For the love of a runaway

In this town. In this town where you can never tell a lie from the real truth. Everyone has a secret, and everyone knows the truth, that none of us will ever know what the truth really is. This could be a lie, this could be a secret. But who will ever know? You can't trust anyone, and everyone else can't trust you. It's all just a phantom secret and it's really good at hiding. They're all just secrets in the wind.

Radly Myers has had enough of this town. After the mysterious death of her father, her mother becomes the new couch ornament. Always saying she would find a job when in reality she won't. That leaves Radly to take care of her Eight year old sister, Zoe. She can't handle it anymore, finding out that her mother has been repeating the abuse done to her, onto Zoe. She packs up and takes her sister with her, now taking over the role of mother and big sister. Skipping towns to make sure her mother never finds them, will she find someone who can't let her go. Will she stay for him?


4. Chapter Four

"Ready?" I ask Zoe. She nods and I zip her jacket up. "Than let's go."

I quietly open the door letting the breeze flow in from Brandon's front door. I let Zoe out first than myself. Once we were both outside, I shut the door trying to make it out without noise.

"Alright give me your hand." I tell her as I reach down.

She grabs my hand and we run down the driveway then down the road. "Where are we going?" She asks as we stop running and start to walk.

"A motel." I tell her.

"Why are we going to a Motel, what about Brandon?"

"Don't worry about it, we just needed to leave. Now will you stop asking questions?" I snap at her harshly.

We walk a few steps when I hear a sniffle. I look down to my right to see Zoe crying. I stop and stand her in front of me.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry...Shhh...I didn't mean it." I say stroking her hair.

"I'm scared." She whispers.

"I know." I take a deep breath. "But I am going to get us out of here. We're gonna be happy. Okay?" I half smile at her.

I stand back up and we continue walking.


"How will you be paying for the room?" The woman at the front office desk asks.

"Cash." I tell her.

"Okay." She looks back down at her computer and types a few things. "I guess it's your lucky day, we have one last room. I will just put your name in and it will all be set." She smiles a fake smile to us. You can tell she hates her job.

"Thanks." I say as she hands us the key. I grab onto Zoe's shoulders and guide her out the door and up the stairs to room 13. I unlock the door and take a quick look behind me then open the door. When we both enter I immediately lock the door again.

"I'm tired." Zoe says.

I smile. "Me too. Why don't we get to bed?" She nods and lays down on the bed furthest away from the door. I lay down in the opposite bed and shut off all of the lights. I lay the dog down next to me and cover him up. We should be safe for at least a little while. We only managed to get to the next down but I think that will do until tomorrow.

I only have enough money to buy one night at this place and I get my pay check tomorrow at work.

I am snapped away from my thoughts when Zoe starts to talk. "Radly?" She calls.

"Yes?" I sit up on my elbow.

"Can we have the Television on, it's too dark in here."

I smile. "Sure. We'll find your night light tomorrow." She nods in the darkness. I grab the remote and turn the TV onto Disney for her. "Good night, Zoe." I say. But she was fast asleep.

With that I lay my head back down and fall into a deep slumber.


"What do you want to do today?" Zoe asks me.

"I have to find a job." I tell her.

"Do you have to?" She whines.

"If you want to continue living and eating, then yes. I have to." I laugh.

"Can I get a job too?" She asks.

"No. You're too young." I smirk.


I left Zoe home alone, trusting that she could take care of herself for an hour. It's not like she didn't take care of herself already when we were staying with mom.

As I walk down the city sidewalk, I look for any signs on stores saying that they were looking for workers. I stop at the sight of one on the gift shop we went to last night. Might as well give it a shot.

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