A young girl is kidnapped from home, She has to fight her way out from the kidnappers grasp. Meet Lucinda-Lee Grey an eighteen year old girl with a past of abuse and an unexpected stalker.

Meet Adam Cooper, Lucinda Lee's boyfriend of just one day and best friend since diapers. His father has a dark secret and it could ruin everything he worked so hard to get.

Meet Danny Martinez, the reason for Lucinda's mangled eye, he raped her and two other girls, killing the second. He's in league with the kidnapper.

Meet Agent David Grey. Lucinda's father and best friend to Agent Jeff Cooper.

Agent Jeff Cooper, just wait and see in


After her confrontation with her kidnappers, Lucinda must face the fact that she will never be the same. She will face problems she has only seen in movies. Will she stay with her current boyfriend even if his family is full of murders and other monsters? Can she believe him when he says he's different from them? Will she leave her quiet southern town?


3. Fear

Lucinda Lee woke up in the back of a standard issue FBI SUV. The tan seats surrounding her smelled of old convicts and FBI agents. Lucinda tried to get up but realized she couldn't. she had been tied down by both seat belts and heavy duty climbing ropes. Lucinda Lee had only been this scared when Danny forced himself onto her. She tried to call out but tasted the sticky coating of the duct tape on her tongue. She began to thrash around hoping to loosen some of her restraints but instead she drew attention to herself. She heard the ever so familiar sound of Danny and Mr. Cooper in the front seat, conversing on how to spoil themselves on their treat; her.


"I see our lovely girl is awake, Cooper."


"Ah yes Lucinda Lee is awake and wearing herself out. Martinez."


"Too bad she can't talk huh Cooper?"


"Yes too bad, or scream. I loved it when my wife screamed as I killed her." Lucinda Lee thrashed ever harder, she didn't think of where she would go once she was freed, forgetting completely she was trapped in a moving vehicle. She felt the car come to a  stop, but the engine was still running. She tried to get up onto her elbows to see the road signs anything. She didn't know where she was, or if she was in the same state. The only thing she knew for certain was the fact her fear inside was growing with mile the familiar kidnappers took, taking her from those she loved.


Adam Cooper was pissed at his Dad. He just had to ruin everything. He sat on the Grey's front lawn looking pissed off and distraught. If anyone saw they would think Lucinda had broken up with him, and he didn't want to go home. He was absentmindedly picking the grass. He still held Lucinda's phone in his hand as if it were a precious substance and if he let go it would disappear like Lucinda had. He should have stopped him! He had the chance, but he was so stunned when he heard Lucinda Lee yell that she loved him he couldn't move. Oh how he wished every night that she would say those three words to him. Not yell them out to get his father to leave her alone, Even her love for him didn't save her. What would his love for her do? He looked up to see three black SUV's pull into the drive-way.


Adam jumped up and ran to the first one. The driver rolled down the window and he saw Agent Grey. He looked distraught and angry, he had old tear tracks on his face, and his eyes betrayed the fact that the tears could start at any moment. He was a typical father if his daughter was kidnapped the only difference is the fact he was a kick ass FBI Agent and his best friend was the kidnapper.


"Get in Adam." Adam didn't dare argue he jumped into the passenger seat. "Now buckle up and tell me how to find my daughter." Mr. Grey growled.


"Alright. Your going to turn left out of your drive way." Adam looked out the window and saw a dozen FBI agents getting out of their vehicles to process the scene.  "Did you tell Mrs. Grey and Elsie?" Mr. Grey didn't reply so Adam took it as a no and continued "No, what happens when he has a partner?"


"Then here take my spare gun." Agent Grey shoved a gun into an unsuspecting Adam's arms.


"I was talking to her last night. We were going to go to the lake or something."


"Hey its not your fault. I am not blaming you. It's not your fault your dad is a psychopath, alright? Your a good kid. Who obviously cares about my daughter." replied Mr. Grey softly but in a way that reassured Adam immediately. 


"Yeah I guess. He's going to go away for awhile right? For murder and kidnapping?"


"Yes." Agent Grey's phone rang. He picked it up and listened to whatever there was to be said, and he hung up. "Yes he has a partner, you're not going to like who it is."


"Who is it?" Adam said. "Someone I know?"


"Danny Martinez."


"The bastard that assaulted and raped her? He's supposed to be my friend. He promised he wouldn't hurt her!" Adam yelled pissed off again.


"Yes the very same."


