ballarina ganster

Ava is a accomplished male ballerina and has found his place in his class and on stage. But when his past turns up to find him and terminates his brake. will he falter and go back to his old ways or dance his way out and accomplish something for once in his life like he had so far or give it up because he knows what will happed to him and possibly his fam.

FOR THE Slang chapter writing comp that had already passed but see if you like it :)


1. braketime

I could feel myself getting litter and lighter in each step as my feat glided and turned as I got ready for my final leap and lift on this marvelous dance routine that I have to preform next month.

 I just happen to glance at the mirror when my teacher madam marlin scolds my gently that I am losing my posture. I see that I had lost my performance smile as well as my body tuns into this menacing, but graceful beast as I lift my legs into almost doing the spits in midair and landing without a sound behind my beautiful partner and girlfriend Alicia. Her black hair started to fall out slightly out of her bun and tickled my nose as we to the final spin and dip. The music paused as madam stopped the recorded tape and said, "bravo." to the two of us. 

I hear something off outside as I got to my bag  and it brings me back  to my old days at least a year ago. Stealing, drugs, girls, enemies,  that was my life but now since my last brush of death a year ago, a bullet to my side.  About to take my life forever as I laid there yelping in pain like an animal but then my eyes got heavy as a blast of light came over my eyes and the next thing I know I am waking up in a hospital bed, crying.

 "what's wrong Ava? You seem tense." Alicia asked as she put a hand on my sholder but all I could think about was that night that I was supposed to die. All I could squeak out was a quick "Nothing."

 I noticed that I acsedently knocked out the cup of water that Alicia made for me onto the carpeted floor where my bag is. She wrapped her arms around my waist and gotten close to me I could smell her spray of deo that she likes to slip on whenever she can during brakes. It still doesn't help me at all As I slip away from her grasp.

I look out the window in the door and I swear I see my old gang leader,  Ticker he survived the night and managed to find me  in my supposed to be greatest hour and safe pad since the windows are mostly tinted. His dark hood hid his face but I could see his cold eyes seeing me in my uniform.  

 I could feel a cold chill run down my spine as I pictured the white walls covered in blood and bullets. As the case was puvled from bats, barb wire gloves, and plywood nail maces. The toys were shattered and books stained and used as sponges to soak up the liquid that was spilled on perpous or accidental.   

"something is really bothering you. I know it." Alicia whispered in my ear and I jumped of what felt like ten feet. As someone switched on the tv in the wait room and I can hear the news, the unlucky channel to be on for me at the moment as I see that five of my old peeps that had lost there lives as the  instead of all of there mug shots  hitting the screen I saw one gigantic pic of me in the center, smiling and wishing to live.

 The only thing that brought me back was the soft, muffled ring of my cell. I slowly unzipped my bag like I was expecting a bomb and pulled out my cell to an unknown number I recognized. "I thought you turned your phone off." Alicia whispered as my dance instructor glared at me a death stare that told me to turn it off and become the example she wants me to be.

 I couldn't help but quickly look at the text that I got and I didn't have to see the whole thing to see that it said: "Brake's over!" 

 I couldn't dance after that. I even dropped Alecia twice during the dance. The music turned into the backdrop of the scene of hoods and rivalries as one tried to steal from the other. At one point sirens from cop cars got into the peace as I could feel a tear race down my check as madam turned off the tape.

 Alicia's eyes welted into a watery emerald green  like I hurt her which I prob did. "what happened monsieur?you were superb and now, this." madam Marlin questioned as she came forth and looked displeased with her wilted face glared at me with cat like reflection. All I could do was look down at my black pants and black slippers that was code in the teach's dance studio. I could feel my thin socks slip as I wiggled my toes for no resin. My plain white shirt was starting to show the workout I had put myself through since I had to be here for at least the last hour and a half practicing with the other classes trying to get the others get there dance down with encouragement. But I looked outside the window as the clock struck the hour remembering that the last time I was with my gang, I was in the middle of my squad in front of the bank and we hear the explosion in the most of the city streets our rival gang, the swips and mine's the grebes. Since the bros spit twenty years ago and since then dark traders include a third gang; a all chicks one name alum. the three are family afairs all three leaders that have waited and stabbed their way to the top. The only person that was handed the title was gree the Alum leader since she founded the group and it became a weed and not the smoke type.

This time the alum were there and for some resin the swips were plotting the same thing as well wich tearned into a taritory brawl. Bullets flying in the air and I had a front row seat. The blood and gore found me as I started to dance with death and my demons. Death don't scare me as much just leaving my fam behind. My sweet sis Arial tries her best but I knew then we just lost our own family in a partial bust or that is what we were told but I really think it was a robbery gone south.

  We did our best  I went into the my gang and she doubled waitressing and dropped collage three days before she started her soph year. I hoped that that would give me fortune instead of trouble but I didn't know better and now I do.

 "what has gotten into you ave?" Alicia questioned as we walked home together. This has to be the best part about being a ballerina, getting the hottest chick in the class as a girlfriend. But it is a drag as the chill returned stronger and I gotten extremely close to her for her protection. "stay close and match my pace."  I whispered in her ear and she obeyed till we reached her pad. the walk made me tense and every shadow seemed to move as we crept from glow to glow. I was hoping that Ticker didn't see me at all since I said that I was going to take a brake for a while then madam found me dancing to some music in the streets. It was supposed to be a comity act and something to keep my mind off the situation but she put me in the class for a tab that I can pay off but she says that the shoes are on her and the extra lesions when I was casted as one of the mains.

 We came through the streets cold and alone. I started to tence up with every step. I turned and looked everywhere to find Tick since I know he could be anywhere in these streets, abandon shops that are falling apart and not being cared for like most of the lit's here. If you didn't see the square that my hood thrives on you'd say this place bellied up last ten centuries ago. Other than that there is nothin' for anyone other than the 'H club or dancin' or gang or being a lead pencil by one of the gangs.

 "Ava you're freighting me." Alicia cried and I stopped for a second.

"sorry babe but I am hoping that  someone don't find me here." I said.

 " why?"

"cuz, his past cought up with him huh Dax." I hear Ticker behind me . "So you got yourself a babe, a snowflake even,  nice job. Banged her yet?"

 "go, if I don't see you in the morn my past had cought up with me." I said as Alicia gave me an understanding glare.

 The night left me with worry since the hood was lit by little lamps leaving me in and out of the darkness  as I heard the door slam behind me and my old leader in front of me. His whitish skin  shown under his gray hood and ski cover. He pulled down the cover to show his brown hair and zingy eyes. His half and half look  made him look more like a beast taller, edgier, and meaner than I remember. There wasn't another word between us other than the words I could squeeze out of my head from the text as my knees started to freeze as I stumbled on my next sentence but I was tariffed  of him as I could hear what I thought out of my mouth and barfed on the ground in front of me. "Brake's over."

 "It is." Ticker said and I knew the homies found me.

"I don't want in anymore." I said as I tried to duck out of Ticker's way but he blocked my path.

 "No choice av." he said in his grueling voice.

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