You Make the Difference

Poem about bullying, and standing up for someone in need.


1. You Make the Difference

She shoved me to the ground again,

This happens every day.

She throws my books across the hall.

I don't know what to say.


The hot tears roll on down my cheeks,

I can't quite stop the flow.

I turn around and face the wall,

I've nowhere left to go.


The insults keep on coming.

My clothes, my shoes, my hair,

Are only part of what she mocks.

She'll only build from there.


I know what's coming later on,

She'll tear apart my life.

I already dread each day she's here.

My days are ones of strife.


I see her lift her arm to strike,

It's no different this time, I know.

But a hand comes in from by my side,

It stops the dreadful blow.


I turn to see my savior's face.

He's shoving her away.

He lifts me up from off the ground,

She quickly leaves the fray.


My eyes are filled with tears again,

But not from fear or pain.

For one kind soul has let me in,

I'm no longer in the rain.

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