"Great two psychos." They drove for awhile, neither speaking, unless Adam was giving directions to the abandoned barn two states up north. "She's probably scared out of her mind. And wasn't Danny in High Security Lock Up?" Adam finally said breaking the eerie silence that had fallen inside the car. Not even the radio was on. The tires didn't make that swoosh sound they usually did, and the engine was completely silent. It was almost as if the SUV wasn't running at all. The only indication it was, was the trees and the how the fast the road was 'moving' underneath them. After the break in silence another ensued after it, Agent Grey was contemplating his response, contemplating the fact of Adam's trustworthiness, and loyalty, and his love for his daughter.


"Yes. I have no doubt Lucinda Lee is scared, but she's a fighter I trained as one. She's probably fighting them right now. Contemplating her escape as we speak and inch closer to her. Yes Danny was in High Security Lock Up, and only Cooper and I have the clearance to release him." Agent Grey finally said. Breaking the silence once more.


"Let's hope she knows enough to conserve her energy."


"Why did he kill your mom?"


"Jeff killed my mom because he wanted Lucinda Lee. "


"Are you guessing?"


"No, I found his journals last night, and some of Lucinda's things." Adam said disgust in his voice.


"What kind of things?" Agent Grey reluctantly asked but knew he had to.


"Barbies, blankets, pencils, hairbrushes, you name it, he has it." Adam said trying not to vomit.


"Damn it. She hasn't played with Barbies since she was eight."


"I also found dress up clothes."


"God he's been infatuated with her since she was barely out of diapers!"


"My 'Dad' is going to die if he hurts her."


"I can guarantee that Adam."


"Take the next left."


"That  would lead us to Illinois."


"I know. The stupid abandoned ranch my father bought from Danny's family is in Illinois.


"Oh alright. I have to ask I hate it though, are you leading me on a wild goose chase?"


"No! I hate my father, and frankly so should you. And if your asking me if I did this, then let me out. I'll find your daughter. Myself." Adam said with such vehemence that Agent Grey shut up until he remembered an important fact about Lucinda.


"Ah shit! I put a tracking device in my family's skulls."


"Oh well, that's uh great, turn it on!" Agent Grey flipped a switch on the steering wheel Adam had mistook as the turning signals. A green screen with a locator circle you would find in submarines raised up from the dashboard. The thing started to talk.


'Mr Grey who are we finding today?'


"Hello Natasha, today we are finding LUCINDA LEE MARIA GREY."


'Tracking LUCINDA LEE MARIA GREY, Person found. Take next left to Illinois.'


"I told you!" Adam cried.


"I'm sorry Adam. I had to be sure." Agent Grey turned left.


'Now keep going for 25.5 miles and take a right.'


"Its a pimped out GPS."


"Kind of."

Lucinda Lee remembered the door opening and a cloth being placed on her mouth and nose. Before blacking out completely she heard Mr. Cooper day to Danny and then address her. 


"Untie her and carry her to the basement."


"Yes sir." Danny began hacking at the ropes with a knife. 


"Hold on young Daniel. I wish to speak with our treat." Lucinda cringed at her new unwanted nickname.


"Alright. Hurry your son could be on his way now. With reinforcements."


"Leave Adam and whomever he brings to me. Go and check the perimeter. I haven't been here in years."


"Yes sir." Before leaving Danny leaned down next to her ear and whispered.- "You'll get what you deserve, bitch." she could feel and smell his vodka coated breath on her exposed cheek, it was warm and moist. It smelled of strawberry bubblegum and vanilla vodka. A single fear ridden tear fell from her reluctant eye.


"Enough Danny, you're scarring her. Do as I say."


"Yes sir." he spat the sir. She felt him leave and he was replaced by an even scarier monster.


"Now Lucinda my darling, my love we can be together. I just needed Danny so I could frame him so I can be the hero." he lifted the duct tape, the adhesive sticking to the fine, invisible hairs, causing her to cry out in pain. She spoke in gurgled English, the drugs taking hold.


"Your a monster! I'll never love you!"


"I'm not asking for love! I'm asking to be satisfied!" he replaced the tape and Lucinda screamed like she screamed before, it was like a banshee. Hoping that there would be neighbors, who cared and didn't think she was a dying pig.



