Drunken Mistake

Samantha Colton has a hard life. With all the puking and fainting she realises that she is pregnant. When she decides to go meet the baby's dad, Nick, he hands her a hundred dollar bill to abort the child. Samantha's feelings are mixed. She had no clue what to do. And the fact that Nick said no to the unborn, made her want to keep the unborn. Will Samantha be able to make things work out? What happens when Nick sticks his nose into her life again?


1. The News

-Drunken Mistake-


I felt the contents of my stomach rising. The nauseating feeling started to take its toll on me again. My head jerked forwards as the food came almost in my mouth. I somehow gulped it back down.


I knew I wouldn't be able to control it for long. I covered my mouth with my hands and ran to the bathroom. I stood over the sink as I waited for the next wave of anti-peristalsis to hit me.


It wasn't long before I felt the sickening feeling again. I didn't stop myself this time. I let it all go. My mouth jerked open as the components of my lunch flowed out. My stomach was being emptied.


Once I was done throwing up, I splashed water into my buccal cavity. The vomit had left a very pungent taste in my mouth. I clutched my stomach as I went back and sat on my bed.


I looked around at my room. It was really messy with books all around. An average nineteen year olds room would definitely look like this. The pale purple colour of my room started to disgust me suddenly.


I laid down on my back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. My life was almost completely turned upside down. I had been throwing up for the past three days.


I couldn't even tell my mother since I was one hour away from her in a complete different city. And for small problems like this I couldn't call her over. I had to first figure out what all this was.


Puking for three consecutive days. Feeling nauseous and faint. All this could only mean one thing. I ran to the bathroom, hoping my theory was wrong. I tore up the box that I had bought yesterday.


I stared at the kit for a second debating whether it was stupid. But I had to take the test to find out. I pulled my pants down. And placed the tube between my thighs.


I waited for one whole anxious minute. There were two red lines. So my theory was true. I was pregnant.


I slumped down to the bathroom floor as I broke down into a fit of tears. This was never how I had planned my life to be. What was I supposed to do now?


The tears chased one another as they rolled down my cheek. I wiped them away hastily as I got off the floor. I paced back and forth anxiously in my room, deciding what to do with my life now.


The baby would completely change my life. If I wanted to pursue a career in surgery, I definitely could not start with being a single mother.

How would I continue college with a baby in my uterus? I'd be exhausted and all and I obviously could not waddle around like a penguin with a large stomach. I could even abort the baby.


Wait, what was I doing? I had to contact the culprit of all this first. The one who got me pregnant. I pulled out my phone from my jeans pocket and dialled his number.


What would he say? I hadn't spoken to him for almost two months now. I mean we had had a one night stand and then we just stopped talking. How would he react? I didn't want to break the news to him on the phone, of course.


He picked up in a few rings. "Hello?" his husky voice sounded off from the line.


"Uh, Hi, it's Samantha here." I said my voice cracking a bit. I twirled the ends of my sand coloured hair, nervously.


"Samantha?... Oh Sammy! Hi long time, huh?" great! He couldn't even remember me at first. How was I supposed to tell him that he was going to father my kid. Scratch that, he HAS fathered my kid.

"Uh, yeah long time. Listen I have to meet you. It's urgent. Bliss Café. Be there in half an hour." I said rushing up my sentence.


"Okay, I'll be there." he stated simply and I ended the call before he could question me any further.


I slumped back down in my bed and buried my head in my hands. What had I done with my life? I screwed it up completely.


I stood in front of the mirror and brushed my hair. At least I should be presentable before I break the news to him. I grabbed my purse and phone and headed out the door. I didn't care to lock the front door of my apartment.


I stood on the main road and hailed a taxi. I got in and gave the driver directions to the Café. I kept tapping my feet on the taxi floor nervously. I just wish that I could pull through all of this.


This was a little lame since I, myself had to decided whether I wanted to keep this baby or not. I was so confused.


My life was on the edge of a cliff. One leap or a step back could change everything. If I plunged into this baby business, people would pity me as a teen mother, who is all alone.


If I took a step back into my normal life, I could study medicine and be a successfully doctor. I could have ten babies later, as well. Right now was just not the time.


On the other hand, I could feel my motherly instincts kick in. I didn't want anything to harm the new life nurturing in me. I couldn't even think about aborting it. The thought disgusted me.


Maybe I could continue medicine after the baby would be born. Thinking about my college, reminded me of the person who was actually paying for my fees. My mother.


I had still had to explain everything to her. I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead against the cool glass of the window. We drove past the tall sky scrapers. It's just that, no matter what decision I take about this kid, I don't want to regret it later.


The taxi skidded to a halt. "We're here madam." the driver said. I got out of the car and paid the taxi fare. I walked into the cafe. It had people packed all around. Obviously it was five in the evening.


