Zyxia is just a regular teenage girl right? Wrong. Her mother passed away years ago, her father is an alcoholic, and she has a deep secret. Even through all of this, her best friend Alex has stuck right by her side. But they are completely opposite, including the fact Alex is OBSESSED with One Direction, while Zyxia thinks they are just spoiled rotten teenage boys who don't deserve the fame. Alex's family decides to take Zyxia on vacation and who do they see, but One Direction! What will happen when the boys of 1D begin to fall for the girls?


1. Late

Zyxia's P.O.V.
*beep, beep, beep!* I quickly snap awake and see I'm late for school. "Stupid cheap alarm clock. "
I rushed around the house to get ready and finished in record time, making it to school in 20 minutes. I left a note for my dad, who was sleeping and still hungover from last night. When I got into class, I took a seat next to my best friend Alex.
"Miss Loiceau, you're late. Again," my home room teacher Mr Dovo snapped. I must've been blushing furiously because Alex whispers to me, "Sorry Zee for not waiting, Mami yelled at me to go." I was surprised she used the term 'yelled'. Her Mami and Dad are usually against fighting among the house. Her parents are also from South America, so at home they speak Spanish. I actually know a few words in Spanish because I am there all the time. I love being at their house. It's much better than mine.



<Author's Note: Sorry for the short chapter! I wanted to test this out, and if this gets 10 views, I'll make chapter 2! Thanks for reading!>

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