You've got that one thing

Anna is a 17 year old girl, she is with her family on a holiday in Florida. One Direction is coming to Florida and her sister wants to see them really badly, Anna has to come with her, but Anna hates boybands and girls who are obsessing with them. Then, unintentionally, she bumps into Harry, he takes her with him and togehter they go through a lot of adventures. Can Anna get over her hate for boybands and can she really like them?


1. The concert

Anna’s p.o.v.
“Mom, mom, mom, please, can I go!” My sister was begging my mom again, she always wants to go to those stupid concerts, from those stupid boy bands, ugh, I hated that kind of stuff. It’s not that I don’t like music, I sure do! But I’m not obsessing with those people, it’s so stupid, I don’t see the point of it and I think I never will. But my sister clearly sees the point of it. “We’re on vacation Claire, as a family and you can’t go on your own, that’s too dangerous.” My mom said. “Please mom, this is so unfair, this is my one and only chance to see them, please! You were a teenager too, you must understand I can’t miss a concert of One Direction.” My mom doubted, but the answer was still no. I went upstairs, I couldn’t listen to this conversation for one more second. I heard them argue for a little while, then my sister shouted my name.  “Anna!” she screamed. I came down stairs. “Anna, I have the perfect solution and mom agrees with it. You come with me, I mean you haven’t  seen one, single concert in your life, that’s a part of growing up!” “No, I’m not going to come with you, you know I hate bands and no, I don’t want to be around those fangirling girls, no please.” “Okay then, I go to the concert and you wait in the car or go to the shops I don’t know, you’ll come up with something, mom doesn’t have to know.” She whispered. That  actually sounded okay to me and I went with it.

Tonight was the night and  I hadn’t really figured out what I was going to do. I didn’t want to wait there all that time. You know what, she should be happy that she even gets to see those boys, I’m not going to wait there all the time. She can see them for like half an hour and then we go to the shops or get a café, yes that’s a good plan. I told my sister and after  some arguing she agreed. We sat in the car, on our way to the concert. It was so busy on the road, why do all those people want to see them, so pathetic. But after an hour I finally found a parking lot. My sister opened the door and without a “thank you” or “so sweet you brought me here” she slammed the door shut. “I’m really going to do you another favour again, not” I thought. I waited and waited, but no Claire. You’re kidding me, she was half an hour late! The clocked ticked and still no Claire. I was getting really mad now, how dare she! Oh great, I needed to pee very badly, well It can take another hour before she comes back, so time enough. I went out the car and started walking. Wow, it’s so big here. Where could I ever find a lavatory. I was still walking when I saw a small entrance with “exit” on it. Hmm, maybe here? I walked my way to the door and wanted to open it, but suddenly someone opened it from the other side. The door slammed against my head and everything turned black.

Harry’s p.o.v.
“Guys, come on, run faster” The paparazzi and fans were chasing us, like always, we really needed better security guys. Yes oh finally, the exit door, I thought we would never get there.  “Okay guys, almost there! Get in the car so fast as you can.” I slammed the door and *BANG*. “Harry, Harry, stop it, a girl is lying on the floor here.” “No time for that, there’ll be an ambulance soon enough, come on.” “Harry come on, we need to pick her up, we can’t let her lay here, she’s unconscious.” “Okay,  come on fast, we’ll take her up and bring her to the car, then we’ll drive away, we can’t bring her to a hospital or something, maybe later.” I came back to help the others. Wow, she was really pretty, the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Well, It doesn’t even matter, I took her up with the boys and we run to the car. We putted her in the back seat  as fast as we could, I sat next to her. Liam jumped in the front seat and we drove away as fast as we could.

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