A young girl is kidnapped from home, She has to fight her way out from the kidnappers grasp. Meet Lucinda-Lee Grey an eighteen year old girl with a past of abuse and an unexpected stalker.

Meet Adam Cooper, Lucinda Lee's boyfriend of just one day and best friend since diapers. His father has a dark secret and it could ruin everything he worked so hard to get.

Meet Danny Martinez, the reason for Lucinda's mangled eye, he raped her and two other girls, killing the second. He's in league with the kidnapper.

Meet Agent David Grey. Lucinda's father and best friend to Agent Jeff Cooper.

Agent Jeff Cooper, just wait and see in


After her confrontation with her kidnappers, Lucinda must face the fact that she will never be the same. She will face problems she has only seen in movies. Will she stay with her current boyfriend even if his family is full of murders and other monsters? Can she believe him when he says he's different from them? Will she leave her quiet southern town?


2. Deception

Agent David Grey sat a crossed from Daniel Mario Martinez in the interrogation room. His partner and best friend running late. David switching off Agent Grey remembered tonight was family game night at his house. A tradition since the kids could talk, they held family game night at the Grey's suburban home. Agent Jeff Cooper would be there.


"Alright Daniel let's get this over with shall we?"


"I already gave my verbal and signed confession! What more do you want from me?"


"How about what were you doing at my house tonight at that precise time?" Daniel was silent for a moment, having been in interrogation with Agent Grey before, Daniel knew that the Senior Agent had no problem slapping his suspects around a bit to get his answers. It worked Daniel had to admit. He had the highest conviction rate in Kentucky. Daniel was smart enough to know to answer the question truthfully.


"I bugged your house. Like I said before I never stopped loving your daughter,"


"What about Jessica? Abby?"


"I-I never loved Jessica, she was the sister.  I only raped Abby, I kill and rape the sisters."


"You sick son of a-"


"Bitch, I know you already said this."


"I hope you go away and die a painful death. Pretty boys don't last long in prison." 


"I hope I go away as well, maybe I'll die peacefully." 


"Um yea sure kid."


"Oh be careful Agent Grey, of Cooper, looks tend to deceive."


"I'll keep that in mind, Daniel." Agent Grey walked out the room, closing the door carefully behind him. He gave the signed confession, and the tape of the interrogation to the Leading Investigator, and he left.  He went to the garage and hopped into his SUV and thought, that the confession and the interrogation had gone too easy. Almost as if Daniel wanted to be in Lock Up. He shook the thought from his mind, he was losing it maybe it had to do with the fact that sicko was his daughter's ex-boyfriend. He had him over for dinner. Daniel had bought him the tie he was now wearing. He watched from the living room window each night as he kissed Lucinda goodnight. Yes that was what was bothering him so much. He knew the suspect, he knew he was a convicted murderer and rapist.  He started the SUV and pulled out of the garage saying goodnight to the night guard.


He pulled into his drive-way twenty minutes later, his lights were on and he saw through the kitchen window his wife Samantha fixing snacks for Game Night. He turned off the engine still feeling odd about how quickly the interrogation had gone, and how willingly Daniel confessed to all three crimes. He shook his head, put on his best fake smile and cut the engine. He got out and jogged to his front door. Even in Kentucky the nights got chilly. Once inside he hung his coat and looked into the living room. Lucinda Lee was curled up next to Adam on the floor, she was chewing on her hair as she always did when she was scared, sad and worried. She looked up when she heard the door close. There was her father, she got up and ran to him to hug him. She whispered in his ear,

"Is he going away?"


"Yes my darling for a very long time."


"Thank you for believing me so quickly."


"I will always believe you Lu." Adam came up behind them and asked,


"Mr. Grey will you be taking the dog or the boot?"  David Grey smiled and replied


"The dog of course." They sat around the coffee table and played Monopoly until midnight.


"Adam my son I think its time to go. Say goodbye to Lucinda Lee." Agent Jeff Cooper finally said after the last game, Lucinda winning all of the games.


"See you Lu Lu."

"I'll walk you out. I have a feeling that our father's will be talking awhile."



Lucinda Lee stopped at Adam's car.


"You guys drove separately?"


"Uh yeah, come on I'll park my car a couple houses down."


"Alright." Lucinda hopped in and Adam started the car. He parked in front of Rebecca Howards home. "No the rumors would be horrible, how about that abandoned drive-way."


"Okay." He parked the car and they walked back to Lucinda Lee's house, hand in hand. "I'm glad you have a balcony. I don't want to hang out all night." Adam chuckled at his joke.


"Very funny. I'll go inside and you climb up the trellis."


"Alright Lucinda." Lucinda walked in and noticed Mr. Cooper was gone.


"Goodnight Daddy, mom."


"Good night darling." She heard from the living room. Lucinda Lee took the stairs two at a time. She reached her bedroom and found Mr. Cooper snooping through her things.


"Hey! Get out of here! Daddy Mr. Cooper is in my room!" Her father was there in an instant.


"Jeff what the hell are you doing in here?"


"I was just leaving."


"You bet your sorry ass you are." Lucinda noticed that Mr. Cooper had slipped her hair brush into his pocket.


"Give it back Mr. Cooper. Give me my hairbrush!"


