To Love and To Lose (Book 2)

After watching Derek kill his unlce to become alpha, Zaira thought that she and Derek could finally be together, but that changed when he told her that she was just a one night stand. Zaira, being the girl she is, decides not to dwell on it, but date other guys. She finds herself in deep trouble when a new threat surfaces. What will happen to Zaira? Will she be with Derek? Or will she be with someone else? I don't own Teen Wolf. I only own Zaira, Callie, and any other OC that might show up.


3. Ice Pick

The next day at school, Coach Finstock made everyone climb the rock wall. I watched Scott and Allison talk while they were climbing as I walked over to my friend, Erica Reyes.

“Hey Erica. How are you?” I asked Erica as I stood next to her.

“I-I’m g-good. H-How are you?” Erica stuttered as she looked at me.

“I’m good as well. You sure you want to do this.” I replied talking about the rock wall.

Before Erica could reply, Coach Finstock called her and Stiles to climb the rock wall next. I bet you’re wondering why I’m in gym class, and dressed out like everyone else. Well, to answer your question, I’m just in here because Mr. Harris gives me breaks from being in his class, which means that he only wants me in there when Scott and Stiles are in there. I keep asking myself the same question about that, but I don’t ask it out loud because I don’t want to get kicked out. I’m also here to keep an eye out for anything that seems off.

I watched as Erica climbed the wall slowly and knew that this would end badly. I tried to tell Coach Finstock, but he either didn’t me or just ignored me. Thank God for Allison who told him that Erica was epileptic, and Coach talked her off the wall.

Erica walked away upset and it only got worse as everyone was laughing at her. I almost lost my cool, but when Erica walked by me, she smiled and I smiled back. I’ve known her since she was little and we get along great, just like Isaac and I.

I was done changing, when I saw Allison run out of the locker room. I followed her and saw Scott catch Erica from falling off the rock wall. Allison told him to turn her on her side, and I watched in horror as Erica seized, grabbing Scott’s hand, and holding it close to her. I knelt down next to her and whispered calming things to her as 911 was called.  I watched as they took her to the hospital, and headed back to the locker room to get my stuff.

“You ok, Zaira?” Allison asked as she came in after me.

“No I’m not Allison. These bitches think it’s funny that someone is epileptic. They have no idea, but I’ll be sure to make them all pay.” I seethed as most of the girls in the locker room looked at me.

“Let’s go Zaira before you do something that you’ll regret.” Allison said calmly while leading me to the door.

“What? Like kick some bitches ass. I plan to, and that’s a promise.” I replied as I walked out the door.

The rest of my day was crappy, and I went home in a bad mood. I tried calling Erica before I went to bed, but I got no answer. I guess I’ll see her tomorrow at school.

I woke up the next morning, got dressed, and headed to school. Today seemed off, but I thought that it was just me. After a class ended, I saw Jackson yelling at Lydia. I went over to calm them down, but Jackson walked off, and I saw that Lydia was trying not to cry. I was about to say something to her, but she ran off before I could.

I headed to lunch and saw Stiles talking to Boyd, another boy that I know. It looked like he was getting keys to something, but I didn’t want to know, so I went and sat next to Scott.

Stiles came over, sat down, and started talking to us, but we didn’t hear them because Erica walked in.

“What the hell?” I asked as I saw her new look.

Everyone stopped what they were doing just to stare at her. I couldn’t believe my eyes either, but I knew what happened to her, and I figured that Scott and Stiles did too.

“What the holy hell is that?” Lydia asked as she stood by our table.

“It’s Erica.” Scott replied before we got up, grabbed our bags, and ran out of the school.

When we got outside, we saw Erica get into Derek’s car, but not before smiling at us. Derek looked our way and smiled as well before driving off.

After school, I went home and graded some papers for Mr. Harris to pass time till Stiles came to get me. We were going to the ice rink and I couldn’t wait. I needed the distraction and so did everyone else, except Lydia because she didn’t know what was going on.

After a while of skating, I went to the bleachers to check my phone because who knows what Callie may need. I love that girl to death, but sometimes, she gets on my nerves. I saw that I had no messages, but turned around quick when I heard Lydia scream. I saw Stiles holding her, and Scott and Allison standing by the doors looking at her. Well, this night is officially over.

Stiles took me home and I went straight to bed, not noticing that a certain blue-eyed werewolf was watching me.

The next day at school was pretty eventful because Stiles noticed that Boyd’s table was empty and Scott, Stiles, and I headed out of the lunch room talking about whether or not we should let Boyd get the bite. Scott says no, Stiles says yes, but I’m not sure. I can’t make up my mind about it.

I rode with Scott to the ice rink.

“Why would he do this?” I asked, not knowing that I asked out loud.

“He’s just doing it to gain more power. He doesn’t really care about anyone, but himself.” Scott growled.

“That’s not true Scott. He risked his life to save Isaac the other night, and then that very same night, brought Isaac to see me. If he didn’t care then why would he do that?” I asked as we pulled up to the ice rink.

Scott didn’t reply back, but headed to the door. I followed him as he walked toward Boyd. I stayed quiet and let Scott do all the talking.

“Boyd. I just want to talk. Come on Boyd, please. Did Derek tell you everything? And I don’t just mean going out of control on the full moons. I mean everything.” Scott said as Boyd shut off the machine he was on.

