To Love and To Lose (Book 2)

After watching Derek kill his unlce to become alpha, Zaira thought that she and Derek could finally be together, but that changed when he told her that she was just a one night stand. Zaira, being the girl she is, decides not to dwell on it, but date other guys. She finds herself in deep trouble when a new threat surfaces. What will happen to Zaira? Will she be with Derek? Or will she be with someone else? I don't own Teen Wolf. I only own Zaira, Callie, and any other OC that might show up.


7. Restraint

I tossed and turned all night till I decided to get up and get me something to drink. As I reached the kitchen, my uncle and Stiles came in, and I noticed that my uncle was both mad and sad. My uncle said goodnight to me before heading off to bed.

“What the hell did you do this time?” I asked as I followed Stiles to his room.

“Scott and I have a restraining order against us and dad got chewed out by Mr. Whittmore.” Stiles replied as he sat down on his bed.

“OMG! I’m going to kill him.” I growled.

“It’s ok Zia. Let’s get some sleep and we’ll talk more tomorrow.” Stiles said as he looked at me.

“Ok. Goodnight Stiles.” I said back.

“Goodnight Zia.” Stiles said as headed back to my room.

I’m going to kill Jackson once I get my hands on him. Why the hell would he do that to the people that are trying to help him? I guess, once a jackass, always a jackass. I fell asleep once I hit my bed and woke up the next morning with a smile.

I changed clothes and drove to school. School was ok, I guess you could say until Stiles and Scott told me to meet them in the library. I met them and hid behind a bookcase waiting on Allison, and I have no idea why.

I watched as Allison slid her tablet to Scott, Stiles, and I, and basically zoned out their conversation because really, I didn’t care. I know I should because Jackson could kill any one of my friends, but he didn’t try anything with me, so I’m wondering if that may be because of the person that’s controlling him, and yes I heard Stiles say something about someone controlling Jackson, but if so then why didn’t he attack me. I was pulled out of my thoughts when Stiles was pulling me out of the library. School was pretty boring until I ended up in detention because of Jackson and Scott. They got into a fight and anyone who was anywhere near them got detention, and that included me, Erica, who I was glad to see, Allison, and Matt, who I felt kinda bad for because he was an innocent bystander like me.

“I’m going to kill them.” I growled under my breath, which made Erica smirk.

Detention was boring as hell until Jackson ran out of the library with Mr. Harris following, which made Scott and Stiles move back over to the table that Erica and I were sitting at. I ignored their whole conversation because I was pissed at them. What the hell did I do to deserve detention? I thought Mr. Harris liked me, but then again, he may not have wanted to show favoritism towards me, but that I can live with.

I got even more pissed off when Mr. Harris said that we couldn’t leave until we restocked the bookshelves and walked out of the room. I was mumbling under my breath, and I noticed that Allison, Scott, and Stiles were giving me looks.

“What? It’s your fault that I’m here, so deal with my mumbling.” I growled at Scott as he jumped back a little.

 I was pulled out of my angry thoughts when Stiles grabbed Allison and I and pulled us to the ground.

“Erica!” I yelled as I heard her scream.

I jerked against Stiles to go to her, but he held a firm grip on me. We all got up and Scott and Allison went to look at the board that Jackson wrote on, which I was paying attention to because Erica was having a seizure.

Stiles and I were ready to take Erica to Derek, but we had to wait on Scott because he didn’t want Allison to stay with Matt, which I didn’t understand, but that’s just me. When we got Erica to Derek, he instructed Stiles on what to do. I just watched as Derek broke her arm, and then sunk his claws into her to help with the healing process.

I felt so bad for Erica, and I prayed that she would be fine and back to normal, well, werewolf normal anyway. I stayed with Stiles and Erica while Scott and Derek stepped outside the train to talk.

“She’s going to be fine Stiles.” I said while trying to reassure him.

“I know Zaira.” Stiles replied softly as he pushed some of Erica’s hair out of her face.

I thought it was cute and sweet, but I didn’t want Stiles to know that I thought that because he would kill me. I love my cousin to death, but when it comes to girls, he’s not so bright.

What I didn’t tell anybody was that I had just bought a house. I know it was quick, but this nice house came on the market the same day that mine was locked up, so I did a little magic and I bought the house. My uncle has been moving my stuff into it, along with Callie and her parents, and once I leave here, I’m going to my new house.

I left and drove myself to my new home. I was thankful to be home, but screamed when I turned to shut my door and saw Derek standing there.

“Seriously! I’m going to kill you one day.” I said as Derek chuckled.

I let Derek in and he followed me to my new room. I went into my new bathroom, changed, and came out to see Derek looking out my window.

“Jackson doesn’t know that I moved, so you can relax.” I said as I climbed into my bed.

Derek just stood there and stayed quiet. I watched him for a few minutes before he opened my window and jumped out.

“I swear I’m going to shoot him.” I growled as I shut my window, locked it, and walked back over to my bed.

What I didn’t know was that I moved a couple of houses down from Matt. I fell asleep too fast, but I think that had to do with what happened today. I just hope that Matt is ok. I know Erica is, but I hope that he isn’t badly injured. Well, goodnight world, and maybe tomorrow won’t be as bad. Guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

Zaira's outfit to school:

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