We cant stop, we wont stop

Fame,Love,Sex and Drugs what could be better? The perfect life . Until one day. Read to find out


23. Chapter 23

Vanessa's POV 

me and justin decided to have a nice picinki at the park. It was so peaceful, we didnt get noticed alot, we just took a couple of pictures with some beliebers. That was it. I wish that everyday would be like this. We laid down on the ivory green shinny grass, and just stared into the clear blue sky and looked at clouds. 


A couple of hours later we decided to go home, we stood up, locked our hands together and started walking to our house. We only lived 5 min away from the park. 




I turned my head toward the direction of the sound. I felt a hand slip away from me,I  was horrified at the sight that i was seeing. , 



" JUSTIN NOOO "  I screamed


" Omg please no no this cant be happening" I cried 


" B-babe" He coughed 


"Shhh you need to save your strength" 
" Someone call 911 any one help" I screamed at the top of my lungs


" Vanessa I- I love you" 

" NOO please please stay with me, helps on its way babe please baby please just hold on."  Tears streaming down my cheek 


His beautiful caramel eyes slowly began to shut. I shooked him to try to keep him with me.

" Justin stay with me please dont leave me"


" I- I'm s-s-sorry I-I Love you f-f-ffoever" 

With that he took his last breaths leaving me holding his lifeless body in my arms. I cried into his cold chest. 

" I love you too forever" I whispered into his chest

" HA HA HA" 

I looked up  to see the monster responsible for the love of my life's death. 


" Why would you do this. What the fuck did we ever do to you" I yelled 


" Ohh sweetheart you didnt do anything that jackass your holding killed himself" he smirked

I held his body closer to mine and continued to cry i hide my face in his  pale, cold neck. 


I griped Justins body closer to me, as I was being pulled away from him.

"No"  I screamed

They took me away, they took away the love of my life, they took away everything that meant anything to me.


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