Can't Hold Us

Drinking, partying, and being a slut is what it's about now, isn't it? -
Alexa and her friends are those girls that don't like to party. Goodie goodies. But when they meet Harry and his friends, they change.


1. "No One Likes You"

Harry walked slowly up to the front of the school, a cigarette hanging off his mouth. His friend, Zayn, also had a cigarette in his mouth. Harry smiled and took it out of his mouth, breathing out the smoke from the cigarette. They reached the school and headed inside. Everyone looked at them, either with dirty looks or smirks. Most people liked Harry and Zayn. They were the two that sold drugs and had parties with lots of alcohol and girls. But other people think of them as idiots who are "ruining their lives" by doing drugs, drinking, and having lots of sex. 

"Look at goodie goodie over there," Zayn pointed out, nodding over to Alexa. Alexa was like the queen goodie goodie. All her friends were always nice to her and actually look up to her. Their parents always think she's a good influence. 

Harry looked over at her and smirked. She was searching for her Chemistry book in her locker, but that's not what caught their eye. She was wearing a skirt that was a little too short for a goodie goodie, making her look slightly sexy to the boys. 

They slowly made their way to her. Zayn slammed her locker in her face when her hands were finally out of her locker, making her jump and scream slightly. "Hello, Alexa," Zayn whispered, smirking.

"Nice skirt," Harry added, making her look down at her skirt. When she noticed it was quite short, she sighed. 

"Get away from me," she stuttered out. She always gets nervous around them. They were pretty sexy. Harry always wore tank tops, unless it's cold, that shows his small abs and big strong arms. Zayn was the same, but sometimes he wears regular t-shirts that were a bit too tight, so it shows his toned abs through it. 

"No thanks."

Zayn grabbed onto her waist, starting to pull her closer to him. "I think you like our company."

"Zayn, you're scaring her," Harry told him. He didn't want to freak her out, just wanted to see if he could flirt his way into getting into her pants. Because, fuck, she looked good in those shorts to him. 

"Why do you care?" Zayn asked, sort of teasing him about it.

"She's a goodie goodie, not a slut," he told Zayn, raising an eyebrow. "I don't want to scare her off."

Zayn let her go, kind of upset that he couldn't do what he wanted to do. He mumbled something under his breath, groaning afterwards. 

"Why do you care?" Alexa asked softly. "D-Do you like me or something?"

Zayn laughed loudly, making both Harry and Alexa jump. "No one likes you."

Harry's eyes widened slightly. Yes, he just wanted to get in her pants, but he does care about her feelings. She's a goodie goodie. She can't defend herself. 

Alexa felt tears stinging her eyes but she held them back. "I'm leaving," she muttered, scurrying off.

Harry scoffed and hit Zayn's arm. 

"What the fuck?" Zayn scoffed, hitting him back. 

"Yeah, what the fuck was that? You're such a prick," he told Zayn, scoffing again afterwards. 

"Why do you care about her anyways?" Zayn asked him, raising his voice slightly.

Harry shrugged, sighing. "I honestly don't know."

"You better not like her," Zayn warned, eyeing Harry up and down. 

"Of course not." 

"Alright, so who's house are we going to for tonight's party?" Zayn asked Harry as they started walking away and heading to class. The whole time, Harry kept thinking about Alexa. Maybe he does have feelings for her. 



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