Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


8. The Sorting Hat


    "Firs' years! Firs' years over 'ere!" yelled none other than Hagrid himself. I would say 'Hello', but he looked extremely busy. "Hey, how do w-" I started to turn and ask Scorpius and Albus, but they had disappeared. Instead, there was a girl with wavy dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She looked a little shy at my casualty of asking her something. "Wh-what?" the girl asked nervously. I blushed a little at the awkwardness of the situation. "Oh, sorry......I thought you were someone else."

     The girl looked down. "W-well.......I guess I'll j-just leave you alone then.........". My cheeks turned back to their normal color as I said, "Oh no, it's fine. Er........". It tried to think of something to say. "I'm Ariana."

    Her eyes sparked with excitement. "Ariana.......Dumbledore?". I smiled and nodded. The girl started to look a bit more relaxed and less jittery as she said, "I'm Jessica Venicci."

    "Nice to meet you." I said as we slowly walked on the cobble stones to a large lake. Hogwarts' shadow was leering over the dark water and people were just starting to file into the boats. "Four people ta a boat!" boomed Hagrid just as I spotted none other than the two boys themselves.

    Both Albus and Scorpius had just sat in a boat next to the dock only a few feet away from us. "C'mon!" I said to Jessica and I led her to the boat. We got there in just a nick of time since a girl with blond pigtails and a boy slightly on the chubby side were about to step in before we did. But, I quickened our pace and we sat down. "Hello boys." I said sarcastically. Scorpius just laughed and said, "Sorry about that. We lost you back there didn't we?". 

    "Well, this here is Jessica. Just met her." I introduced. But when I turned to see her I saw that Jessica was absolutely petrified.  She just stared at Scorpius nervously. "Er.......hi." he said awkwardly. "She's........a bit shy." I explained as Jessica looked back down. Then the boats started to move.

    They glided over the water gracefully and everyone's, even Jessica's gaze was fixed open the beautiful towers and windows of the castle. Oh, Hogwarts. I've only been here for ten minutes and you've already amazed me!

    A few minutes later, we stepped onto the stone of the Hogwarts floors and were led to a large staircase. We all filed onto the staircase and we started to notice the fact that a woman had just appeared in front of us. She was quite pudgy and had a face like a pig that was scrunched up. 

    "Hello you little gremlins. My name is Professor Zabini. Your going to be sorted by that hat thingy blah blah blah." Professor Zabini said as if she had explained this millions of times. "You will be sorted into one of four houses."

    "Gryffindor," she groaned. "Hufflepuff," she sneered. "Ravenclaw," she sighed. "And Slytherin." she finished with a smirk. That's when I heard some snickering from behind me and I turned to see Riddle, his thug friends, Raven, and Abelinda. She smirked at me and I turned around as a lump formed in my throat. I thought she was my friend...........

     I was brought back to reality as the Professor shouted, "Well, hurry up! Follow me!".

    We all formed a line with Scorpius and Albus paired in front of me and Jessica on my right. "Here we go." she muttered looking as pale as I was. And she was right. Professor Parkinson slammed the door open and led us down the Great Hall. It was amazing!

    I looked up to see the room filled with torches and floating candles everywhere. The ceiling wasn't there! At least, it didn't look like it. It looked like the night sky with the sparkling stars that I had seen only minutes earlier.

     That's when I noticed all the other students staring at me. I saw James, Fred, Dean, and Lysander all sitting at the Gryffindor table. There was no one I recognized at Hufflepuff. At the Ravenclaw table I saw Lorcan who was instead gazing at the candles wearing.......were those pink sunglasses? Slytherin was what surprised me most. Most of the students from the Slytherin table looked pretty mean. But also sitting at that table was Molly and Roxy! Why were they so nice if they were Slytherins?   

    We got to the front of the Great Hall and got bunched in a group. That's when I noticed a big shabby brown hat on a stool in the front of the hall. All the older students were looking at the hat as if they were expecting something. Then wonders of wonders, the hat began to sing.

    I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see a hat sing. But I had other things to think about.

    Who was the 'Boy' Who Lived?

    Why was Scorpius' family all in Slytherin?

    What happened to Abelinda?

    Why was Roxy and Molly at the Slytherin table?

    What in Hagrid's name was Lorcan Scamander doing?!

     But I reared my brain away from those thoughts as applause filled the Great Hall. The Hat had finished his song.

    Professor Zabini configured a parchment out of thin air and announced in a monotone voice, "When I call your name, sit down right here. Okay?". Then the Sorting began.

    "Crabbe, Gregory!"

     The pudgier thug from the train stepped forward looking smug. He had a mop of blonde hair on his head and his eyes hungered eagerly at the Slytherin table. I think I could tell what house this guy wanted to be in. He sat down on the stool and Professor Parkinson set the hat on his head.


    The Slytherin table started to clap at the fact that they got the first student of the night and Crabbe ran over to the table and sat down. Two more students were called before.......

    "Dumbledore, Ariana!"

