchange glances and made faces.

"I'll catch up with you later or-"

"Or I'll call you." Max finished my sentence. I smiled and trotted to my group.


"Why did you hug the douche canoe?" Katie asked, obviously annoyed.


"He's my friend. You should meet him." I could see a curly haired Harry in the distance. His eyebrow, raised. He lacked that cheeky smile he carried around daily.


"Max? I'd bash his face in if I had a real reason, besides the fact he plays girls and that he's annoying." 3R pounded his fists. Emily was basically swooning over him.


"Max, what a cute name." Emily smirked and strutted through the cloud of perfume she sprayed. Lesley hit her playfully.


"But I thought you hated him and then Harry saved you?" Lesley needed to catch up.


"Styles ? Oh honey, I'm not into players." Her and I both died of laughter. My happiness soon ended. Lunch began, and that was the start of my anger strike.

The gang and I all sat at our table. I sat excluded as I drowned in my own thoughts. I began to feel alone. Everyone around me had someone. 3R and Lesley were flirting it up.

I am never to trust a lying, violent, dick named-

"Harry?" Everyone turned around. He fixed his beanie and grabbed my arm.


"We need to talk." Harry dragged me out into the empty hallway. I slapped him across the face. He stood bent over, covering the red spot, and making a face of pain.


"What the hell, Lace?" 


"Did that hurt? That's what happens when a girl rides great. What are you going to do, Styles? Beat me to death?" Harry sucked in air through his teeth, creating a wind sound.


"I was protected you, and us! We just started seeing each other and I didn't want that manipulative little jerk get in the way of that."


"Number one, there is no us , Number two, the best way to protect me was to leave me alone. You taunted Max, embarrassed me, told our secret, and socked him right in his precious eye!" 


"I have done nothing but pushed girls away, and you go ahead and hug that faggot." I rolled my eyes.


"That's not what Niall and Lesley said when you left my dorm. I can't stand idiots like you. Go talk to Amber or something. I'm sure she'd be happy to see you. Bitches love players." I couldnt take it anymore, so I swam out to the courtyard.

I tried to gather up Lesley and all of the boys, so I could hear the truth from them.

I haven't met the rest, so this should be an interesting greeting.





"Let me get this straight. You're one of the many victims of our beloved curly-haired bandmate and you want answers as to why he is who he is?" Liam said foolishly. I nodded.


"Therefore, you want us to put a knife in his back for a girl that I have never met or seen in my whole life?" I nodded again. Louis laughed.


"Harold was showing Max that you are his territory. I really don't see anything wrong with it." Louis shrugged.


"She's hurt, idiots. You aren't the first and defiantly not the last. Harry tried to pick you up the moment you saw him, he saved you, he got laid, and now he's playing the love game. He might of dropped the other girls, but he still did that to Max." Lesley was one smart girl who understood me well.


"If a man fights for you, he's going crazy for you." Wise words from Zayn Malik.


"Lacey, he isnt going to work out. Thats all you need to know." Niall stormed out.

All Niall has done is talked bad about Harry, which is making me suspicious.

But he's giving me the answer I wanted.

Should I be worried, or thankful?



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