Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


7. The Hogwarts Express


    The Potter's stood up and Albus looked like the world had been lifted off his shoulders. The talk with his dad apparently seemed to make him feel much better. Albus took a deep breath and walked back over to me. "C'mon. We better get on the train,". I looked up at the Hogwarts Express and grinned.. "Sure thing." I said gleefully.

    We boarded the train and looked around for a compartment. In one, I saw a girl with shoulder-length blond hair. No, brown. Pink? It kept on changing! The girl then saw me and started to glare at me as her hair turned back to blonde. What's her problem?

    A few compartments up from there is where we stopped. Albus opened the compartment door to reveal a large group of people. The only one I could recognize was James. He grinned and said, "Welcome to the New Marauders and company compartment!". Albus rolled his eyes. "Who's this Albie?" said the brunette boy next to James. He had short brown hair and a flirty grin not unlike James' from before. "My name's Ariana, Ariana Dumbledore!" I greeted. Then everyone, including Albus stared at me. "What?" I said confused. This was a strange reaction.

    Next to the brunette boy, a boy with dirty blonde hair spoke up. "Your Ariana Dumbledore! Your the Girl Who Lived!". That's when I remembered Hagrid's words:

    That's why everybodah knows you! Yer the Girl Who Lived Ariana!

    "Yes. Yes I am." I said simply. After a few moments, everyone snapped out of it. "Anyways...." James started. "Let me introduce you to everyone! This here is Dean Finnigan." He then motioned to the brunette boy I now know as Dean. "Hello." I said and he nodded in reply. 

    "Then next to him are the Scamander twins, Lysander and Lorcan." said James. "Hello Ariana! I'm Lysander. He's Lorcan. It won't be hard to mix us up." said the one I now know as Lysander Scamander, the first twin that also had said my name. And he was right. Lysander a bit mischievous but kind. Lorcan was.......well......eccentric! He had a cork necklace and a purple shirt advertising something called the Quibbler. "Hello there." He said quietly with a small smile. I waved politely but didn't say anything.

    "Across from me is Fred Weasley. He's one of my many cousins." James said with a laugh. Fred had dark red hair and a bit of a cocoa tint to his skin. He seemed like someone I could defiantly trust like the rest of them. "Nice to meet you Ari." he greeted and smirked in a polite way. Ari.......I liked that. "This is my little sister Roxanne." Fred introduced and pointed to a girl with the similar color of skin as Fred but had only a slight red tint to her brownish-black hair. She rolled her eyes but smiled. "Just call me Roxy." she said.

    "I'm Molly. Roxy, Fred, Rose, Albus, and James' cousin." She said then five of them all laughed. "Nice to meet you Molly." I said with a smile. She had dark red hair and kind eyes. She looked like a nice person. Dean glanced at the other side of the compartment where the red headed girl were sitting and laughed. "Still reading your book, 'Eye Rosie?". He grabbed the book and looked at it. "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland? You know who this reminds me of James?". James didn't look amused but the Weasley's and Scamander's plus Albus were laughing pretty hard. 

    The girl I now know as Rose took her book back and continued reading it. "What are you guys laughing about?" I asked, deeply confused. Dean had a giant grin on his face as James blushed and started to bury himself in his sweatshirt. "Well.......there's a girl named Alice Longbottom in James' year..........". I knew where this was going. "Okay. I see. No need to tell me anymore." I explained with a slight smile.

    There didn't seem to be any room in the compartment for us. Albus sighed "Lets go look for another spot." I waved goodbye and we walked down the train aisle looking for a compartment. That's when I saw an almost empty compartment and I opened the door revealing none other than Scorpius and Abelinda. "Abby!" I said excitedly and she looked up in surprise. "Ariana!" she said and smiled. "Who's your company?". "Well, this right here is-" I started but stopped when I noticed how much Scorpius and Albus were glaring at each other.

    "You're a Malfoy, aren't you." Albus said emotionless. Scorpius nodded. "And you're a Potter,". I looked to Abelinda, seeing if she would understand. But she was just as clueless. "Er......c'mon. Lets sit down." I said and grabbed Albus' arm, leading him to the seats across from Scorpius and Abelinda. "So........what's so weird between you two?". Both of the boys didn't speak for multiple moment. Until..........

    "Our Father's sort of hate each other.......that's all." Albus said slowly. "Does that mean you two have to also hate each other?" Abelinda asked. Scorpius sighed and looked up. "I.......I guess not......". Both the boys looked at each other for a few moments then Scorpius held out his hand. "Friends?". Albus shook it. "Most definitely,". And for the first time in all long while, the four of us smiled together. It didn't last long.

     The compartment door slid open revealing four people. There was the girl that had kept changing her hair from before in that one compartment, a chubby boy with blond hair, another boy with dark brown hair and slightly dark skin, and none other than Corvus Riddle himself. "Well, well, well. What have we got here?" the girl said with a smirk. "Well Jaime Leigh, looks like a mudblood, a Potter, a Malfoy and another girl that looks like a crow." Corvus replied and the four laughed.

    "Just get out." Albus said as he glared at the four. "Why isn't it Albus Potter? The son of The Boy Who Lived." Corvus said looking smug. "The middle child, not the popular one like his older brother. But not a brilliant little sister either! Just the son of a hero who can't do anything,". That was it. I stood up and said boldly, "Leave him alone.". Corvus just snickered, "Oh look! Potter's got a girlfriend!". Albus stood up also looking furious. "She's. Not. My. Girlfriend!". The four of them just laughed but he slowly calmed down when I put my hand on his shoulder. We both sat down.