    I turned stiff as people started whispering at the fact that The Girl Who Lived was at Hogwarts. I looked at all the house tables and caught Roxy's eye. She just mouthed, 'It's up to you.' and looked away. It just made me more nervous. Professor Parkinson then put the hat on my head making it nearly impossible to see under the dark shadow of the hat's brim.

    A Dumbledore? I thought all of you were extinct!

    My eyes widened. 'Er.......' I said mentally. 'I'm not exactly sure how to respond to that.'

    Well definitely not a Ravenclaw then! Hmmm......not enough chivalry for a Hufflepuff either. Definitely a brave one. Very useful for a Gryffindor. But, oh yes! Very clever. Very clever indeed. Perfect for a Slytherin! 

    My breath was cut short and I stared back from the Gryffindor table to the Slytherin table. Was I really perfect for Slytherin? I glanced over at the Gryffindor table eagerly and saw the New Marauders grinning wildly and whispering funny stuff to each other. Then I looked over at the Slytherin table and saw hundreds of cold stared looking up at me. The only people smiling were Molly and Roxy. No. I wasn't like them.


    Are you sure? Slytherin would lead you to greatness!

    'I know I'm not like them. I know it!' Well, if you really think so........Better be,


    The Gryffindor table erupted into applause and I looked at Albus and Scorpius to see their reactions. Scorpius looked happy for me but still looked nervous about his sorting. Albus rolled his eyes and muttered something, looking away. What's his problem?

    I jumped off the stool grinning and ran over to the Gryffindor table. Before I sat down I diverted my eyes over to Roxy. She looked depressed and lonely. Molly comforted her, but Roxy ignored her. I felt bad for her. For both of them. For all I knew, they were the only nice Slytherin's in centuries!

    I sat down next to a brunette girl who was looking quite nervous. She held out her hand and said, "Um......Hello! Welcome to Gryffindor. I'm Alice." I nodded and shook her hand, still with a huge smile on my face. "Nice to meet you."

    James and the rest of the New Marauders were sitting across from us and they all looked like they were teasing him. "Shut up......" he muttered and his ears turned red. I laughed a little under my breath realizing what he was being teased about.

    A lot more names were called before I actually recognized one.

    "Longbottom, Augusta!"

    The girl with blond pigtails from the boat stepped forward looking quivery and sat down on the stool. Alice was biting her lip and looking more nervous than ever when I realized that they must be related to Mrs. Longbottom.


    Augusta stood up from her chair silently as the Hufflepuff table clapped. Alice looked upset, but she still clapped for her sister. They both met eyes for a few moments as Augusta sat down at her table but then she looked away. They both focused intently on the Professor, waiting for the next name.

    "Longbottom, Frank!"

    I forgot! Mrs.Longbottom had a son named Frank going to Hogwarts this year, didn't she. And now, either Alice or Augusta or both would be left alone in their house. For one second I was glad that I didn't have any siblings. Frank was the slightly chubby boy from the boats. He sat down nervously on the stool. After over a minute of sitting there, he glanced at Alice and mouthed something I couldn't understand. Whatever it was, Alice looked heartbroken but she nodded. Finally, the hat announced,


    Alice bit her lip harder as tears formed in her eyes but she still clapped for her brother. No wonder Alice was a Gryffindor. She definitely was a brave person. Braver then me anyway.

    Dozens of names were called. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. But I wasn't listening. I wasn't at least until.......

    "Malfoy, Abelinda!"

    I was just as surprised as she was. Along with Scorpius, all our jaws dropped. Abelinda was Scorpius' sister?! Both of them stared at each other, along with Riddle, Raven, Crabbe, the other thug, and Albus. And a few other people I didn't know. Abelinda cut her shocked gaze and sneered at Scorpius as she stepped forward and sat down on the stool. The hat immediately yelled his answer when the hat was set on her head.


    The blood drains from my face. I lost her. My first friend is officially evil. She catches my pleading look at her and she smirks as she sits down at the Slytherin table.

    "Malfoy, Scorpius!"

    I tighten up. Please.....Please be Gryffindor! Scorpius looks over at Albus, then me, then the Slytherin table. He stepped forward nervously muttering to himself to calm down as he sat down on the stool. It was most likely the longest sorting in centuries. It took ten minutes before Scorpius finally seemed to breathe.


    I stood up and clapped with a grin on my face. The thing was, I was the only one. Everyone else was either in shock that a Malfoy was in Gryffindor, or was staring at me. I blushed deep red and started to sit down. But then, I heard someone else clap. I looked up to see an elegant and important old woman start to clap. She smiled at me and stood up. I heard a loud clap also begin and I turn to see Hagrid. Multiple people begin to clap before the whole room is full of applause.

    Almost everyone is clapping except most of the Slytherin table and a man at the staff table. But it's no ordinary man. It's Mr.Malfoy and he looks like he's going to kill someone. Scorpius runs over to the table in a hurry even though I can tell he's noticed his father's murderous glare. "You okay?" I ask him as the applause dies down. He nods with a smile on his face but still looking really pale. The sorting goes on..........

    "Meyers, Kitty!" Name after name. "RAVENCLAW!" House after house. Until........

    "Potter, Albus!"

