The Usual

Pearl is in love with Harry Styles the most popular boy at school. He doesn't even now She exists. What happens when they r forced to do a project together will he finally realize her beauty?


1. Chapter 1

It was another Monday morning at Seven Lakes High and I was walking to my class with my head down as usual. I would never walk with my head up because the only thing I would see is people making fun of me. WhenI reached my locker at got my books out and made my way to my first period class I sat in my seat and got my book out and started reading. After awhile everyone started filing in and took their seats. 

"Class we will be starting a new project about parenting. U will each get a partner and live with them for a month once the month is over u will write an essay about what life was like and share it to the class."

" Can I be with Harry!" Taylor Swift the schools sluty whore said.

" I am picking your partners and now that u said u want to be with Harry u can't." Mrs. Paulson said. I heard a sigh of relief come from behind me I turned around and saw Harry Styles! I guess he really didn't want to be partners with Taylor I mean who would she probably thinks of this as an opportunity to have sex. 

"But he's my boyfriend I should be with him" Taylor shot back 

"This isn't a project on making out its about life when u get married and I personally don't think that Mr. Styles here wants to marry a girl who will grow up to be working part time in a strippers club." 

"Augh why do u hate me so much what did I ever do to u!" 

"U joined this class Ms. Swift that's what u did to me." That shut her right up and with that Mrs. Paulson continued here lesson. 

" do we get to pick our partners Mrs.Paulson cause if we do Pearl is going to be alone because no one wants to be with her" Taylor's best friend Brittany said. Everyone started laughing at me and with that I hung my head down in shame. 

"Actually I will be randomly picking your partners through a random hat drawing." With that Mrs. P took out the 1st period hat and started drawing out names. 



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