® Directioning A Directionator?

® Adoption. Something that you think would never happen to you. Being sent to an Orphanage for the rest of your teen life.. Well, It did for Victoria. Victoria isn't normal. She doesn't have bleach blond hair, She doesn't starve her self .*If she doesn't have to.* And she isn't depressed. In fact, She's more then happy. She has a Guitar, Her mother bought her for her 13th Birthday. Besides the fact that her father killed her mother. She's pretty much alright. Until she is adopted. Adopted by who? Simon Cowell. THE Simon Cowell. And she meets 1D, The band she flucking hates with a passion. She thought they were stuck up rich boys, Who only wanted fame. But can One Direction prove their not what she thought they were? Find out in " Directioning A Directionator."


9. Guys. I might just....

Okay.. I can't. I just.. I just can't. Who really wants this series to continue? I mean.. I'm out of inspiration. Auuugh. Great .=. If you really want this series to continue, Comment why and an idea I should do. I might just continue this series! :D Or not.. YOU DECIDE. O3O Other then that, Slow updates for this story if you still want it. I'm dying with boredom! Dx Bye guys.


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