    "What do you want Riddle?" Scorpius asked as he glared at Corvus. "Actually, It's me that wants something. More like, collect." Jaime Leigh said and walked into the compartment. She waked over to Abelinda. "My name's Raven. Jaime-Leigh Raven. You have made friends with the wrong sort. A bloodtraitor, Potter, and a filthy mudblood. Your going in the wrong direction my friend. I can help you there,". She held out her hand.

    I thought that Abby would immediately refuse. But she hesitated. She took out her necklace and rubbed it soothingly. Then her eyes turned blood red once again and a smirk formed on her face. "I don't see why not." she said in a much crueler voice than her own. She took Raven's hand and they just strutted out of the compartment. What. The. Watermelon. I just stared at the the five faces of Riddle, Raven, Abelinda, and those two other guys in shock as the door closed. 

    Scorpius also looked in shock and was muttering, "The necklace.......she had........charm......Malfoy women only.....". He looked busy at the moment so I turned to Albus. 'What just happened?!" I blurted looking upset. He just sighed. "Girls........". Great.....I'm surrounded by boys that have no idea how frustrating it is to get your best friend stolen! But still.....something was strange about Abelinda's necklace.

    It made her turn all cruel and mean. It was strange. And how did Scorpius know about it? 

    After a few minutes, we all got out of our phases and the boys started to explain to me different things in the Wizarding World. Apparently, at Hogwarts, we were sorted into four houses by a magic hat! "Gryffindor is for the brave people. That's where my dad, and almost all my uncle and aunt's were!" Albus was explaining. "Then Hufflepuff is pretty good too! It's for people who are loyal and determined. My Mum's friend, Mrs.Longbottom was in Hufflepuff!". I smiled when I realized who he was talking about. I noticed Scorpius was glancing over at  Albus, listening to what he was saying. Maybe we were finally becoming friends?

    "The third one is Ravenclaw. That's where a lot of the smart people go. For example, Lorcan in in Ravenclaw. He's one of the smartest people I know! Except for Aunt Hermione. And Rose too." Albus continued then laughed. But then he started to sound much more serious. "Then.......then there's Slytherin,". I looked confused. "What's so bad about Slytherin?". "Well, it's where all the bad witches and wizards go. But that's not what my dad thinks. You see, I was named after a Slytherin that's very brave apparently." he said solemnly.

    He changed his tone and said, "So what house do you two want to be in?". I thought about it for a few moments. Definitely not Slytherin. Hufflepuff sounded okay. So did Ravenclaw! But I ended up with "Gryffindor." I said. He smiled. "Same,". We both looked at a pondering Scorpius who looked like he was still thinking. "I.....I don't know......."  Scorpius said looking sad. "Well wouldn't you want to be in Slytherin? I mean, the Malfoy's have been in Slytherin for centuries now!".

    Scorpius frowned and said, "Well, I......I want to be different. I want to be in Gryffindor,". I smiled. "That's great Scorpius!". He started to smile. I looked over at Albus and saw him gaping at Scorpius. "Snap out of it mate!" Scorpius said with a laugh.

    Just then, the door slid open once more. "Anything from the trolley?" asked a fragile looking old woman pushing a trolley full of candies. My eyes lit up. Sweets! I'd only had a chocolate bar that I managed to find the first time I escaped from the orphanage. It was a million times better than mush! I stood up immediately and asked, "Do you have any chocolate?". The old lady smiled and said, "Would you like a Chocolate Frog?". I looked at her strangely for a few moments then realized, Wait! This is Magic Candy! Still.......I didn't have a lot of money in my pocket and a chocolate covered frog didn't seem appetizing. "Er......sorry. I don't have enough money." I said and sat back down.

    Albus reached into his pocket then frowned. "Really James? Taking it again?" he mumbled to himself. "I'll pass,". I heard a jingle sound of coins and heard Scorpius say, "Three of everything please,". I turned to see him holding a pile of galleons and sickles. "Wow....." Albus and I gasped.

    After I ate everything from Acid Pops to Whizzing Wallabees, I went to the changing room to change into my robes. I came back to see Albus and Scorpius also in their robes looking out the window in awe. I walked over to the window and said, "What are you looking a- Woah.....". The sky was dark so you couldn't see much but in the distance there was a castle with multiple towers. It was the coolest building I've ever seen! That castle, was Hogwarts.

    Until the train stopped we just looked at the view from the window in awe. At the force of the stop, we all fell on top of each other. Scorpius seemed to be quite annoyed by it since he was on the bottom. "Sorry...." I apologized as he sputtered at the hair in his mouth. 

    We got off the train and I saw Hogwarts in it's full glory. I grinned. I was finally at Hogwarts.


    Authors Note:

Well, the winners of the Character Competition are:


Slytherin Girl:

Jaime-Leigh Raven by: ~WolfbornPrincess~

Sorting Students:

Jessica Venicci by:

Kitty Meyers by:

I'm sorry about there not being 5-7 people but a lot of the characters you submitted did not have flaws. I really liked what Jaime-Leigh, Jessica, and Kitty had as a character. I hope you enjoy! And, next chapter I have a surprise photo of all the main characters in every house. I will put it in the next chapter. 


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