My worst Fall

This is what happened during my worst fall off a horse


1. What happened

   It was just another Saturday morning, my lesson started at 9 a.m. like usual. I was riding the pony that I normally rode, he was being his usual bratty self. We were doing a course we had already done several times. I hadn't even expected a refusal, he had taken all the other jumps that day with no problem. We approached the first jump, I was already counting the strides. I moved into my two-point ready to take the jump, but we didn't make it over.

   He pulled out of the straight line and I lost my balance. My left stirrup get wedged to the back of my heel, my right foot came free. I started falling to the left side, I realized what was happening and knew it was best to just let go of the reins. When I did I forgot I still had my crop, which has gotten tangled in the reins. I was already on the ground and being dragged. My horse wasn't stopping like he normally did when be realized I was no longer in the saddle. 

   I felt a blow against my helmet, and then pressure on my leg. I realized that my left leg had gotten out of the stirrup somehow and was being stepped on repeatedly. I finally untangled my hand and the crop and my whole body hit the ground. I could hear the hoof beats running away. I slowly got up, I had dirt in my eyes, hair, shirt, it was everywhere. I looked down at my leg and saw that my pants were ripped and I could see blood. I started walking toward my instructor who was already running towards me. The pain in my leg was horrible, but when she asked me if I was okay I told her I was fine. I got back on the horse and ignored the sherring pain in my leg and we did the course one more time and my horse acted as if nothing had happened.

   When I got home and took a shower I saw the huge bruise, my swollen knee, my scrapped skin, and the hoof print on my ankle. I washef all the blood off, when I got in my room I went to my closet, found my sister's old make-up and covered up the bruises as best as I could. I then got dressed and went out with my mom to a Lab Rescue Event, my mom was there when I fell, she even had it on video. When people asked me why I was limping my mom told them what happened and I just laughed it off. My leg still hurt like crazy but I'm not one to show pain. No one knew what really happened,the video didn't show much since it was she was standing far away and my mom stopped the video the second I flew forward. 

   I think my instructor knew that I was a little afraid and had me ride other horses for a month and a half. It's been almost 4 months I think and I can still feel the hoof print on my ankle. I'm a little afraid to ride new horses now, but I'm trying to not let this accident define me. I was really shaken up, and I saw how dangerous this sport was. But I don't see this as just a sport, I see this as a passion, something I love doing. People have had WAY worse falls than me, some resulting in death. But I won't forget this, I will learn from this experience and move forward a stronger rider.

  My family and friends still don't know how badly I was hurt, I didn't break anything just bruised my bone. But that's in the past and I'm looking towards the future.

   Feel free to comment and talk to me, about anything. It doesn't have to be about horses,or a fall. <3 Never_Gonna_Change

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