I looked around but couldn't find anyone that resembled him. What was I expecting? He was always late. My eyes searched through the crowded cafe till they rested on a certain somebody.


His back was to me. His silky brown hair fell on his face as he peered at the menu. His dark navy blue shirt adorned his torso perfectly, making his biceps even more prominent.


I felt my stomach clench as I walked towards his table. Soon I was standing behind him. He seemed to notice this as he turned around and stood up.


The ends of his lips curved upwards into a smile. His green eyes searched my face before they roamed over my body. "Well, Samantha Colton. Don't you look fit!"


He came forwards engulfing me into his arms. His arms wrapped around me like a blanket. My hands reached up and wrapped themselves around his nape. He placed a kiss on my cheek which instantly sent tingles down my spine. I'd be lying if I said that I didn't still have feelings for him.


"You look great too Nick." I pulled back and sat on the chair, which he pulled out for me. He sat opposite to me. "So it's been a long time." I started.


He gave me his warm smirk that pulled at some strings in my heart. "Yeah I know. What did you wanna talk about? Before that, what do you wanna order?" his eyes skimmed the menu again.

"No thanks, Nick, I'm full." A lie. I had just thrown up, and if I felt anything, it was hunger. "I have to tell you something Nick." I said as I began playing with my fingers.


He nodded for me to go on. My eyes fell to my fingers. I couldn't meet his green ones. "Nick...this might be a bit of a shock to you, but... I'm ... I'm pregnant." I just spat out.


It took all the courage in me to look up at his face. His eyebrows scrunched as he frowned. "Well never saw that on coming." is that all he could say?


He took my hands in his, his green orbs pouring down on me. "Are you sure it's mine?"


"Yes Nick, your the only one I ever had sex with." I rolled my eyes. I expected him to laugh, but he was much more serious. His hands left mine. He raised his hips, as he tried hard to get something out of his back pocket.


He took out his wallet. He searched till he found what he was looking for. He took out a hundred dollar bill and swiped it across the table and kept it near my hand. "What?" I asked gesturing to the money.


His eyes looked everywhere but towards me. He ran his hands through his curl, swiping them to the left of his forehead. It took about thirty seconds, till the realisation dawned on me.


"Wait, your giving me this money because.... You want me to abort the child?" my voice came out muffled and my voice started cracking. I couldn't believe he just did that. Like I was some kind of a slut.


The tears escaped my eyelids and jumped onto my cheeks like escaped prisoners. I didn't want to cry before him but I just couldn't control myself. It was just involuntary.


And just because he denied our baby, I was going to keep it. My decision was made. I'm going to keep the baby and raise it on my own. I don't need any Nick Tyler's help.


I fought the growing upsurge to get up and smack this high headed boy across the face. The anger in me was tremendous. I felt like committing murder right now.


A picked up the hundred dollar bill and smacked it back in his face.


"You know what, Nick? I don't need you. I did a big mistake telling you. But I don't need your help. I'm going to parent this baby all by myself. I'll give it everything i can. I'll raise it without a father if I have to, but I don't need you. So you can fuck off. I don't need your pity. Take your hundred dollar bill, I'd rather you, use it on some cheap prostitute than on my baby."


My sudden outburst caused everyone in the cafe to stare at me. But I couldn't care less right now. Nick was quite taken aback himself. He stood up as he was about to say something.


I waved him off, walking to the exit. The nauseating feeling started taking over me again. 'Oh Lord, not here please.' I thought. I couldn't throw up here. Not in front of Nick. I couldn't let him see how vulnerable I was right now.


I was waiting for the contents of my stomach to rise again, but then I realised that my stomach was empty. Instead my vision started blurring. At first I thought it was because of the tears. But then black spots formed before my eyes.


I was about to open the door of the cafe and step out when my knees went all weak. My legs couldn't hold my body wait anymore and i collapsed to the ground. My head bounced off the floor first, but then hit the ground again, harder this time. 

I felt a pain sting through my spine.


"Sammy!" I heard Nick scream my name as he knelt down beside me. I was too weak to say anything. One of his hands went under my nape while the other went below my knees. I felt myself being lifted off the ground.


Nick cradled me in his chest. "Just hang in there, everything will be alright." at that moment I felt deep affection towards Nick. I had no idea what was going on. His legs carried us somewhere hurriedly.


Nick was panicking. I bet he wanted to run his hands through his hair, like he always did, but couldn't since he was carrying me. I could predict all this about him even though I was half unconscious.


He kept whispering soothing words to me. 

"Someone call 911!" that was the last I heard of Nick when I completely blacked out.



Questions first,



Did you guys like it?


Sorry this chapter was a bit intense but it gets better and cheesier.

I don't know whether to continue with this or not, simply because I don't have time.


But if you guys want me to continue then i will.

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