Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


5. Neighborly?

Violas PoV.

I was just hanging for like a half an hour when my Mom called me down.


I walked down stairs lazily

"Hey Mom"

"Hi honey now look we have new neighbors and I want you to go meet them"


"NO buts I htink theres a boy around your age"

I rolled my eyes "I know I met him today"

"Thats nice sweetie now go give them this pie with Jasmine"

"Wheres Lily" I asked.

"Shes at soccer practice now go"

"OK ok Im going."

I went upstairs to go find Jasmine.Since when have we been so neighborly?Its kinda lame! But I guess thats what happens when you have NEW neighbors.


"Over here Vi" She said  from her room I went in

"OK Mom wants us to be all neighborly and stuff so we have to go meet our new neighbors"

"Ugh"She said "By the way who was that boy you were outside with earlier" she asked slipping on flip flops

"Oh Him? that was just you know Harry Styles thats all"

"Did you just say?"

"Yeah I said Harry Styles"

"You mean?"

"Yes hes are new neighbor"

"Are you kidding me?" Note to self dont ever again forget that Jasmine loves One Direction.

"No not really" I sighed.

"Do you know what this means I have to change...I have to change"

"C'mon Jas hes not like that"

"Hes not like what?"

"He dosnt like crazy fan girls!"

She looked from her closet to me and back again.

"You comin?" I asked.

"Oh yeah yeah of course" She followed me I went ot go change my shirt lighning fast and walked out of the house with Jasmine.

I knocked on Harrys door a women with brown hair opened the door,

"Oh hi, Im Anne" She said

"Hi I'm Viola" I said shaking her hand

"Viola what a beautiful name is that short for-"

"Violet short for Violet" I cut her off.

"And you?" She said looking expectantly at Jasmine.

"Jasmine its nice to meet you" My sister said politely.

Just then I saw Harry coming in through the hallway he was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"Vi?" He asked when he saw me.

"Yeah Hi" I said. Talk about awkward.

Anne looked confused "Harry you know her?"

"Yeah I met her outside today"

"Oh how nice!,Would you girls want to come in"

"Uhm Sure and here" I said handing her the pie.

"Oh you shouldnt have, Tell your Mom I say thankyou"

"I will" I said and we walked inside, Just then Gemma came down the stairs.

"Hi Im Gemma" She said



"You guys wanna come upstairs with me" She asked.

"I wanna talk with Viola"Harry said.

"What about you?" She asked Jasmine.

"Sure" And with that they dissapeared up the stairs.

Harry took me to their basement there was a couch and he told me to sit down.

"Listen Vi I just wanted to tell you that nobody can really know I'm here."

"Ok... Wait Harry Peyton"

"Whos Peyton?" He looked confused.

"The girl that you defended me from."

"Is she the type to-"

"Yea Harry shes very much the type to tell."

"What am I going to do?"

"My Mom decided to move here cuz the fame ya know,"It was more of a statement than a question.

"Are their alot of directioners at your school"

"Sadly, Yes"

He sighed "I knew they will find out someday but not the day I moved in" He sighed again.

"I-I- I'm so sorry Harry this is all my fault" And with that I ran up the stairs and back to my house.

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