Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


13. Admit it

Violas POV.

 I kissed him lightly before I entered my house and fled to my room. Im going to skype Clara now. I missed her alot but, Harry was being really nice to me.I got down on my bed. And opened my labtop. I texted her before I started calling her and her face popped up on the screen.

"Hows California?"

"Eh"She said.

"Hows my amazing hometown?''

"Its alright the usual Peyton being totally annoying"

"What did she do?" Clara said.

"Me and Harry were at the park and she kissed him and told the paps  their madly in love"I sighed.

"If you care about this..." She paused "That means you like Harry!" She said excitedly.

I sighed again " I dont know"

"Yea ya do! You like him dont you?"

"Ok, Ok, maybe a little" I admitted.

"So how much is a little"

"Hes being really nice to me I mean really really nice"

"So what else?"

"Hes cute" I said.

"WEll duh! He's Harry Styles!"

"Which reminds me that nothings going to happen he's famous" Sadness rushed through me as I said these words maybe I really do like him. But he's famous and and... Yea I got nothing. Maybe I do like him but that does not l mean he likes me! I said bye to Clara and layed back on my bed for a few minutes until there was a big


 on my door.

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