A lonely boy, all he ever wanted was a friend, someone to be proud of him, to love him. But he was ridiculed shunned from everyday life.

That little boy would grow up to be the greatest serial killer of all time, using words as weapons he uses the mind to kill his victims...after all your imagination is your own worst enemy.

But will a love of a woman be too much for him? Will he change his ways to be with her? Could he, can he trust after what happened in his childhood? And will the identity of the woman he loves be too much for him?

Horror. Romance, Drama


4. Date

Tommy wiped the condensation from his medicine cabinet mirror and looked himself in the eye. He was trying to make his weapon work on him. He knew it wouldn't work but all his professors say the key achieving anything is to repeat it.

"You will love Emily Doberspoon. The Sarah you knew is gone. You do not love her. You are to kill her because she threatened the woman you love." Tommy combed threw his hair and splashed after-shave on his jaw. He strolled out of the bathroom, his bottom half covered in a baby blue towel. His television caught his attention. 

"Breaking news in the murder of a McDonald's employee who was killed with no weapons or poisons. His death was linked with twenty two others and one in Wisconsin. Authorities do not have a suspect but believe its the work of the same person. They are warning all citizens to be careful and if they have any news on the killings to call the hotline at the bottom of this screen. Thank you, now back to your scheduled programming." 

Tommy smiled, he was getting recognition for these marvelous unique gruesome murders. He sighed and went to his bedroom. A sudden gush of ice cold wind hit his bare chest and made him lose his breath, he looked to the fire escape window and saw it open. Tommy looked around at his belongings, his list still was pinned to the desk with a knife that he would never use, his bed was still in disarray from the night before and his dresser drawers were in the same state they were that morning, slightly open and one cockeyed. Tommy shook the remaining water droplets from his hair and pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a black polo shirt. The only color on him was his white socks and his eyes. Tommy pulled on his black oxfords and walked out the apartment door. 


He entered the elevator to go pick up Emily. A smile came to his lips thinking about her. He thought about what they would do on their date, what they would do after their date. A flash of a familiar face, Sarah's past through his mind. Crazy Sarah now. How could she believe that they were married? Had he done something to aide in this concoction of a fantasy life where he had two children and was married to his best friend from child hood? No he had been gone for years before she decided to come and find him. He wasn't at fault. Perhaps the blame was Sarah's father. The elevator door opened and a man in a black suit stepped in. The way his jacket fell told Tommy he was armed. An agent possibly, but what was a government agent doing here?

"Lovely weather we're having." Tommy said innocently.

"Yes. Look sir, I'm looking for someone."

"I'll try to help the best I can." Tommy said.

"By chance do you know a Tommy Littleton?"

"Depends whose asking."

"I'm a friend of Bruce Littleton."

"Ah, yes I'm Tommy, Bruce's son."

"It's unfortunate I have to tell such tragedy on an elevator."

"Just get on with it."

"Your parents are dead. Coming to visit you I presume, since their car was found in the Catskills."

Tommy was silent. His parents, the only living organisms he cared for besides himself and recently Emily were dead.

"How." Tommy managed.

"Lost control of the car in a surprise blizzard."

"How did you find me?"

"I have resources. And your father left an address."

"God, their dead. My parents are dead. I'm batman."

"At least your sense of humor wasn't damaged."

"I-I have to go." Tommy felt the lift stop and he got out and ran to Emily's door. He knocked on her door and it opened immediately.

"Tommy! What's wrong?" Tommy fell into her arms and cried. "Tommy!"

Emily walked him to her couch and handed him a  glass of scotch.

"Emily, my parents."


"Their dead! Da*n it their dead." Emily sat there holding the sobbing Tommy in her arms. She knew that he was sensitive, and mentally disturbed, but the death of his parents were sure to set him over the edge. She had to warn people, the people on his list. Earlier when Tommy had been in the shower Emily had come into his bedroom through the fire escape window, she had to know who was next, she had taken pictures of the list and sent them out to everyone who was on it so they could protect themselves. She hoped that Tommy would never link the leakage back to her.

"Tommy, I'm so sorry!"

"I don't even know why-they were come coming out here."

"Sweetheart, its not your fault."

"I know, but if I would've moved to Chicago with them, they would be alive right now."

"Tommy, stop it. If you would've moved then you wouldn't have met me again now would you?"


"Now I know losing your parents is hard. I lost my father to cancer five years ago. My mother was devastated, as was I."

"Emily, can we stay in tonight?" Tommy said looking through tear stained eyes.

"Of course. Do you want Chinese, Indian, Greek, Mexican, Italian?"

"Doesn't matter in the slightest." Tommy said. "Can we rent a movie?"


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