"Jeff give it too her god damn it! You sick bastard!" Mr. Cooper placed it on her shelf and stalked out the house.


"Thank you daddy." When both men were out of sight Lucinda closed her door and unlocked the balcony door.


"Adam? Are you hanging out?"


"I'm right here."


"Your father was in my room!"


"I saw, I couldn't get, what a sicko!"


"Yeah I'll say." Lucinda helped him in.-"Please tell me you fell far far away from the tree."


"Oh trust me I did, this is the first time I snuck into a girls room."




"Yea, and your my first real girlfriend."


"What about Becca?"


"That was a joke, a lie"


"Oh okay. I like you a lot Adam it's just that your dad has always been odd around me."


"I've noticed it but I've always passed it off as fatherly affection."


"He tried to steal my hairbrush Adam!"


"Alright he is creepy." Adam looked over to Lucinda Lee's open sketch book and added: " I'm surprised he didn't try to steal this." Adam picked it up. "May I?"


"Sure." Lucinda whispered. Adam opened it up and the first picture was of Danny the boy who raped her, an old military school friend. "Its my nightmare journal. You wouldn't be in there. Here this is my 'I never wanna wake up journal'." Adam continued to look through the Nightmare Journal. When he finished he looked up.


"Danny it seems cover these pages."


"Yeah you won't find any ghosts or goblins in there."


"All Danny, here look at these," Lucinda continued, as she forced the other journal into his hands


"It's all of me, Becca, and Tryna. I feel honored to be in her, 27 times." Lucinda Lee blushed she leaned over and kissed Adam for the first time on the lips since they were seven.


"I think its best if you left so my father won't freak out."


"Alright Lucinda. I'll see you tomorrow. I'll come here."


"Alright, we can go to the lake. Now go Adam." Lucinda Lee helped him as much as she could down the trellis. When he reached the bottom she whispered, "Good night Addy!" he smiled at the childhood nick name and vanished into the darkness. Lucinda closed and latched her balcony doors. She got ready for bed, she hummed to herself as she did, her thoughts on Adam and their date tomorrow. She was interuppted  when she heard a cry of fear from the room next door. Elsie she thought. She jumped up and ran to her little sister's bedroom.


"Elsie, are you alright?"


"Oh Lucy! I saw a face at my window!"


"Was it wrinkled or young as I am?"


"Wrinkled! The worst is that he looked like Uncle Jeff!" Elsie had tears streaming down her twelve year old face.


"Oh Elsie don't call him that! He's a monster!"


"Why would you say that?"


"I found him in my bedroom, he tried stealing my hairbrush."


"Oh how creepy Lucy!" Lucinda got up to leave to go back to her bedroom when Elsie said, "Stay with me Lucy? Maybe he wants to kidnap you."


"I doubt it but I'll stay to please you"


Lucinda Lee crawled in next to her sister and fell into a nightmare ridden sleep. She didn't think of telling her mother or father. She just laid there to comfort her sister. The next morning however she forgot about the incident with her father at work, and mother and sister at soccer practice she went into her room to get ready for her date. She was applying lip gloss when she heard the door bell ring. Lucinda glanced at the clock above her vanity table and decided that Adam was early. She grabbed her phone and purse and took the stairs two at a time. When she heard the doorbell ring a second time she called out,


"I'm coming!" and pranced into the entry way. She opened the door saw not Adam but Mr. Jeff Cooper, AKA Mr. Pedophile. She didn't even stop to think Adam would've just have come in or climbed up the trellis. "What the hell do you want?" Placing the door between them. She dialed her father's number behind her back.


"Now let's be civil Lucinda Lee, it's uncle Jeff!"


"You are not my uncle, you are a sick son of a bitch . My father is on the other end of this phone. Don't try anything and since I was ten he trained me in fire arms and hand to hand combat. Back the hell off."


"I guess we must do this the hard way my love."


"Your son will know you did this. He'll know I'm gone. Adam and I have a date. I love your son!"


"Lucinda I love you. How can you want a boy? When you can have me?"


"I don't want you! I'll never want you. You're just like Danny! Controlling and conniving."


"Oh please I've never raped you."


"How did you know that?"


"Your sketches are very...vivid."


"You sick son of a bitch!" Jeff Cooper had, had enough and placed a chloroform covered cloth over her mouth and nose. Lucinda dropped her things and fell limply and unintentionally into Jeff Cooper's arms. he carried her into his car and pulled away, and out of sight. Adam Cooper came out of the shadows and picked up Lucinda's phone. He heard the words of a distraught father,


"Lucinda! Lucinda! God damn you Jeff!"


"Mr. Grey I know how to find your daughter."


"Has he done this before?" came the distraught voice of Agent Grey.


"No, he killed my mother where he's taking her. He believes its symbolic. Hurry I'm at your house."


"I'm on my way. Leave everything as you found it."


"Yes sir." Adam replied tears clogging his throat.


"Adam sit on the grass. Look distraught."


"But I am distraught! My father is a pedophile and in love with my girlfriend!" tears now cascading down his young face. "We had a date." he whimpered


"Alright. He's my best friend, I trusted him with my life and family, he kidnapped my daughter and plans to make her, his if you know what I mean."


"Unfortunately." Adam hung up and fell to the ground. Picking the grass absentmindedly. Thinking of how many ways he could kill his father.

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