Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


1. Rollerbalding

Violas PoV.

I just got new gel rollerblades and I was riding around our block. Nothing special the birds tweeting their usual tune. A neighbor passing here and there. But im just thankful my sister Jasmine got me these for my birthday. Im turning 16 next week I'm just having a sleepover with some of my friends its not like im popular and I have this whole thing. Well actually Im sooo popular and have humungo parties! And my parties are held in this magical place called... My dreams. My best friend Clara ana I get so annoyed by those girls who are always like "OMG! Jeselina look at my manicure its chipping and I just got it yesterday" Those girls just bother me their all like girlie girlie and I cant stand it. Peyton is the head and then theres Audrey and Jeselina. Audreys not that bad when shes not with them i guess. I sighed and looked at the blooming trees almost summer just three weeks I cant wait. I was going back to my house when a voice inturrupted me.

"Hey" A deep and husky voice said. I turned around there stood in front of me a cute boy with curly hair. His sparkling emerald dreamy eyes settled on my face.

"Hi" I said. He put his hand out "Im harry" He said.

"Viola" I said shaking it "So, what are you doing in this area" I asked him. Our town was pretty queit.

"Actually Im moving in here with my family to that house" He turned and pointed to the house near mine." Then it all clicked He was Harry. Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles.

"Cool" I said " I guess I'll be seeing you more often" He smiled "Im actually going on tour in the summer."He said.

"Oh theres hardly anything in this town" I said acting dumb I knew he meant with one direction.

"Actually I'm in a band. Were kinda world famous" He smiled.

"Prove it" I said back to him.

He pulled out his phone He typed in 'One Direction' I saw him on the screen.

"Oh so you werent kidding Im face to face with a popstar"

"Yep" He said popping the p.


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