® Directioning A Directionator?

® Adoption. Something that you think would never happen to you. Being sent to an Orphanage for the rest of your teen life.. Well, It did for Victoria. Victoria isn't normal. She doesn't have bleach blond hair, She doesn't starve her self .*If she doesn't have to.* And she isn't depressed. In fact, She's more then happy. She has a Guitar, Her mother bought her for her 13th Birthday. Besides the fact that her father killed her mother. She's pretty much alright. Until she is adopted. Adopted by who? Simon Cowell. THE Simon Cowell. And she meets 1D, The band she flucking hates with a passion. She thought they were stuck up rich boys, Who only wanted fame. But can One Direction prove their not what she thought they were? Find out in " Directioning A Directionator."


1. Interviewing The Children

          Interviewing The Children


Victoria's POV

I woke up to the sound of the speakers blaring."Children 6-16 get ready, Someone is coming to Interview you all in an hour!" Said the head mistress, Mrs.Lucas. I rolled my eyes, Lazily getting out of bed. I almost tripped over Lanie's roller skates. I continued to walk to the bathroom, Closing the door behind me and locking it I shrugged my clothes off, Neatly setting them on the floor. I stepped into the shower, Turning it on. The handle only went to cold. We had to live with it, I grabbed my soap and started to rub it on. After I was finished with that, I washed my hair with the dull shampoo and conditioner; Raking threw my hair with my comb I managed to un-tangle it for the most part. I washed the suds off my hair and body, Turning the water off and stepping out. I dried my hair with the blow dryer we had, And left it loose. I brushed my teeth, Then put my towel around me. After 3 minutes thinking about what to wear, I went with a stripped shirt, Red shorts my usual suspenders and beanie. Then I put on my Navy TOMS. Adjusting the beanie on my head, I put eye liner and mascara on. I walked out of my room, Heading down for breakfast. Grabbing a granola bar and juice box I skipped to the dinner table, Eating the granola bar and drinking the juice. When I was done with both I dumped the wrapper and box into the trash, Walking back to my room and waiting.

An hour later children were being called down for Interviews. My name starting with a V I went last. When I got called I walked down to the Interviewing room. It was a small room with a window and plastic table. Metal chairs that hurt your arse when you got up from them. I sat down, Fixing my beanie."Hello, I'm Simon Cowell. And you are?" He said smiling. I nodded, Replying with a soft"Victoria. Victoria Rose. Nice to meet you sir." I glanced around, Not seeing anything in particular."How old are you?" He said."16. Turned 16 last week." I said looking at him. After 10 minutes of questioning. He stood up and said"Well, I would love to adopt you." I got up pushing in my chair,Nodding."Thank you so much!" I said sniffling. Mrs.Lucas came in and gave him paper work."Go get your things, Your leaving today." She said looking at me. I nodded, Running to my room and packing my things. "All set?" He said, I smiled."Yeaup." After that we got into his Limo and drove off."Your American right?" He said glancing at me."Yes, I'm from New York. The Bronx." I said looking out the window. He nodded.

2 Hours Later.

I got out of the Limo. Seeing a white mansion. I was gobsmacked, Looking at it was like seeing a movie."Well,  Come on then." Simon said smiling. I smiled back,Walking inside. The first thing I saw was a HUGE, And when I say Huge. I MEAN HUGE! Kitchen. He gave me a tour of the house, Stopping at my room."Before you go in, I'd like you to meet some boys." He said motioning downstairs. I walked down the stairs sitting on the couch. After about 10 minutes of waiting, 5 Boys burst threw the door."UNCLE SI! LIAM WON'T LET ME BUY NANDOS!" The blond one said."Oh, Hello to you to boys." Simon said rolling his eyes."Oii! Hi Uncle Si" They said in unison"Boys I'd like you to meet Victoria."He said pointing at me. They turned to me and that's when it hit me.

They Were One Direction...


Hi! I'm Heather, I'm new at Movellas and I wanted to write a fanfiction to get started. Tell me what you think in the comments below! If you guys hate it, I'll just delete it and write a new one. Thanks! And I don't own Simon Cowell, Nor do I own 1D. Its a fanfiction I made up. All rights reserved! ®

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