It Started With A Whisper (One Direction)

What happens when Ryder has to move to a new place and new school.

She has many obstacles in her way. What happens when she has to go to a new school and all 5 of the hottest, bad ass boys fall for her? What happens when they find out her secrets? Who will she pick?

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3. Chapter 2 :/ Shopping

-Ryder's Pov-

*** 2 days later ***

I decided to go shopping Since I don't start school until tomorrow 
Oh what joy *sarcasm*

First I went into Hot Topic and bought some Superman plugs, Red plugs, Black Plugs and Red and Black Plugs. I also bought 2 new leather jackets. I bought a black sleeveless skrillex hoodie. I bought some manic panic hair dye to. I bought red blue green purple silver black and brown. I bought converse and some Toms too. I also bought a new Superman belly button ring. After getting everything I paid the total came out 117.23 pounds.

After Hot Topic I went to Forever 21 ugh I know girly right. I bought a ninja turtles tank top. I also bought a Superman and cookie monster hoodie. As you can tell I may be a badass bitch yes I admit I can be a bitch but I love Superman :)! After buying everything I went to pay and the total came out to 73.94 pounds. Yes you maybe saying how does she have a lot of money and all but remember I sold drugs when I was in California and earned a lot. I have been selling drugs for about 1 and a half years already. They are gonna ship me more too since they can't cone to London and I can continue selling some. 

Once I got home I put the clothes in my closet and I was watching tv. I felt hungry so I went to get a bite at Nandos. The food there was beast. Once I got home I changed and I was going to bed when my phone started to beep.

I got out my phone and saw I had a message from an unknown number.

To: Ryder

From: Unknown

I Know where you are right now you can't hide forever see you soon princess. 

Shit. He. Found. Me.


Who found her?!?!

Comment what you think. 

:3 Oh and I made my own wattpad account its Ryder_Garcia :) Should I write stories on my account or on this one? Oh well I hope you like this chapter.

- Ryder Out

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