We cant stop, we wont stop

Fame,Love,Sex and Drugs what could be better? The perfect life . Until one day. Read to find out


20. Chapter 20

The three exited out of the building into the dept of night. Justin carried Vanessa's fragile body to the car, she was still in shock of the actions that has occured and didtnt have the stregnth to walk after using all her force to stop Justin from killing Jake. Justin put Vanessa in the passager side of his car with Ryan in the back seat. Justin and Ryan looked at each other for some way to approach or talk to the girl who was now broken and gone.

Vanessa's POV 

I just stared out into the darkness of the night, I was still trying to process the fact that if Justin would of come a few min later he would have raped me and no matter how much i begged and pleaded he wouldnt have given a damn , just like everyone in my life. I was broken and there was no way anyone could fix me not even Justin. I started to cry, I couldnt hold it in any more, after all these thoughts ran through my head I guess that I knocked out beacuse Justin woke me up.


"Babe" Justin said sweetly 

" Are we home" I said in a wimper 

I saw the hurt look in his eyes like all he wanted to do was go back to the warehouse and finsh what he started.

" Yeah were home" He sighed 

I tried to walk but when my feet touched the floor I just clapsed. Justin came running and grab me from my waist and I flinched at his touch, i dont know why but i regret my action as soon as my eyes meet Justin's. His eyes flashed a sign of hurt, anger and confusion.Before he removed his hand away completely I grabed his hand and gave him a reassuring smile. He smiled back and carried me into the house. I felt bad that he carried me all the way here so I gathered up all the little strenght I had left.

" I'm going to go shower" 

" You want me to carry you" he asked 
" No you've done so much thank you for everyhing" 

I walked over to him and littly pecked his lips, now that felt right.

I made my way to the shower, stripped out of my clothes careful not to look at myself in the mirror,I felt so dirty, I turned on the water to warm and got in. I grabbed the pink lufa and my vanilla shower gel and scrubed so hard on my skin that it turned red, all I wanted was to feel clean, 

" whats wrong with me im so dirty" I said to myself

" You deserve this your broken and no one can love you"

I started to cry again I just couldnt take it anymore. I turn off the shower and dried myself and took a good look at myself in the mirror all the bruses on my body, I ran my fingers on my skin where they were located. I flinched they hurt, im hurt. I opened the drawers and grab something i had prayed I would never use again.

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