You've got that one thing

Anna is a 17 year old girl, she is with her family on a holiday in Florida. One Direction is coming to Florida and her sister wants to see them really badly, Anna has to come with her, but Anna hates boybands and girls who are obsessing with them. Then, unintentionally, she bumps into Harry, he takes her with him and togehter they go through a lot of adventures. Can Anna get over her hate for boybands and can she really like them?


2. Meeting

Anna’s p.o.v.
“Look who’s there” I heard laughter. I couldn’t remember where I was and what I had done. “Hey, sleepy beauty, are you finally awake?” it was a boy talking to me, I couldn’t remember I was with boys tonight. I slowly opened my eyes and there he was. He was very handsome, with dark, curly and messy hair and his clear green eyes, wow. But what no, what was I thinking, I didn’t even know this guy. I tried to get up, but I failed. “Are you ok?” I heard from behind, in the back there were two other boys, one cute blond boy and one well cared boy with brown/black hair. The blond boy looked with a questioning face at me. “Not really” I said. “But if I may ask, why am I here? How did I came here?”. I figured that we were in a driving car and there were two other boys in the front of the car. I couldn’t really see them. Why was I in a car, with five boys I didn’t know. The windows from the car were blinded, wait what. Was I being kidnapped by five cute boys, no this couldn’t be happening. I started to be scared. The boys laughed. “You don’t have to be scared, we aren’t kidnapping you or something” someone in front of me said. Now the boys laughed even harder. The boy next to me laughed and said “Oh yes we are, I shall be scared if I were you”. I gave him an angry look. “Haha Harry stop it, don’t scare the girl.” “Seriously guys, this isn’t funny, I need to go home, my family must be worried by now and… Oh no! I totally forgot, my sister was going to some stupid concert from some stupid boy band tonight and I was supposed to wait in the car, she must be waiting for me at the moment and..” I looked around, the temper decreased, I didn’t understand. “Did I say something wrong?”  Still nobody said something. “Uh guys, can I go home?”

Harry’s p.o.v.
Was this some hater? One of those persons who sends from those stupid hate messages? I didn’t even care about that kind of messages, but I didn’t want to meet someone like that and I didn’t want someone like that to lay down in my car and be nice to her, no. I decided not to tell her that we are a boy band, maybe she can changes her mind about us, she didn’t sound like she was ever going to change that, but well, why shouldn’t I try. I putted up my charming smile. “Yes, you can”. The faster, the better, but of course I wasn’t going to tell her that. “Where do you live?” She was thinking, didn’t she know where she lived? Maybe the door slammed too hard to her head, maybe she forgot everything, except that she hates boy bands. After a while she said “well, I don’t know where I’m staying, I’m here with my family on holiday and..” She stopped talking. “I have my mobile with me, I can text my parents that I’m in a restaurant or something with some friends and if she can give me the address.” She tried to came up, but I knew she couldn’t. “Don’t try it” I said. She knew I was right and she gave me an angry look, again. I laughed. “I know something, we’ll take you to our home, then you’ll text your mom and one of us will bring you home.” She seemed to agree, so we drove to our apartment.

“Can you walk?” I asked when we got there. She doubted, she tried to get up again. “I see” I said. I walked to her door, took her up and brought her to our apartment. She was so amazed when she saw it. “Close your mouth, or you’ll catch flies.” I winked at her and she smiled, she had a gorgeous smile. I opened the door. “How do you guys pay for all this, do you actually do kidnap and ask money or..?” We laughed. “No, just rich parents.” “I wish my parents could afford this” she grimed. I smiled back at her.


Anna’s p.o.v.
He had such a cute smile, all of the boys did actually. But he was so sweet, he carried me to the couch and laid me down.  “Do you want something to drink?” the blond guy asked. “Uh yes, I’d love to.” And he walked to the kitchen, which was huge. Everything here was huge and big and fancy and just perfect. “Are you going to text your parents?” Oh yeah, text my parents. I texted them fast, hoping they would reply soon. “How’s your head?” the curly boy asked. “Not very good, I guess, I can’t even get up or walk..” “You should go to a doctor tomorrow, when you’re home. I’m sorry this happened, but I didn’t see you up there.” I didn’t actually know what happened and how I came here, the only thing I remember is everything slowly turning black. I smiled at him.  “What did happen then?” The boys looked at each other, now I could see the two boys, who were sitting in the front, coming in. They had a seat. It was so weird to see these five boys, I thought I knew them from somewhere, but that was ridiculous, I didn’t know these guys, did I? One boy started to explain “We were in a hurry and Harry here opened the door a little too hard and fast and before we knew it you lay there on the ground. There are not many people who come there, so we decided to take you with us and if you were awake, bring you to your house.” I nodded, that was very sweet, I guess. Why didn’t they call an ambulance or why were they in such a hurry. But well, it wasn’t my business and I was glad that they took me here. I looked at my phone, still no message.  “I think my mom is asleep already..” “Oh well, you can stay here if you like, we have a spare room” said the boy with the blond hair. I didn’t even know their names and they didn’t know mine and they asked me to stay in their apartment. "Uh, that would be nice, yeah, thank you. My name’s Anna by the way.” “Oh totally forgot, you don’t know who we are, do you?” I was confused “should I?” The boys laughed, “of course not” the boy next to me winked at me, he was such a flirt.

Harry’s p.o.v.
I could see she didn’t like me flirting with her, but I couldn’t help it, that’s just who I am. I laughed. “Well I’ll introduce you to us, I’m Harry, the blond guy over there, that’s Niall, the boy who looks like he has been standing 3 hours in front of the mirror to do his hair, and that’s true actually, I putted on my charming smile, that’s Zayn. And the boys there, that are Liam and Louis. Liam is the most mature of us all. Everyone laughed. I saw Niall looking at Anna, “you must be tired, shall I take you to our spare room?” He said. Anna looked like she was relieved that someone came up with that “yes, please” she said and she looked grateful to Niall.

Niall’s p.o.v.
She looked so innocent there, laying on the couch, she didn’t even know who we were. I walked towards here and took her up, I walked up the stairs and opened the door. She laughed at me with that cute smile of hers. “This is your room for the night.” “So sweet I can stay here” she said. “No problem, but if we bring you home, you really need to see a doctor” I said. Her smile grew and she nodded. She looked around, she was amazed by this big room. I smiled. “I don’t have anything to sleep in” she said. “No problem, wait a minute.” I walked to my room and grabbed one of my shirts and walked back. “Here you go.” She laughed. “Can you please turn around” and she gave me a wink. I did it and after a minute she lay down in her bed, ready to sleep. I walked over her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Goodnight” and I turned off the lights and closed the door behind me.

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