Letting Go

He hurt her....he changed her...He silenced her...And she won't forget it.


1. Prolouge

It's odd, having all my thoughts swimming around in my head. Not a single one escaping my lips. But not because they can't, because I won't let them. It's really not that hard anymore. My parents have stop screaming, the teachers stopped asking me questions, and my friends just ignore me all together. 
  They don't know. I tell myself, and it's true. There are only two people in this world who know. He shut my mouth, He made me feel weak and powerless.He won, I lost. 
  It wasn't always this way. Before him, I was one of those pretty and popular girls who wore pencil skirts that were too short, crop tops, short-shorts, and pounds of makeup. Now I wear jeans and baggy T-shirts with sports bras. I refuse to go out of my way to impress people because they will only hurt me in the end. Physically, emotionally, or both.

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