A lonely boy, all he ever wanted was a friend, someone to be proud of him, to love him. But he was ridiculed shunned from everyday life.

That little boy would grow up to be the greatest serial killer of all time, using words as weapons he uses the mind to kill his victims...after all your imagination is your own worst enemy.

But will a love of a woman be too much for him? Will he change his ways to be with her? Could he, can he trust after what happened in his childhood? And will the identity of the woman he loves be too much for him?

Horror. Romance, Drama


3. Killing Layla

Tommy Littleton exited the bright yellow cab with the ominous blinking top advertising block. Tommy swiftly made  his way up the rain covered pathway up the glistening wet wooden stairs and under the flickering porch light. Tommy paused for a second than at exactly 7:35 pm  Tommy rang the doorbell. He knew if he calculated his timing correctly they the Anderson's would be just starting to eat their dinner. Tommy heard scraping of wood on wood, and bid loud lumbering foot steps that belonged to Jeff Anderson the father, and the swift dancer footsteps of his only daughter Layla, and following Layla Andrew Anderson the young artist and cool older brother.

Jeff Anderson annoyed unbolted his front door to see who had interrupted his hard earned birthday dinner. Jeff slowly opened the door to reveal a young man around Layla his daughter's age. He heard behind a sharp intake of breathe, Layla knew him.

"Hello Mr. Anderson I used to attend Quicken Elementary School with your daughter Layla."

"Oh uh that was a long time ago. What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't it's Tommy Littleton. May I come in. I traveled a long way and before I return to New York. I would like to rest please."

"Um yes of course. Layla say hello to Tommy, he traveled a long way to see you." Tommy slid past Jeff and shook Layla's hand and whispered in her ear "Your next my dear,"

Layla hurried to the kitchen to the only person who didn't trust Tommy, her mother.

"Mom! Tommy Littleton is here! I got a call from Emily and she said he killed Daniel!"

"Hush child he won't try anything with us with you."

"But mama he uses words to kill. Daniel itched himself to death!"

"That's absurd now stop this childish nonsense and go make him feel comfortable." Layla reluctantly walked back to the dining room. Tommy stood there smiling almost as if he knew her mother didn't believe Layla. Layla tentatively almost like the kindergarten Tommy inched closer to Tommy and gestured for him to sit next to her. Tommy in turn took Layla's hand and gently kissed it. Tommy inwardly smiled and pulled out the chair for the lovely Miss Layla Anderson. Mrs. Anderson came into the room with a great honey-baked ham with pineapple slices mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and cranberry sauce. Tommy quickly apologized for barging in on Mr. Anderson's birthday.

"Tommy my boy! The more the merrier and my daughter looks to be keen on you!"

"Oh I'm deeply sorry but I'm spoken for! Emily Doberspoon and I met back at college once again. Of course she told me the most terrible news. Sarah Perkins died in a car crash. Sarah was nice to me when no one else was, I was a wreck when I found out she was coming to find me. Emily said that Sarah told her that she was coming to profess her love for me."

"Oh you poor boy!"" Mrs. Anderson cried. Layla rolled her eyes.

"Sarah died almost two years ago! You honestly just found out?"

"Layla Victoria Anderson that was terribly rude! He moved in the fourth grade!" Mr. Anderson scolded.

"Of course he didn't know! What happened next?" Mrs. Anderson inquired.

"Well I was a wreck, I just learned my best friend was dead. Emily sweet Emily nursed me back to my old self, and we fell in love. She acted so much like Sarah that for a time I thought she was."

"Oh how romantic!" Mrs. Anderson gushed."Isn't it Layla?" How Emily helped poor Tommy?"

"Its the plot from your favorite romance mother, Death and Roses."

"Is it? Oh I don't care its beautiful!" Tommy leaned in and whispered in Layla's ear.

"Itch." the word of death to his victims. Tommy leaned back in his chair and smiled a devilish smile and said "Mrs. Anderson that was simply divine!"

"Why thank you. Its too bad you can't come out so often no one here compliments me."

"Why that's ridiculous!" Tommy felt slightly less guilty for just murdering her daughter.

Layla Anderson against her better judgement began to itch. First her arms, then her bare legs, and then her face. Each time her fingers came back bloody her family looked at her as if she was insane. Her mother looked horror stricken and Layla couldn't move, couldn't stop. She kept itching and her skin began peeling away from her body. Layla was terrified, she was going to itch herself to death. Just like Daniel! She couldn't even speak. She finally could move and ran to the bathroom, the image in the vanity mirror was like something from a horror movie. Her face was bright red and was oozing blood she felt sticky and exposed. Why was Tommy doing this? Emily was supposed to stop him! Unless he pulled her in and now she's helping him!

Layla Anderson felt weak and fell in a clump to the ground hitting her head on the hard marble floor. Her blood trickling off her body forming a great pool of red, which was the last image she saw. In reality she was still skinned and not a trace of blood except her head, she thought all those things happened and had a heart attack from the adrenaline rush.

Mrs. Anderson excused herself from the table to check on Layla. Thinking how rude of her to just jump up without permission. She reached the bathroom door and knocked expecting to hear a response or movement. When Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson didn't hear any signs of life she opened the door, the sight that befell her eyes was so horrible that she screamed a blood curdling scream.

When Tommy Littleton heard Elizabeth scream he knew his second victim of Quicken was dead. Layla wasn't actually his second, she was his twenty second victim. Tommy excused himself and slipped out the front door and into  the night. His work in Milwaukee was done, Layla Victoria Anderson would torment people no more.

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