    He tenses up but walks over to the stool and sits down as the hat slips onto his head. At one moment he turns white like a sheet but the color returns to his face as the hat announces,


    James and the rest of the New Marauders start chanting, "We got Potter! We got Potter!". I smile and clap as Albus half walks half runs over to our table and sits down next to Scorpius.

    "Raven, Jaime Leigh!"

    Surprisingly, she looks quite nervous as she sits down on the stool and gets the hat placed on her head. But, unsurprisingly, the hat announces


    Her nervous behavior disappears as she strides over to the Slytherin table and sits next to Abelinda. I grip onto the table tightly in anger but no one seemed to notice.

    "Riddle, Corvus!"

    Riddle stepped forward with a smug grin glued to his face and he sat down on the stool. I heard Scorpius scowl as the hat announced

    "SLYTHERIN!" before the hat even touched Riddle's head.

    Sparks, Martha is the next Hufflepuff before "Venicci, Jessica!" is announced. "Here we go...." I muttered. The hat is set on her head and she sits there for a few seconds looking extremely nervous.


    Our table burst into cheer as Jess ran over to our table looking extremely happy. She goes over to sit next to me but sees that Scorpius is sitting there. "" she looks down and starts to look for another spot but surprisingly, Scorpius grabs her arm in a kind way and scoots over so there's a spot between me and him. "Here." Jessica is at a loss for words. I guess she's never been asked to sit next to somebody before. I caught Albus's gaze as we both thought the same thing. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    "Weasley, Rose!"

    Albus focused on the Sorting Ceremony now more than ever. It would make sense since Rose was his cousin after all. Her messy bun of red hair was seen even from where I was as she sat on the stool. Her face had started to turn blue in anxiousness to get this over with. It slowly turned back to it's normal color as she looked from the Gryffindor table to the Ravenclaw table. Finally, the hat announced it's decision.


    "RAVENCLAW!" Albus looked pretty upset but looked a little better after Rose shrugged and smiled at him and her cousins.

    "Zabini, Alexander!"

    The Professor says this a bit proudly. A boy just as pug faced as the woman steps forward. He must be her son. He's also the other thug from the train. Alex sits on the chair looking extremely confident.


    No surprise there.

    "Zabini, Alexis!"

    A girl that looks much different from the rest of her family with darker skin and a small figure slowly walks up to the stool and sits down. The hat is placed on her head and a surprising event happens.

    "HUFFLEPUFF!" Professor Zabini is outraged. She rips the hat off of her daughter's head and whispers something in her ear. Alexis turned pale but she nodded and slowly walked over to the Hufflepuff table. I wonder what she said.......

    After the last first year sat down, Professor Zabini put the parchment of names back into her pocket and sat down at the Staff Table. The elderly woman who looked quite familiar stood up in a grand fashion and spoke loudly, "Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! I have a few announcements to make before we feast and sleep. Notice that all students, young and old, are banned from the Forbidden Forest. Also, this year the 3rd door in the 5th corridor is banned. I would not cross it unless you wish to die a most painful death." She then winked at Albus as if he knew something I didn't. Has something like this happened before?

    "We also have a few new additions to the staff. The new potions master is none other than Professor Malfoy." Scorpius shrugged. He must not know why his dad is here either. "And now may the feast begin!"

    The plates filled magically with foods of all different foods. From apricot pie, to yam casserole! This was more than your average mush. I put tons of things on my plate and started to eat. It was the most wonderful food I'd ever had!

    "So, what blood status are you?" Scorpius asked Jess nervously. Why would he ask something like that. She didn't seem to care though. "Well my parents are muggles if that's what you mean.." Jess said plainly. Scorpius froze. "Th-they are?". Jess nodded looking confused. "Um.......yeah." They didn't talk to each other for the rest of the feast.

    Finally, the food disappeared and the woman stood back up. "It has been a long day for all of us, hasn't it. It's time for bed then! Please follow your house prefects fist years. Goodbye, and goodnight!"

    I stood up along with the rest of the Gryffindor first years and looked around for our prefect. "Gryffindor! Gryffindor first years follow me!" A tall girl nearby was yelling. She looked very orderly and precise with her blond hair and brown eyes. We followed her and I heard Fred yell out. "Oi! Olivia!" She laughed and rolled her eyes. "Not going to happen Weasley!" I gave a questioning look to Albus and he explained, "That's Olivia Wood. She's a fifth year and quidditch captain this year. Fred's in third but he still is asking her on dates. It's hilarious!" I laughed as Olivia led us up a bunch of steps into a tower.

    She stopped in front of a portrait of a really fat lady. But, she moved! I almost jumped when she said, "Password?". Olivia said, "Acid Pops." The portrait swung open revealing a warm looking room with a roaring fire and maroon and gold everywhere. I smiled. "Girls dorms on the left, boy dorms on the right!" Olivia said and I grabbed Jessica's hand. I led her to our dorm and looked around in awe.

    There were five beds and Jess and I's stuff were already at two of them. I jumped onto my bed and fell asleep immediately at the sound of the owls rushing by my open window. It had been a wonderful day.


    Authors Note: The surprise only is working on a new chapter so it will be put in the beginning of the next chapter. Hope you enjoyed!




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