We cant stop, we wont stop

Fame,Love,Sex and Drugs what could be better? The perfect life . Until one day. Read to find out


11. Mission

Hey guys sorry that this isnt a new chapter the thing is that I started school and I had hw the first day like seriously w.e but I will make it my mission to upload this week forsure like if no on then before thursday. I already started to write the next chapter and I get ideas in school and write them down u will not expect whats gonna happen ;) ull see soon. 

I love you guys so much you have no idea like im so happy on all the comments i got the likes and favs they mean the world to me. Well I guys this is goodbye( tear tear) for now lol. Im such a dork lol. So yea I have school tomorrow .  -.- 

Love ya 


Stay Swaggy

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