Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


18. Partnered up

Violas POV.

I walked into school Peyton coming up to me.

"You know Viola Im so sorry for everything I did to you. Really" She said to me.

"Shut you stupid mouth Peyton, I'm not falling for this! Just because I'm good friends with Harry Styles, Its not gonna change the way I think of you idiot!" I fonished and walked up to my locker it felt good to stand up to that jerk. She stood there with her mouth open. I just turned and walked into my next class.

I sat near a girl named Dawn. Dawn had long blonde hair sily and smooth. She had hazel eyes and clear face. She was beautiful come to think of it.

"Ok class today we will be working on a project Josh and Mark, Kelly and Aubrey, David and James, Sarina and Gwen, Peyton and Jeslina, Dawn and Violet, Will and Andy, Dylon and Aaron, Max and Alex, Hanna and Jewl...

So I'm partnered up with Dawn. I wonder how we'll get along.

"Hey" Dawn whispered leaning toward me.

"HI=i" I whispered back drumming my fingers on my desk.

"Wanna come over tonight to work on the assignment?"

"Sure" I answered.


I was walking home with Dawn, She was really funny and nice.

"So I hear your friends with Harry Styles?" She asked nudging me.

"Maybe" I giggled.

"Cmon you could tell me" She forced.

"Ok ok were friends" I admitted,

"Just friends?"She smirked,

"Ok we went on a date last night" I said.

"OMG! Harry Styles likes you Viola!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah sure he does"

"Nice way to ruin the moment Vi" Dawn rolled her eyes.

"Harry calls me Vi" The word slipped out of my mouth.

"He nicknamed you?" SHe questioned not waiting fo ran answer "Thats so cool!" She squealed.

"Why you getting so crazy about this anyway?" I asked.

"Ok I'm like a huge fan!" She said.

"I have an idea" I said slowly and smiled.


"So Dawn wanna come over tomorrow?" I asked looking up form my textbook.

"Sure" She said.


I walked home and opened the door. Then I realized I was watching Lily. I called her.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Lil where are you?" I asked.

"Im at Lisa's house" She said. Shes always at a friend!

"Ok if your going to ask me if you could sleepover her the answer is yes" I said.

"Thanks Vi! Your so much better than Mom!" She exclaimed. I chuckled.

I said bye and hung up then called Harry.

"Hey Vi" He said.

"Hi you wanna sleep over tonight my Moms not home"

"Yea Ill be over soon"


Harry knocked on the door and I went to open it.

"Hey" He said hugging me. I hugged back.

We went to my room and fell back on my bed just talking.

"Do you get bullied really bad?" He asked suddenly.

"Yea kinda" I said. I was kinda going to cry  but I didnt.

"You could cry Vi it wont change the way I think of you" He told me looking in my eyes.How could he read my mind like that before I knew it a tear escaped my eye and he pulled me into his warm, chest.

"Shh its okay" He comforted stroking my hair.

"Its just that nobody knows" I sniffled pulling out of him for a second.

"Well I do, and I hope you trust me with all of your secrets" Harry said.

"I do, Even more than Clara" The words left  my mouth before I had the chance to register what I was saying.

"More than Clara?" He looked surprised.

"Yeah I dont know why" I said.

"I have that effect on people" He said and grinned.

I giggled "You do!"

He kissed my forhead "You can always come to me, for anything" He paused "I'll always be there"

A chorus of Awwws went on inside my head. And I started to cry.

"Why you crying again?" He asked.

"Their happy tears Harry, you made me cry happy tears" I said.

"Well Im happy I made you happy" He replied.

"Thanks Haz for what you said earlier it was really nice of you and No one ever said that to me" I paused as he kissed my head.

"I will, I'll always be there for you"

"Thanks it means alot" I said returning to his chest.

"My pleasure"

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