“He told me about the hunters.” Boyd answered back.

“And that’s not enough for you to say no.” Scott said while looking at Boyd.

“Whatever you want, there’s other ways to get it.” Scott said as Boyd was getting mad, I think.

“I just want to not eat lunch alone every day.” Boyd said angrily and that made me feel bad. I was so caught up in my own life that I forgot about one of my good friends.

“If you’re looking for friends, you can do a lot better than Derek.” Scott said back as Boyd looked like he was thinking it over.

“That really hurt, Scott. I mean, if you’re going to review me, at least take a consensus.” Derek said as Scott and I turned around to face him, Isaac, and Erica.

I looked at them and couldn’t believe that this was happening. What did Derek want them to do? Fight each other? Is he really that desperate to prove a point? Derek brought me out of my thoughts as he started talking to Isaac and Erica.

“Erica, how’s life been for you since we met?” Derek asked Erica while smirking at us.

“In a word… Transformative.” Erica replied before she roared and showed her canines.

“Isaac?” Derek asked.

“Well, I’m a little bummed about being a fugitive, but other than that, I’m great.” Isaac replied as he looked over to me.

“Ok, hold on. This isn’t exactly a fair fight.” Scott said as I looked at him funny. Was he really going to fight them?

“Then go home, Scott.” Derek said back with a smirk.

Derek gave Isaac and Erica a look and they started walking towards Scott and me.

“I meant fair for them.” Scott said as he transformed and roared.

I backed away from them as Scott, Isaac, and Erica started to fight. For some reason, I ended up not too far from Derek. I was shaking and I didn’t know why. Could it be because I’m cold? Or could it be because I’m scared?

“Why are you doing this?” I asked Derek as I came to stand next to him.

Derek didn’t reply, but I felt something as his hand grabbed mine. I was shocked, but didn’t pull away.

“Everything will be explained later.” Derek finally replied.

I buried my head in his arm as Scott knocked the hell out of Isaac. I didn’t know who I wanted to win. I hated that this was happening, but I was glad that Scott trying to prove a point when he slid Isaac and Erica our way.

Derek pulled away me and started heading towards Scott, while transforming. I cringed every time Derek hit Scott, but was kinda happy when Scott elbowed Derek in the nose.

“You guys ok?” I whispered to Isaac and Erica.

“Yeah, we’re ok.” they answered back, and I was happy too.

I watched as Derek pinned Scott to the ground and held his foot on Scott’s chest.

“Derek! Derek, stop!” I yelled as I ran over to them.

“Derek, please stop.” I begged as I grabbed Derek’s arm.

Derek listened and pulled his foot off of Scott. He left with Isaac and Erica, but not before Boyd showed us that he had already gotten the bite and left with Derek, Isaac, and Erica.

“I’m fine Zaira.” Scott coughed as I helped him up.

“No you’re not. That’s not going to heal fast.” I said as we walked to his car.

Scott didn’t say anything, but drove us to the animal clinic. I stayed in the car and waited on Scott. I just wanted to go home.

After Scott got cleaned up, he drove me home.

“Thanks Zaira for being there.” Scott said.

“No problem. I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you too badly.” I replied with a wink before I got out of the car and headed inside.

I went and took a shower. I couldn’t help but wonder why Derek did that. I mean, yeah I get it that he may have wanted to teach Scott a lesson, but why get involved himself.

I got out of the shower, got into my pajamas, left the bathroom, and almost screamed seeing Erica, Derek, and Boyd in my room, but Isaac covered my mouth from behind.

I pulled away from him and looked at all 4 of them.

“Seriously. I need to change my locks.” I said as Erica giggled.

“We came to talk.” Isaac said as I sat on my bed.

“What about?” I asked as Erica and Isaac joined me on my bed.

“Why don’t you join us?” Erica asked as I looked at her.

“Are you serious? No offence, but hell no. I’m not becoming a werewolf.” I replied as I looked at the 4.

“Why not? You’ll be stronger, faster, and everything will be heightened.” Isaac said as he looked at me.

“Are you nuts? I could kill you right now, you know that right? I don’t need the bite to change myself. My life is perfect, well, maybe not too perfect considering all the supernatural beings in it.” I said back.

“Come on Zaira. Are you really going to leave me alone with 3 boys?” Erica asked as she gave me a pouty look.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? You’re the one that has to give the bite, so why aren’t you talking?” I asked as I looked at Derek.

“I know how this will end, so I’m letting you guys have your fun.” Derek replied with a smirk.

“Oh, really. You think that you’re just going to force me to get the bite. How are you going to do that? Huh? Hold me down. Grab me when I try to run. I don’t think so, so leave now.” I said as I glared at Derek.

Derek just smirked, but made everyone leave, except Isaac because I grabbed his wrist.

“I’m really glad that you’re ok, Isaac.” I said as I looked up at him.

“I know.” Isaac replied with a grin.

I hugged him and watched as they all left. When I walked back over to my bed, I noticed that I had a text from Isaac.

I’m really glad that you didn’t want the bite. None of us really want you to get it. We love you just the way you are. Good-night and sweet dreams.

I smiled to myself and fell asleep dreaming about my favorite blue-eyed werewolf.


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