"Don't bother my love this land is believed to be haunted by the screaming girls like you, Danny's victims." tears slid freely from her eyes she knew now that there was more then just her and the other two girls. He took something and hit her over the head. She passed out but she could tell what happening around her, but she knew she wouldn't remember. It was like an out of body experience. She was aware of the fact that she was being carried. She felt herself being tied down to something. She couldn't do anything, about it. She could stop them from stripping her of her shoes, her pants, and her carefully picked out underwear. They replaced the duct tape with a gag. She wasn't sure which one of them had entered her first, for all she knew they both had. While she was unconscious and she floating above herself she saw tears and heard the whimpering and the muffled cries for help. The fighter in her was screaming in agony. They went at her for hours. The worst part, they didn't bother with protection, this told her they planned to kill her. The drugs they had administered to her made her groggy like she was coming to, but she wasn't all there. It made her pliant to their requests. It felt like days not hours that she had woken and was getting ready for her date with Adam. The thought of Adam brought a weak smile to her bruised face. When the drug had run its course it was dark. Lucinda looked for anything to cut the ropes. She noticed that she wasn't on a table anymore but tied to a foundation beam. To free herself she needed to find a nail or anything sharp. In the movies there was always something. She felt around in the dark with her fingers. She was bleeding in places where it wasn't natural for the time of the month it was for her.  The blood loss was making her weak.


In the darkness she could only see shapes, she was frightened of the dark had been for years but being abducted by two people you know and kind of trusted heightened her fear ten fold. She heard someone and a light flipped on.


"Coop she's afraid of the dark. I thought an experienced stalker such as yourself would know that." Danny, he remembered. 


"I don't give a crap. And watch your mouth boy." was Jeff's reply


"Well I do you son of a bitch! I was friends with your son before I dated LuLu. He knows where this place is like the back his hand." Adam was friends with Danny? But he acted as if he had never met him before the party. "I broke a promise alright. I hurt her. I regret and now I broke even more by helping you so excuse me for trying to satisfy her fears."


"Military school was a long time ago Daniel.. He would've forgotten by now." was Jeff's only reply.


"You don't know your son as well as you think you do." Danny replied. Military school? Adam never mentioned it and she couldn't place a time the two of them had been apart. Except three summers ago. When she had met Danny. And something Cooper had bought.


"Trust me neither do you. Only Lucinda knows him for who he is. A  wimp and a backless  squirt and a waste of valuable space." Anger boiled in Lucinda and found that nail she had been desperately looking for. Her hands freed she ripped off the duct tape and found a  flash light, She explored the basement she was being held captive in when she was overwhelmed with a stench she had never experienced before and hoped she would never again experience coming from the corner.  She crept closer and found a skeleton, the moist condition had preserved some of the flesh and the color of the hair and one eyeball the other was most likely eaten by rodents or decayed. It was a woman judging by the clothing. Lucinda bent over slightly and saw something glisten by the collar bone of the woman. It was large heart shaped golden locket. Lucinda lightly tugged at it because it looked strangely familiar. She held the golden heart in her hands. She held the flashlight in her mouth and eased the worn clasp open. A letter fell out she watched it fall, a picture of a woman and a little boy caught her eye. Adam. and Elixabeth Cooper. She knelt to retrieve the letter, she wanted to read it.


'To my one true love. 
Forever we shall be hand in hand.
Forever shall you hold this locket.
Close to your heart. As a symbol of my eternal love.
Forever shall we be companions in this cruel world,
with a few rare moments of light and happiness.
You and our son are the only rays of light,
in my black and white world.
I forever hope you will forgive my,
worst mistakes as a man
For I will always love you.
My sweet Elixabeth.


Lucinda dropped the letter and pocketed the locket. Adam would like it back in his possession. She silently screamed in her head. She had found the remains of Elixabeth Bethany Hashford Cooper. Adam's mother. Who supposedly skipped town. Jeff Cooper killed her. The letter was the truth eighteen years ago but now its a lie. He had stabbed her in the heart, ripping his love from her possession and giving it to Lucinda against her wishes. Lucinda wished she could rip the unwanted love out and give it to Elixabeth. But she knew it was far too late. Elixabeth Cooper never knew of his fascination with a little girl by the name of Lucinda Lee Maria Grey. She died because of her husband being a pedophile. Lucinda needed to find a escape quickly. She hoped Adam had noticed her absence. Hoped he had alerted her father, hoped that they would save her before time ran out like it had for Lixxy Cooper.


