A young girl is kidnapped from home, She has to fight her way out from the kidnappers grasp. Meet Lucinda-Lee Grey an eighteen year old girl with a past of abuse and an unexpected stalker.

Meet Adam Cooper, Lucinda Lee's boyfriend of just one day and best friend since diapers. His father has a dark secret and it could ruin everything he worked so hard to get.

Meet Danny Martinez, the reason for Lucinda's mangled eye, he raped her and two other girls, killing the second. He's in league with the kidnapper.

Meet Agent David Grey. Lucinda's father and best friend to Agent Jeff Cooper.

Agent Jeff Cooper, just wait and see in


After her confrontation with her kidnappers, Lucinda must face the fact that she will never be the same. She will face problems she has only seen in movies. Will she stay with her current boyfriend even if his family is full of murders and other monsters? Can she believe him when he says he's different from them? Will she leave her quiet southern town?


1. The Beginning

Lucinda Lee Grey sat alone in her bedroom, texting her best friend Tryna Martinez about her father's best friend's son Adam James 'Addy' Cooper. Lucinda tired of texting called Tryna so they could have a real conversation and it left her hands free to doodle and write her piano music.



"Oh Tryna he's so sweet! He hardly looked at my scar." she only described how sweet Adam was for Tryna's benefit. Lucinda herself already knew how sweet Adam truly was. She had known him before they could talk.


"Did he ask how you got it?"


"No, but I did tell him it was a sore subject for the first date." the reason behind and the how behind her scar a crossed her eye was the only secret between her and Adam.


“Yea you can’t tell him about Danny.” Lucinda became very angry at the mention of Tryna's cousin's name. Also her ex boyfriend.


“God Tryna, don’t ever mention that bastard’s name! Lucinda half yelled through the 


“Sorry, does your father know what he did?”


“I haven’t told him.”


“God, Lucinda it’s been four years! Why are you protecting him?”


“Because I loved him and he threatened Elsie. I loved your god damn cousin Tryna.” Lucinda was crying.


“Hey I’m sorry Lu,”




“I set you guys up, and for that I’m sorry.” Lucinda Lee was quiet for a moment and said


“Tryna how could have you known? You thought he was a nice guy.”


“Yea well I also knew he had a dark past. But I figured since your dad being FBI he wouldn’t try anything.”


“Wait you knew Danny had a past of abuse?”


“I’m sorry! Lucinda Lee!” Lucinda Lee hung up on her best friend. Three years ago she vowed not to tell a soul because of Tryna and Elsie but Lucinda Lee didn’t care anymore. Lucinda stalked out of her room, leaving her sketch pad and phone open. She went to find her father. 


“Daddy?” Lucinda knocked on the study door.


“Come in Lucinda.” Her father sounded tired, Lucinda walked in and noticed that he looked tired too.


“Daddy to you remember Danny?” her father looked up surprised to hear that name spoken from his daughter’s lips.


“Yes, quite fondly too.”


“Well you won’t after I tell you what he did to me."


"What did that boy do?" her father seemed angry.-"He's in training to become an FBI agent."


"Well when we were dating he uh forced himself upon me. You were away on business and mom had taken Elsie to the doctor, Danny came over unexpected and he wasn't the same! His eyes were so dark and void of any happiness or compassion, and he was so mean. I thought he was high or drunk or both. Anyway I was scared so I ran to your study. I got your mail opener, but he was too strong and fast; he took it from me and sliced my eye. I told you my light bulb broke and fell onto my face. He then pushed me onto your desk and he..."


"He what Lu?" He got up and came over to Lucinda who was distraught with fear and pain of the memories.


"He raped me, Daddy!" Lucinda broke into full blown gut wrenching sobs. The silence when she finished made her hair on the back of her neck stand on end. Agent David Grey was never as angry as he was at that moment.


"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"


"He told me he would do the same to Elsie, if I told anyone."


"Oh Lu why tell me now then?"


"I couldn't stand how dirty it made me feel any longer."


"Alright it's been a few years but if he's done it before they'll speak up now. I will put him  behind bars. Lucinda Lee I promise. For under age drinking, and rape, assault, breaking and entering, threatening a minor, the use of illegal narcotics."


"You knew about that?"


"Yes he told me in his interview."


"But he never mentioned raping me?"


"Why would he tell your father and basically your uncle that?"


"I don't know. A silly hope I guess. Tryna told me he did it to her, but she's so scared of him. He did it to her too."




"No, he a girlfriend before me."


"Do you know her name?"


"Yes he mentioned her, Jessica Quigley."


David Grey checked his at home Data-base and looked up the name in Death and Live census.


"Lucinda, Jessica Alexis Quigley died six years ago, her last known boyfriend called the body in."

"Is the boyfriend's name listed?"


"Yes, Daniel Martinez cousin of Katyrna Cortez."


"How did she die?"


"Her throat and right eye were slashed and she was raped... post mordem."


"She was already dead when he...when he raped her?"


"Slightly alive actually." Lucinda turned and was faced with the man who had stared in her nightmares for the past few years.


"Danny what the hell are you doing here?" Lucinda bravely snapped.


"Confessing. Agent Grey I raped and murdered Jessica Alexis Marie Quigley. Along with her sister Abigail Quigley. I also raped your daughter Lucinda Lee Maria Grey."


"You say that like its no big deal!"


"Yes because I enjoyed it."


"You took my virginity! You forced it from my possession and now its illegally yours! You killed a girl and took her sister's innocence!"


"I know I was young, and stupid. I regret it everyday."


"You just said you enjoyed it." David Grey spat.


"At the time! Lucinda Lee I regret everything. I loved you then and I love you now! Why else would I risk my career?"


"Don't talk to my daughter you son of a b****!"  David Grey stood and forced Danny's hands behind his back and clamped them shut until he saw blood drip from the wrists.


"I hope you rot in jail!" he snarled in Danny's ear.


"So do I." was Danny's reply. When they left Lucinda sank to the floor of her father's study. Just behind the desk. She was in such shock. How could Danny say he loved her? After what he did to her? The last thing on her mind was the Cooper's coming over. Lucinda wasn't really crying she was dry heaving and hugging her knees. Rocking back and forth bad memories surfacing in intervals. She didn't even stop when she heard Adam walk past the study to her bedroom. He found her there moments later.


"Lucinda?" He rushed to onto to the ground when she didn't answer and he pulled her to him."Lucinda Lee answer me please?" Lucinda looked up after hearing the kind and familiar voice of her new boyfriend. She looked into his eyes and said with no emotion.


"My father arrested someone in front of me."




"The man who I used to date, the man who raped me and two other girls, killing the second."


"Oh my god Lucinda."


"He killed the other girl first and then he violated her. He tried to do it to me!"


"Shush now Lucinda it going to be fine.Alright?"


"Maybe now, but he said he loved me! A monster loves me!"


"Hey, Lucinda stop it. Come on wipe your eyes and lets have a good night, okay?" Adam Cooper tugged on Lucinda's arms and she reluctantly followed him to the family room, for family game night.

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