Not Just Another Guy

Paige is young and stupid. She meets a handsome guy named Harry, and what can you expect? She likes him. But when she catches Harry in the middle of a "football meeting" and realizes his dark secret, he's a vampire. She can't get away. Will she love him? Or will she run from the love?


5. The house of the Dark.

We walk into the woods, and we get to her house. She lives like, five minutes away!!! I never knew! But is this a good thing... Considering Harry and all. Their house is huge.... Like really, really big. I've never even noticed this house, it's so hidden by the woods. "I never knew this was here..." I say. "We built it this summer." She says. 

          We walk up to the door and she opens it. The house may be big on the outside, but the inside is absolutely amazing. It's beautiful, amazing!! She sees me loving the house and says,"Stop stalking my house." She says, holding back the laughter. "What can I say!! It's amazing!" I say, practically screaming at her. "SHHHH! Harry's here!" She says, pulling me up the stairs, and dragging me to her room. "What are we supposed to do?" I say. "We'll he always leaves at night, SOO... We can follow him. Oh and your spending the night, do your parents care?" She says. "My... Uh... Parents, hum, yeah, they won't care." I say, I'm not ready to tell her, in fact no one really knows.... 

         We hear Harry step out of his room, and walk down the stairs. Then we heard the door open and close, we run downstairs and wait for harry to reach the road. We slowly walk out the door, being quiet as possible. "Stealth mode." I say. She laughs. It is already dark outside so it's not hard to not be seen. 

        Harry walks into the "town/city" where all the main and biggest buildings are. He walks to behind a café to a small valley area. Once we get to the café, we hide behind some dumpsters. I look out as much as I can see, and see Harry and a few other guys. They are talking about someone, a girl. "Paige.." They say. Me. I listen closer and hear the word "vampire" and I think 'what the hell?' Then a guys teeth... They... Sharp... Vangs. What's going on?! "Paige, I'm scared! We need to leave!" She whispers. 

         We get up and try to slowly get away, but Bo knocks over a dumpster. Everyone looks straight at us. "Shit." Bo and I say in unison. The guys walktowards us, Bo and I take off. We run down the valley and back to the front of the café. "We..are...screwed." Bo says between breathes.

          We run full speed but the guys are closing in fast. Wehit a dead end, behind a store. Five guys close in,"Bo, we have to fight our way out." I say. She nods. But little does she know I grew up a boxer.

         I can't find harry. Who cares? The guys corner us, and show us their vangs. "Y'all are some creepy ass shit." Bo says. One of the guys tries to grab me but I punch him in the nose, he bends over and I knew him in the balls. The other guys step back. One comes at Bo and she punches him to. He doubles over and we push him to the ground.

      The other guys look at each other and then we see harry. I put my hood up, hoping he didn't see who I was. "Bo. Leave." He says to Bo. "But pa.." She tries. Harry pushes her down the alley. "GO HOME." He says. She gives me an apologetic look and runs away.  I put my hood up again and try to casually walk away. 

       Harry steps ion front of me. "You think you can just walk away?" He asks. A rasp in his deep voice. He looks, forceful. But he..doesn't frighten me. I just... I'm not afraid. He grabs on my arm, and pulls me down the alley. 

        "Why did you follow me?" He asks. "Why were you in my room?!" I shoot back. He releases my arm and steps up to me. We aren't but a few inches away. "You are very pretty when you sleep." He says. I make face like 'your such a pervert' type of face. He laughs. His eyes stare into mine, piercing green. 

        I step back. "That still doesn't explain why you followed me home and way he'd me sleep!" I say. He looks away. "I think.. I think I like you..." He says quietly.


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