Unbreakable *On Hold*

Chloe. The one no one wanted. The one who was always alone. The one with the scars, the cuts. The one who was abused to the point where she was raped. The one who always pushed people away, never let anyone in. But yet she was the type of girl every one longed to be. She was strong. She never broke, never crumbled. Her story is special, so read it carefully, and please don't judge her, she's already been through so much. I hope you love her as much as I do :) Enjoy .xx


4. Secrets.

    The next morning the bathroom door had opened, along with a gasp. "SAM!" I opened my eyes to see Jalynn standing there, tears in her eyes as Sam came to the door. 

"Oh my god Chlo." He kneeled down next to me and tried to wrap me in a hug but I put my hands up and moved away.

"Please don't touch me." Sam ignored me and grabbed my hand. He saw the fresh cuts and his jaw dropped. "I said don't touch me Sam!" I yanked my hand away and stood up, walking out of the room. I sat on my bed and could hear them talking. After awhile they both came out.

"Why don't you go shower, maybe it will help." Sam said walking out of the room. I went over to the bathroom and hopped in the shower, letting the warm soothing water touch my blood-covered skin. I had fallen asleep on the bathroom floor last night, and the blood covered me. As I finished up my shower, I remembered I'm supposed to hang out with Harry. I pulled out my phone to look at the time. '3:00' WHAT? I ran to my dresser and picked out an over sized grey sweater and red jeans, with some grey uggs. I loosely curled my black hair, and put a white beanie on over it. I picked up my phone to see 3 messages all from Harry.

~ Be there in 30.

~ 5 Minutes :) 

~ Here love .xx

    I cringed at that word and went downstairs. "I'll be home later!" I yelled hoping someone would hear, and I walked out the door. I hopped in his car and crossed my arms.

"Someone's grumpy."

"Shut up." I stared forward and waited for this to end.


    We arrived at someone's house, that I'm assuming is Harry's. "Me and the boys share, but there out for the day so.." I nodded and followed him inside. This house was absolutely beautiful. He walked towards the kitchen but I stopped at the living room. "You want a drink?" I nodded and he handed me a beer. I thanked him and took a seat on the couch, still admiring the house. 

"I love your house." 

"Thanks" He smiled and handed me a xbox controller. "Think you can beat me?" 

"Your on." I said with a wink as I settled in my seat. He put in the game and we began shooting at each other. I got a little too excited when I won. "I WON I WON" I yelled clapping. He laughed while shaking his head.

"I let you win." He winked

"Oh you wish" I said playfully pushing him. Then I realized I was actually having fun. "I still hate you." I said calming down.

"No you don't, come on." He lead me up to his room...

"Harry why'd you bring me in here?" He tossed a few clothes at me and told me to change. I looked down at the clothes. It was a bathing suit. 

"Uhh, no Harry I can't wear this." I said stuttering.

"Why? It's yours, so it fits you." I searched for my words, trying to arrange them without giving anything away. 

"I uh.. No." I shook my head and put the bikini on the bed. He gave me a pouty face, and I immediately felt guilty. "Fine, give me one of your sweatshirts." He gave me a confused look but tossed me one. I shooed him away, and he closed the door. I quickly changed into the light pink bikini and threw the hoodie over top my head. It was extra big so it came down over my hands, covering my cuts. I walked over to his mirror on the wall and sighed. I then walked down stairs where Harry was sitting on the couch.

'Hey you ready?" I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion with his hands behind his back. Before I knew it he brought a water gun out from behind his back and I was soaked.

"HARRY!" I screamed and ran outside. He followed close behind as I ran in circles trying to find the hose. When I finally found it, I sprayed water back onto him. "HARRY STOP" I laughed, as he slowly inched closer to me. He stopped spraying, and I did the same. "I hate you" I said holding back all the laughter still being kept inside me. 

"No you don't!" He grabbed my wrist, and I winced. "You alright?" He asked letting go, I nodded and followed him back inside. He threw me a towel and I went to change back into my clothes. I towel dried my hair, and grabbed my phone, I had 4 messages, and 6 missed calls. 

From: Lynn<3 

    Hey where are you?!

From: Lynn<3 

    Chloe we're worried, you need to answer us!

From: Sammmm:)

    Chlo answer your damn phone please. 

From Sammmm:)


I sighed and answered them.

To: Lynn<3

    I'm fine. Just with a friend, I'll be home in 10. 

I stuck my phone into my back pocket, and went downstairs to Harry. "Hey, can you take me home? Jalynn's worried." He nodded and stood up. We walked out to his car, and he drove away. 

"So.. Did I prove to you?" He looked over at me hopefully, after pulling into my driveway. I hesitated before speaking.

"No. But I will admit I had a ton of fun today, the most I've had in a long time. And I guess.... I'll gladly keep in touch with you. But no you still didn't prove it." I looked back over and gave him a smile. He nodded and I got out of the car, and into the house. I went straight to my room, avoiding the callings of my name, and sat on my bed, opened my laptop, and treated myself to a Dr. Who marathon.


   ~A/N~ Okay soooo.. What'd ya think??? This story hasn't been doing the best, but I'm still bringing the boys into it yet :) Comment/Like/Favorite <3 xxx

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