A lonely boy, all he ever wanted was a friend, someone to be proud of him, to love him. But he was ridiculed shunned from everyday life.

That little boy would grow up to be the greatest serial killer of all time, using words as weapons he uses the mind to kill his victims...after all your imagination is your own worst enemy.

But will a love of a woman be too much for him? Will he change his ways to be with her? Could he, can he trust after what happened in his childhood? And will the identity of the woman he loves be too much for him?

Horror. Romance, Drama


1. Ridiculed.

The first day of school is always the hardest especially when your new to the school. Especially when your in kindergarten and school had already begun, it was half way through the school year everyone had already established friends and cliques. Tommy Littleton walked in Ms. Doberspoon's classroom tentatively, his mother following close behind him. Tommy was used to being the new kid already in his six years of life his family had moved seven different times to different counties, towns, states, and cities. So when Tommy walked in, in the middle of the school afternoon, in the middle of the school year, everyone paused what they were doing; playing dress up, Lego's, story time, and nap time. The teacher looked up from scolding a little boy and walked over to Mrs. Littleton, and Tommy's mother introduced herself and her son. Ms. Doberspoon smiled deeply and took Tommy by the hand and led him over to the other boys at the Lego's. Everything was fine until Mrs. Littleton left the room to go to work. Then the ridiculing began.

"Hey new kid! Why you so late? You slow or something?" asked the boy who had been scolded no sooner than a half hour before hand.

"Yeah, what kind of name is Tommy Littleton?" said a pretty girl

"Hey leave him awone, you gwuys!" said an even prettier girl."Hi Tommy my name is Sarah Perkins, would you like to be my friend?"

"I would greatly accept your grand offer of friendship Sarah Perkins." Tommy Littleton bowed.

"What did he say?" said the mean boy.

"He said he would like to be Sarah's friend but my those words are so beyond his years." Ms. Doberspoon gushed



Tommy Littleton now twenty three woke up out of that dream, a nightmare to him now all except meeting Sarah. The train had already left and the rumbling shook his whole apartment. Tommy leaned from his five story window to the busy streets of New York City below. His sweat that conjured during his slumber slid of his brow and cascaded down into Sarah Perkins' flower bed on her balcony. Tommy had not spoken to Sarah since the last day of fourth grade when Tommy moved from Quicken to New York City where he stayed. Tommy was extremely nervous of seeing her again, Tommy hurried to shower and dress he had to go to college today big Psychological Exam today. He also had to find the other people who ridiculed him in the past. Tommy Littleton was a psychological major and planned to kill the bullies who ridiculed him but he couldn't do that with Sarah he loved Sarah.

Tommy hurried to the elevator and hit Ground-Floor, he was surprised when the elevator stopped at the third floor and opened to reveal the next passenger, there stood Sarah Perkins as beautiful as ever. His tongue swelled and he forgot how to breath his best friend, his savior had returned to him. Tommy looked into her eyes and saw that she recognized him.

"Tommy? Tommy Littleton oh my God I've always wondered what happened to you! So how's my best friend?"

"Er. Hey Sarah, I've been going to college and my parent's moved to Chicago so I never see them, so actually I've been great. What about you best friend?

"Oh well I'm going to college as well, where do you attend?"

"Oh um New York City University, I'm studying to be a shrink. What's your major?"

"Mathematics, I'm going to be an accountant."

"Like your Dad,right?"

"Yes." the elevator dinged and the Lobby appeared Sarah grabbed Tommy's hand and whispered "I've missed you Tommy." Tommy smiled and whispered back,

"I've missed you as well Sarah Marie Perkins. And in the fourth grade we were too young but; I love you Sarah." Sarah stopped and turned

"I love you too Tommy." Tommy reached out and pulled her close to him and then searched her jaw-line with his lips until he found hers and they stood there, long lost lovers, kissing so passionately everyone stopped and sighed "young love" and continued on their way. When Tommy and Sarah pulled apart they held hands and made their way to NYC University. 

They only parted ways after promising to meet in the college's lobby for lunch. At the corridor to the Psychological wing Sarah said goodbye and continued on to the Mathematics wing. At exactly 12:03 PM she met Tommy in the lobby and they made their way to a McDonald's on 34TH and Rose Avenue. 

At the cash register stood Daniel Masters the boy who first ridiculed Tommy in Quicken kindergarten. Sarah was ashamed that she dated him her freshman year of high school. Tommy went up to order their food and Sarah saw that he recognized Daniel and leaned to whisper something in his ear. Daniel had a confused look on his face and then he started to itch and itch. Soon he was bleeding. Tommy watched him run from the resturant and her gathered their food and drinks as if nothing had happened. Sarah uncomfortable, began to nibble on her french fries.

Daniel Masters soon would be dead.  

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