Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


2. The Man with the Scar

    I bolt upright at the nightmare I just witnessed as I let out a groan. That was just another normal morning for me.

    The same nightmare every night; A mans voice yelling some jibberish words that sounded like.....Amada Kedivra.......Then a flashing green light. That's when I'd wake up with cold sweat all over my face, just like now.

    I sighed and got up, clutching the scar on my hand. "It hurts every time......." I mumbled to myself.

    I stand up and look under my pillow for "The Letter". I widen my eyes when I find it's not there. "Where could it-" I stop and sigh in relief as I see a nearby open window had blew it right under the window sill. "There it is."

    I smile and pick up the only thing I know from my past. As I stand back up I see a figure in the shadows. The curiosity gets the better of me as I put on my only pair of worn-out shoes.

    I grab a flashlight from under my bunk bed and slowly sneak around the other orphans beds to the door.

   "Ouch!" I wince as I stepped on the fourth iron nail this month. I guess I know what us orphans will be cleaning up today.

    I sneak down the steps and open the door slowly. Hopefully Miss Fannon doesn't catch me this time.......I hate this orphanage. I really do, I think to myself.

    Now, if you haven't already noticed, I'm in an orphanage. I've been in it ever since the day I got the scar. The orphanage was probably one of the worst places I could've ended up. It is full of abuse and too many kids to handle.

    I opened the door into the warm, summer breeze and walked into the moon-lit night. "It's beautiful......" I whisper.

   I spot the man in the shadows nearby. I widen my eyes as I realize that was the man that I saw all the time! Sometimes in my nightmares! I saw him at least once every year. I call him "The Man With the Scar," since he has a scar in the same shape as the one on my hand.

   I turned on the flashlight and walk towards the man. "Uh.....hello?" The man stared at me for a few seconds then bolted in the other direction. "Wait! Come back!" I plead as I start to run after him, but soon give up. "It's not worth it......." I mumble under my breath.

    Suddenly somebody seizes my hair and pulls it. "Thought you could escape again eh?" I groan and try to pull away. "Let me go Miss Fannon!"

    Miss Fannon is the ruthless caretaker of the orphanage. She wouldn't let anyone run away. Half of the kids haven't been outside in weeks! I tried to run away all the time.

    Miss Fannon roughly drags me back into the orphanage and throws me on the ground. "What's the number one rule around 'ere Ariana?"

    "Stay inside the building at all times Miss Fannon," I grumble through my teeth.

    Miss Fannon gives me a toothless smile. "That's right my dear! Now, you're going to clean this place up starting now!"

    I stand up angrily, "But it's 4 'o clock in the morning!" Miss Fannon glares at me. "I know! Get to work!"

    For the next four hours, I work on the whole orphanage until it looks suitable and less dangerous, but much cleaner. By noon I'm finished and I wipe the sweat off my forehead.

    "Finally! Done!" I yell happily and run to the lunch room. I look around at the dozens of kids eating lunch. Today's menu, mush. Again.

    I grab a plastic bowl and walk up to get my fill. The lady working there puts three ladle fulls of mush in my bowl. Aren't I lucky?

    As I start to walk over to an empty table like usual, I accidentally walk into  a boy named Drew and spill my mush all over him. "Drew! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"

    Now Drew is not someone you want to mess with. He's the bully of the orphanage and people have had multiple limbs broken from him.

    Drew glares at me and punches me in the stomach, sending my frail body  backwards onto the floor. I hit the ground hard as the nearby kids start to yell, "Fight! Fight! Fight!" I get up again and yell, "No! I'm not fighting!"

    Drew smiles, "What? Are you scared?" He smirks cockily as I go right up to him and slap the boy in the face! "There!" I stomp back to the empty table and stare at the bowl sadly. "I wish I could just have some friends........."

     After lunch the girls are sent to the sewing machines and the boys go outside to do yard work. We sit at our sewing machines for about an hour until the mail man comes! He NEVER comes!

    We all rush to the mailman hoping that theres something for us when he holds up 15 letters! 15 LETTERS!!! There might be one for me!

  He started to call the names out.
Drew..........Faith..........Kate......John........He kept on calling the names and handing out the letters until there was none left. There was nothing for me. Nothing. Then the mailman left. Leaving me letter-less.

    But all of a sudden an owl with a letter appeared and dropped on the window sill. "What in the world?" I go over and pick up the letter slowly and read the front out loud:

To Miss A. Dumbledore
Number 6 Fathom Street
Miss Fannons Orphanage
The Fourth bed to the left


    My eyes widen. "How did they kn-" Miss Fannon suddenly grabs the envelope out of my hand. "Who would write to you?!"

    She examines the letter then grips it angrily and rips it to shreds. "No!" I yell. "What are you doing! That's mine!"

    Miss Fannon pushes me to the ground. "Go back to your sewing machines!" she commands.

    My eyes fill up with tears as I stomp back to the machines and keep on sewing till midnight and only then get sent up to bed.

    I head up to the girls room and pass Drew on the way there. As I walk past him he grabs my arm and throws me against the wall. "Leave me alone!" I yell at him.

    He just smirks and punches me in the eye. "I'd rather not"

    I start to cry as the 13 year old beats me up. "STOP!" I yell. Some type of explosion happens and the next thing I know, Drew is blasted through the wall and thrown on a cot into a different room!

    I gasp. "Is he-" I don't get to finish my sentence as one of the girls budge in. "What happened?!" The girl yells. "I.......I........d-don't know!" I explain.

    I really didn't know! I mean, three years ago a girl had pranked me and turned my one minute shower into a one minute hair dyer and my hair was like a rainbow!

    The thing is, when I touched it, my hair turned blonde again! That's when I got the new title of the Weird Girl. People say I'm a witch! But I don't believe them. It's such rubbish! There are no witches in London! At least, I don't think so........

    Another girl runs over to him and checks his pulse. He's okay, I just think his arm is broken. He's fine other than that.

    After that everything starts to go blurry and the room starts spinning. The next thing I know, the room goes black.

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