It Started With A Whisper (One Direction)

What happens when Ryder has to move to a new place and new school.

She has many obstacles in her way. What happens when she has to go to a new school and all 5 of the hottest, bad ass boys fall for her? What happens when they find out her secrets? Who will she pick?

Continue Reading :3 ( This story is originally on my Wattpad account @Louis_Tomliinson :) so i felt like putting it on movellas )


2. Chapter 1 -.- Moving

~Ryder's Pov~

"Ryder! You got the stuff?" The Man said.

"Yea I got the stuff You got the money?." I said.

"Here " He said and gave me $1000 for 5 lb of cocaine.

Then I Heard sirens so I went running.

"Shit They Found Me!" I told myself.

I went running to my house. I packed all my stuff and got my laptop and bought a plane ticket to London.

My parents died 2 years ago. They tried to put me in an orphanage but I ran away. I was 15 when that happened I was all alone now I'm one of the most wanted in the U.S. I am the leader of the toughest most wanted gang. I am known all over in the U.S and only gangs all over the world know my name.

People in gangs in the U.K only know my name but have never seen me.

I told my gang that I have to head to the U.K because the found me. They understood why I'm leaving and are fine with it but are worried, if the will be able to fight and sell stuff with out me. Oh Well their lost >:).

********Skip To London*******

I got off the plane and went to my penthouse. Yup I got a penthouse in London :D.

I also have 3 motorcycles A Zero Engineering T5 Blackie and A Deus Grievous Angel and a Magpul Ronin. My favorite Motorcycle is Magpul Ronin.

Then I realised I still have to go to school. Ugh I hate school I'm currently in year 12 my senior year.

I Love This Penthouse cuz I have my own gym and boxing/fighting room :)! I have a 120 inch flat screen TV. I also have my own screening room and music studio room.

I went to my bedroom. It is a master bedroom with a 70' inch flat screen. It also has its own bathroom with a bathtub and shower and two sinks. I got my laptop and applied to this high school near me. I start school in 3 days which is on Wednesday. I got my iPhone 5 and called my old school and told them I moved to Australia xD. They believed me, Surprising .

I took a shower and changed. I was playing Candy Crush when my battery started to die. I connected my phone and fell asleep.



Should I Continue? :D

Comment what you think.

-Ryder :D

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