We cant stop, we wont stop

Fame,Love,Sex and Drugs what could be better? The perfect life . Until one day. Read to find out


31. Chapter 31

No Ones POV The gang waited impatiently as they awaited the fate of their dear friend. Vanessa’s future was unknown one knew whether she would wake up or continue her slumber forever. Justin was the one who was the most effect of this. Despite her being the love of his life, his imagine was being torn to pieces. The media has twisted the story into the cruelest form of them all. The titles ranged from “Bieber girl in trouble, where is he?” to “Accident or Planned”. The only one who knew the truth was the gang and the two love couple. Justin was conflicted on whether he should out himself to the media and risk exposing the gang and himself alongside their history, or make up a story about the incident. But Justin could not focus on that even though the police were bombarding him with questions; he had his attorneys to suspend questions. (Perks of being Justin Bieber). Vanessa remained in bed at the warehouse. They could not afford for people to know the truth just yet until the final decision is made. Justin had hired the best doctor that money could afford he even added a little extra for silence. Her face was drained of color, her skin an off white color, her lips a mixture of green and purple. Her cheeks have lost the natural rose color that she had. She appeared lifeless,; the only thing that confirmed that she was still breathing was a small heart monitor that the doctor had brought. Justin never left her side he remained clutching her hand afraid that if he would release it that she would slip away into the other side. He shamed everything in his path, he was so angry at Jake but he was angrier at himself for letting this happen. If he had only come sooner, if only he had been behind her then he would have been in her position. He plead to God that he would reverse the situation. Days have passed by with nothing changing in Vanessa’s Situtaiton. Justin looked the same as Vanessa only he was awake and moving. He had not slept or eaten . He refuses, the gang even brought in Pattie but she had no effect on him. She knew how much he loves her, and it broke her heart to see her child in such pain. The doctor had recommend that everyone should say their final good-bye to her. A/N IM TRYING TO BE MORE ACTIVE BUT YOU KNOW SCHOOL HAS STARTED AND ITS MY SENIOR YEAR AND IM PACKED. BUT I DIDN’T FORGET BOUT YOU GUYS. I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU . LIKE/COMMENT/FAVORITE LOVE YA REMEMBER Stay Swaggy
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