Unbreakable *On Hold*

Chloe. The one no one wanted. The one who was always alone. The one with the scars, the cuts. The one who was abused to the point where she was raped. The one who always pushed people away, never let anyone in. But yet she was the type of girl every one longed to be. She was strong. She never broke, never crumbled. Her story is special, so read it carefully, and please don't judge her, she's already been through so much. I hope you love her as much as I do :) Enjoy .xx


3. Unloved.

    "Lynn, what the hell are those?" I asked, getting angry. She sat and smiled like it was nothing.

"Were going to the One Direction concert" I became wide eyed as I made my hands into fists, and released them.

"You mean YOU'RE going to the One Direction concert." She shook her head and smiled.

"You need to learn to have fun again!" I shook my head and sat next to her.

"I'm not going."

"Yes you are."

"I am not."

"You are"



"Fine. I hate you."

"You love me." I groaned and hit her with a pillow. She left and started to get ready, it was already 5:30 and the concert was at 7. As soon as she left the room I screamed into a pillow. I absolutely hate One Direction. All they are is a boy band who's all about themselves. They only care about the fame they receive. Selfish brats.

    Jalynn finally walked out and grabbed my hand. She led me out the door and to her car.


    Halfway through the concert I had to walk out, there were too many people and I can't handle all of that. After Lynn came out she grabbed my hand and dragged me to a black door.

"What's behind that door Lynn." I said gritting my teeth. She smiled and handed the man two tickets, and he let us through. We entered a room that held 5 teenage boys, messing around and smiling.

"I hate you." I whispered to Lynn but she just laughed and ran up to them.

"Hi love, what's your name?" The curly one asked, she answered and looked to me.

"I'm jalynn, and that's Chloe. She doesn't necessarily want to be here.." I shot her a glare and walked over.

"You don't like us?" The dark haired one asked. I shook my head

"All you are is a couple of selfish brats." I said like it was no big deal. They looked taken aback, but I didn't really car, it was just the truth.

I shrugged and sat on a chair in the corner. I watched as the boys enjoyed there time with Lynn. I saw them give her a piece of paper, and she gave them one in return.

"Hey you missed out! Those boys are great!" She gave me a smile and we went back to the car.


    When we got back to my brothers house, he wasn't there. He left a note saying he'd be back tomorrow. I sighed and placed the note on the table. Lynn and I went up to our room and sat on my bed.

"Who could you possibly be texting?" I asked as she tapped away at her phone.

"Niall" She replied with a smile. I just gave her a confused look and she rolled her eyes.

"The blonde one" I nodded giving her a 'I understand now' look. My phone then went off and I screamed.

"Was that my phone?" I pulled it out, it was a number I didn't know.

    From: (number)

 Hi there :) I wanted to know if we could hang out. Give me a chance to show you I'm not selfish. x ~Harry

    To: (number)

 No. ~Chloe

    From: Curly kid

 Please. Give me 5 hours. ~Harry

    To: Curly kid

 No. ~Chloe

    From: Curly kid

 Please Chloe! Tomorrow at 4.

    To: Curly kid

 Fine. 5 hours. And then you won't speak to me again. ~Chloe.

  I tossed my phone and pushed Lynn off my bed.

"Ow you bitch!" She climbed into her bed after turning off the lights. I then drifted off to sleep.




     I was running. Running from the darkness, from the shadows. I would do anything to make it to the light. Breathing. I couldn't breath. I was slowing down. I couldn't keep up with the moving road. Falling. I was falling. I couldn't keep my balance, I fell face first into the cold stone hard ground and let out a scream. They've caught up to me, my arms glued to the ground. There was nothing I could do. I let out one last scream...


   "AHH" I shrieked. I sat up quickly, placing a hand to my heart, breathing heavily. I looked around the dark bedroom, as each object slowly came into view. I gasped for air, trying to slow my heart. I saw my phone light up next to me on the bed and picked it up.

    From: Dad

 When your ass gets home, you won't hear, or see the end. He's dead Chloe. And it's your fault. Everything is always your fault Chloe.

    I sighed and punched the pillow as I ran to the bathroom. The memories flooded back, my hands went to my head as I pounded it against the wall.

"Stop." I whispered, seeing the pictures of the blood.

"Stop." Her lifeless body laying on the bathroom floor. The razor in her hand, gripping it tightly, refusing to let it go. Refusing to live.

"Stop." The words reply, sending hate through my body. "Don't cry Chloe. No one likes a person that crys. Don't cry Chloe. Don't"

"Stop." I stared in the mirror, breathing heavily. No tears, no sobs, nothing. Just the reflection a person that means nothing. A person no one cares about. A person who used to be a baby. A person that shouldn't even be here.

"STOP" I punched the mirror, glass shattering across the floor along with the blood. I grabbed my razor and ran it across the smooth surface of my wrist, causing the pain to leave just for a moment. And I embraced that moment. Because in that moment, I didn't feel worthless.

  But when that moment was over, the pain flooded back. Bringing the memories with. I screamed while falling to the floor against the bathroom door. Blood covered the ground, along with the broken glass. But me? I refused to break, I wouldn't cry. I wouldn't crumble. I would stay strong. I would keep the pain in, and never let it see the surface.


   ~A/N~ Aww Chloe babe ily<3 What do you think? Let Chloe know by commenting, and maybe favorite? Thanks, means a lot .xx

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