Lucinda backed away from the remains of Elixabeth  and started to look for an escape, The window she had noticed earlier was far too small even for her slender frame. She looked for a tornado door, anything to get her out of this place and into the night. She didn't know what state she was in and didn't have her cell phone, and she didn't know where her pants and shoes were. She kept listening to the conversation upstairs and heard something. She whirled around and hit her head  blacking out at the worst time. Before she did she heard heavy footsteps on he wooden basements stairs. Jeff Cooper was coming to check on her. She woke up in pain and to a conversation.


"Coop, I hitting the sack." She looked down at herself and noticed she only had her tank top on, her shoes were near the stairs and she pulled them on. She didn't find any of her other articles of clothing. 


"Alright Daniel I'll turn in too. We gave her enough drugs to last until mid day tomorrow." The light upstairs went off. She heard movement and chairs scraping against wood and then nothing. She flipped on the flashlight  and waited until she guessed they had fallen asleep.  She knew it would be risky to go through the front door. But what chose did she have? It was either die, or die trying to escape. She picked the latter. She crept up the stairs skipping the squeaky ones, and twisted the knob carefully. She half expected Jeff to be there waiting for her. But the kitchen was empty of psychopaths. She saw a muffin on the counter and dove for it like a flock of vultures on a carcass. She had finished in seconds. She didn't dare get anything from the fridge. She saw the kitchen door and made her escape. In her favor fate was on her side, the door was unlocked. She bolted for the treeline, flipping off the flashlight, hoping she didn't wake them but at the same time not caring. She ran until she heard pavement instead of twigs snapping. She stopped for moment to catch her breath when she saw head lights and she froze.


"STOP! AGENT GREY STOP!" David Grey hit the brakes in time to see a girl, covered in blood and barely recognizable.. She only wore converse and a torn tank top. 


"Adam what the hell. I see the girl."


"ITS Lucinda!" Adam jumped from the car and ran to Lucinda. She was terrified, he realized. 


"Lucinda sweetheart its me Adam." Lucinda relaxed slightly and edged closer to him. David Grey got of the car and his daughter ran to him recognizing both boy and man.David Grey wrapped a blanket around his terrified and mostly naked daughter.


"Oh Lucinda." David Grey hugged his daughter "I thought I had lost you forever."


"Daddy I found her! I found Lixxy Cooper."


"What? Where?"


"The farmhouse where he kept me." twigs snapped and Jeff Cooper and Danny Martinez emerged from the trees, into the ray of headlights. They saw David Grey and Adam Cooper and both looked at one another and said "Oh shit" and turned to run. David Grey whistled and fully armed and armored FBI agents stepped forth from the darkness. They stopped in the tracks and turned slowly and dropped their weapons.


"Why Jeff? Why my daughter? And do you really think I wouldn't come after her as soon as I was notified? That I wouldn't bring reinforcements?"


"She's beautiful and that's all I cared about, I love her and so sweet like my Lixxy."


"You killed Lixxy."


"I didn't mean to. I loved Lixxy she didn't understand our love."


"I don't love you Cooper,:" Lucinda cried, collapsing into Adam's chest while he trained a gun on his father's chest.


"Son, Adam you wouldn't kill me, would you?"


"Give me a reason not to old man." Adam all but growled.


"I gave you life."


"You took my mother's, kidnapped my girlfriend and helped the guy who raped her escape from High Security Lock Up. Give me a better one."


"I haven't a one."


"Adam put the gun down. Killing him won't bring your mom back or bring justice to Lucinda." Agent Rodriguez said coming up behind him.


"Good thing I'm eighteen." Adam mumbled under his breath.


"Arrest them both hand over the gun Adam," David Grey ordered,


"Listen to him Adam." Lucinda whispered, Adam handed over the gun and pulled Lucinda closer to him.


"I'm so sorry Lu. I should've stopped him. I should have came earlier."


"Stop it Adam. You aren't him, and I know you came as soon as you could."


"You don't know-" she shut him up with a kiss. I desperate kiss that got the point a crossed to Jeff Cooper. A kiss that showed how deeply in love they were how long they had known each other. And how they were glad that she was alive.


"Yes I do Addy." when they pulled apart. "Your nothing like Danny, nothing like your dad. Your sweet and gentle, and brave, and smart and you have my love."


"Yeah I understand. I also understand if you never want to see me again."


"Were you not listening? I couldn't last a day without you Adam." He kissed her not caring who was watching, hoping his father was.


"I love you Addy."


"I love you Lu."

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