Unbreakable *On Hold*

Chloe. The one no one wanted. The one who was always alone. The one with the scars, the cuts. The one who was abused to the point where she was raped. The one who always pushed people away, never let anyone in. But yet she was the type of girl every one longed to be. She was strong. She never broke, never crumbled. Her story is special, so read it carefully, and please don't judge her, she's already been through so much. I hope you love her as much as I do :) Enjoy .xx


2. Scars.

    "But I don't wanna go!" I whined as I pulled the covers further over my face, just to have them removed again, allowing the bright summer sun to shine into my eyes. 

"Please Chloe! It will get you away from your father." She whispered the last part, and I was starting to get more into the idea. I sat up and stared at her sleepily. I groaned extra loudly. She laughed and clapped, jumping up and down on the bed. "WERE GOING TO LONDON WERE GOING TO LONDON!!" She hopped down and pulled two suitcases out of my closet. I watched her as she folded all the clothes she could fit of mine into the suitcases. She then moved on to the jewlery, and then the makeup. She added some shoes in a duffle bag and dragged me out of bed.

"When do we leave?" I asked throwing my medium length black hair up into a messy bun, showing the scattered pink highlights underneath. I opened the suitcases and pulled out an over sized sweater and a pair of dark skinny jeans and put them on. 

"At 11. My god I love your hair!" She squealed. I shook my head and applied some make up. She sighed and sat on my bed. "I wish you'd realize how gorgeous you are." I looked over to her and rolled my eyes

"I'm anything but that." I turned my attention away from her and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I cringed and stood up, grabbing my phone and putting it in my bag. I put on a pair of brown boots and grabbed my suitcases, taking them downstairs. My dad was out so he wouldn't know I ever left. Jalynn was already out the door as I scribbled something down on a notebook and left it for my dad to find. 

Lynn and I drove to the airport and went through the whole routine. When we finally boarded the plane I was already exhausted when I realized something. "Lynn where are we staying?" I asked looking over at her.

"Oh.. Well uh... I sorta... Maybe... Called your brother...." My eyes widened in shock.

"Oh my god you called Sam?! Lynn thank you!" I hugged her tightly. When I pulled away she seemed a bit surprised by my action. That's when I realized I just hugged someone for the first time in a year. A year. My eyes widened and I backed a way into the far side of my seat. Did I just? No that didn't just happen. I shook it off and listened as she talked. 

"He said he misses you like crazy and can't wait to see us." I smiled to myself at the thought of seeing my brother.



    We had finally pulled into the driveway of my brothers beautiful home. I jumped out of the car and ran to the door, pounding on it with my fists. The door suddenly opened, reveling my tall brown haired brother Sam. 

"Hey Chlo!" He said leaning in for a hug, I quickly dodged him and stepped inside. He looked at me confused. "What's wrong?" I shook my head and smiled. I didn't want to get worked up, when I just saw my brother for the first time in three years. He put his hand up for a high five, and I did the same. Only he grabbed my hand and turned it sideways, reveling all my cuts. "God Chloe what have you done." Concern took over his face. I scrunched my eyebrows trying to pull my wrist away, he finally gave in and I pulled my sleeve back down. I took my bags up to the room me and Lynn were sharing and turned on music to calm me down. I decided to change and get ready for the day. I hopped in the shower, and after blow dried my hair, leaving it naturally straight. I threw on a 'Music is my boyfriend' t-shirt and a cream jacket over it with white jeans with holes throughout them. I slid on a pair of converse and threw a snap back onto my head. I applied some make up before walking back into my room while adjusting my sleeves so my cuts were hidden. As I entered my room I saw Jalynn sitting there, legs crossed, with two tickets in between her fingers.


   ~A/N~ So I hope this one was a little better :) Still trying to get into the story .xx Give me feedback!! Much love <3

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