Zyxia is just a regular teenage girl right? Wrong. Her mother passed away years ago, her father is an alcoholic, and she has a deep secret. Even through all of this, her best friend Alex has stuck right by her side. But they are completely opposite, including the fact Alex is OBSESSED with One Direction, while Zyxia thinks they are just spoiled rotten teenage boys who don't deserve the fame. Alex's family decides to take Zyxia on vacation and who do they see, but One Direction! What will happen when the boys of 1D begin to fall for the girls?


3. Airport Lounge Surprise

Chapter 3:

Alex heard me gasp, and quickly came out of the bathroom. 
"Whaaaaatt?!" She yelled. 
"Nothing," I responded. 
We continued the night with the sleepover at usual, but the blonde boy stayed on my mind the rest of the night. The next morning, we both left for school with a smile on our faces, because Alex's parents are taking us on vacation to England! We fly directly out of Toronto in only 3 days! Everyone at school said we were so lucky because we're missing the next 3 months of school. 
"What if we see One Direction?!?!" Squealed Alex. 
I ignored her as she continued on. "And what about your boyfriend, Zee? You're probably gonna meet some supermegahot British boy over there and you can't cheat on Tobias!"
I rolled my eyes. "I will not meet 'someone new'. Tobias and I are perfect together..."

*3 days later, at the airport*

"OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM ACTUALLY AT A REAL AIRPORT!!!!!!" Alex exclaims. This is her first time on a plane and she is REALLY excited. We dropped our bags off on the conveyor belts, then go through the security and sit in the airport lounge. *sigh* There's still another 2.5 hours. Alex's parents, Legro and Stephi bought us all first class tickets! About an hour into the waiting, 5 noisy teenagers/early 20s come in, receiving stares from everyone in the lounge. At first, I thought it was because of how obnoxious they were but then I saw the blonde boy. I heard Alex squeal. I knew who it was. 

It was One Direction. 

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