A lonely boy, all he ever wanted was a friend, someone to be proud of him, to love him. But he was ridiculed shunned from everyday life.

That little boy would grow up to be the greatest serial killer of all time, using words as weapons he uses the mind to kill his victims...after all your imagination is your own worst enemy.

But will a love of a woman be too much for him? Will he change his ways to be with her? Could he, can he trust after what happened in his childhood? And will the identity of the woman he loves be too much for him?

Horror. Romance, Drama


2. Identity

Sarah Perkins perched on her bed waiting for a very important phone call. Her mother and former kindergarten teacher was supposed to be calling. Sarah was on a mission. Her mission was to save Tommy from the life he thought he had to live, she had to apologize for what she did to him when they were younger for him and to save her own life. She knew what had happened to Daniel was no accident Tommy did it. She had no idea how but she knew why, Daniel was never nice to Tommy and it only made sense he would be the first to go. Sarah rose from where she sat and scooped up her cat Ruffles and walked to the balcony window. She thought of what it would feel like to jump, then quickly pushed the thought aside.She set Ruffles down and stepped onto the balcony. The evening city air hit her face like a whip but for late September it was mild and she didn't need a coat or sweater. Her mind shifted to the kiss that she and Tommy had shared and the facade she was putting on. After all the real Sarah Perkins died two years ago in a car crash with her father. But Tommy can never know. 'Sarah's' real name was Emily Doberspoon, the little girl who made fun of him right after Daniel.  Emily resented herself for it of course there was nothing wrong with Tommy at least not then. Emily's phone rang and the caller Identification read it was Tommy, she picked up.

"Sarah hey, I was wondering if you wanted to grab a bit or drink, I know this great bar a couple blocks over." It took Emily a minute to realize Sarah was her.

"Uh, yes that sounds great."

"About what happened in McDonald's..."

"It was a freak accident, I'm sure Daniel's fine."

"Yea I guess so meet you in the elevator?"

"Sounds like a plan." Emily hung up and banged her head against the wall. This would have never happened if everyone would have been nice. Emily got dressed and hurried to meet Tommy. When Emily was just about ready to leave her phone rang again, this time it was Daniel,

"Emily, oh thank God! He's using words to kill! Your imagination is your own worst enemy! I don't have long. I love you Emily! Fix that bastard!" the line went dead and along with it Daniel. Emily hurried from the apartment. She pushed the Ground Floor button repeatedly finally it came and there was Tommy smiling like he knew Daniel was dead. Emily reluctantly stepped inside.

"Hey best friend; so I was thinking of going to Red's for drinks."

"Sounds good best friend."

"So Sarah how's like in Quicken, I know I ran into Daniel already, but please tell. Oh how about that bitch Emily Doberspoon? Her mother's a saint but her daughter is the spawn of Satan."

"Um yes, Emily uh died in a car crash, uh two years ago. Daniel called me, he's dead."

"Oh gosh, it wasn't an accident after all huh Sarah."

"Yep." Emily was getting scared now, the walls were closing in on her, he was onto her,

"I'm not stupid Emily." crap Emily thought he knew.

"What? I'm not Emily! I'm Sarah Marie Perkins!"

"Sarah's middle name wasn't Marie! It was Alexandria! You BITCH! You think you can waltz into my life and pretend your the girl I love? When I know she's dead? How low can you possibly get?"

"Tommy I'm Emily but I do love you, I do. I only made fun of you to keep up appearances."

"Why should I believe you? What is keeping me from killing you right now?"

"Nothing except well love. Sarah wouldn't have wanted this." Tommy was quiet for a minute and finally spoke;

"No, the Sarah I knew wouldn't have wanted anyone dead, but your not Sarah, your just here to save your own ass Emily Doberspoon!"

"No I'm here to save your ass and the rest of Ms. Doberspoon's kindergarten class of 1994!"

"If anyone had reason to kill people its me."

"Whatever Tommy don't say I didn't try." Emile pushed he emergency stop button and the door opened and she left leaving Tommy alone.

Tommy Littleton never loved an actual person, only a memory. His favorite memory of Sarah, that's how he fell in love with Sarah years later. In the high school he attended he got a lot of attention from the female population. But he never dated, he was Sarah's, the love of his memory, at the time his life. But now Tommy was faced with a new love. A woman who ridiculed him but could he love an actual person? She wanted him to change, to stop killing people with words. Tommy knew he couldn't , he had to kill those who wronged him. Tommy returned home from Red's and sat at his desk, the dull lamp shining on his papers. Tommy decided to make a list of names.

People to Kill.

Daniel Masters- dead

Layla Anderson

Trevor Patricks

Tanya Green

Evan Petersburg

Mrs, Shannon Dobbs

Leia Goldstein

Steven Hoggs

Richard Knight

Steerling Lee

Stanley Evans

Stuart Brig

Emily Doberspoon- Maybe

Tommy dropped his pen and looked over the list , some people from the past had already died but those that remained were going to die on his terms and Layla Anderson was next. He'd do it this weekend he would travel out to Milwaukee tomorrow to pay a little visit to the Anderson's. Tommy pushed back his chair and got ready for bed which consisted of just plopping down on the bed fully dressed. Tommy never remembered dreaming before but on this particular night he dreamed.

*The Dream(switch to Tommy's P.O.V)

I woke up in a field, Sarah was calling to me she was dressed in a long flowing white dress. I knew I had to be dreaming because Sarah was dead. I watched her the girl, and her face morphed into Emily I was so startled, I thought of running away from the strange creature but I didn't know where to go. I some how knew that I couldn't run, because she would find me. I stood still and Emily/Sarah came upon me in such a magical, graceful way it was so surreal the way her face changed from Sarah to Emily in seconds repeatedly. I waited for her to speak.

"Tommy Littleton you have killed many." Sarah said

"You have disgraced your family." Emily said

"Tommy I loved. Two years ago I was on my way to tell you."

"Sarah please I'm so sorry." I cry out

"There is no time for sorries. You must change your ways. Emily truly loves you, you have to do this if not for her than for me Tommy."

"Wake up Tommy! WAKE UP!"


*Switch to narrator.


Tommy Littleton woke with a start. Emily Doberspoon's face looming over him, a worried expression lining her pretty face. Tommy jumped up and started cussing at her.

"How the hell did you get in my apartment?"

"The door was unlocked Tommy."

"Well why did you come in and why are you on the fifth floor?"

"I came to apologize and I heard you moaning and came to check on you."

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