Not Just Another Guy

Paige is young and stupid. She meets a handsome guy named Harry, and what can you expect? She likes him. But when she catches Harry in the middle of a "football meeting" and realizes his dark secret, he's a vampire. She can't get away. Will she love him? Or will she run from the love?


10. Waking up

I wake up. And I remember last night. Harry didn't hurt me or rape me, he apologized. For everything. He made it up to me. He said he had been hungry and let his emotions get the best of him. I forgave him. I don't know why, but I think I'm falling for him. 

     I wake up in a car. All I see is yellow. And then I realize it's a sticky note on my forehead. It's a note from Bo. She and Niall are out eating. And I'm in Niall's car. Nice. I get out of the car and walk back to my house. 

       I'm really tired. I just need to see harry one more time. I walk into the house. And I knock on his door. "BUSY!" He yells. I open it when he says okay, and see his mouth is red. I turn around. "What?" He asks. Then looks in the mirror. "Shit, sorry" he says. "I'm really sorry about yesterday" he says again for the a millionth time. "Don't be.. It's okay now." I reply. "But Harry? Want to go on a proper date tonight?" I ask. "Definitely!" He replies so happily. He runs up to me and kisses my cheek.

       "Lets see a movie." He says. We are off to see a movie I guess! 

•••••after the movie••••••

"you know what Paige? I really like you," he says. "But there

is no way we can be together, I realized." He says, almost in tears. " I figured that too." I say. And then we head our separate ways. But I know this is just the beginning.



•••••sorry I ended it but I got bored with he whole vampire thing, doing some more fanfic a: harry styles and zayn!!:)

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